1. Not sure those exist, best bet is either Red Talon (Hacker is amazing) or hope for some overlap/miltary-adjacent traits. For example I have a guy who has ROTC trait but is also a software engineer, so he has computers but also a military related trait and a camo outfit. There are some traits like Nuclear Scientist and Geo-Systems Engineer that are things the military might hire people for. Don't think I've ever seen a specific trait that is both military and computers or utilities outside of RT.

  2. I've never hired red talon before, when you do, can you pick or is it all random rng?

  3. I mean, don't you literally get cyberware from Vic at the start of the game??

  4. Actually, I cancelled the mission and right before I was about to restart, weapons for all spawned again and has 4 more times. Currently working on 5

  5. The larger tropical map is just modeled after nublar 93 from what I’ve heard but if we’re lucky a new Sorna to. But have you been out of the loop?

  6. Frontiers stream on the jwe channel we can see the lower section that’s now blacked off in the distance, and if I remember they mention that it’s the 93 map.

  7. Do missions for them until theres an option that says "cancels mission and enclave project" then click that and wait a day or 2. they'll ask to join you

  8. If they remastered this with current gen graphics.... man oh man. Would I be excited.

  9. Ha could you imagine, just being a Billy Bad ass, just chain killing and liberating an entire outpost only to walk away and trip over your own feet?

  10. Ah. Another gentleman of culture. I too, have a Monty. He is 16 years old now!

  11. Any update on this? Currently having the same problem as we speak

  12. I re-potted my patchouli last week because the pot it was in was too small.

  13. We got Goldeneye... what more do you want?! /s

  14. Exactly! Christmas Day 98 I think. I was 8 years old! I was so excited. I still have it with my N64. But I've not played in probably 18 years.

  15. Not gonna lie. But it looks like you got yourself a ball of poop. Maybe a dung beetle or other insect?

  16. I mean. Clearly its not an Onyx or a Pikachu. Its clearly an Ekans and Arbok.

  17. Thanks I'm gonna put big bushes in the background kinda back to the left of where my orange Sino is. (Also hate that triceratops is murderous and has issues with them haha)

  18. Silly question, I haven't played in awhile. Where did you get the long grass from? Was it added in an update or a mod?

  19. Kaiodenic's expanded scenery mod. I forgot to say modded content and need to change my flair. Thank you.

  20. Wtf… I did t know this was a thing I was on my bike a few days ago been working perfectly now today screen is black & when I plug it in I hear a click near the monitor that’s it. Coincidentally my subscription expired yesterday lol 😂

  21. Just took off the cover and sure enough a solid green light & blinking red light on the board looks like it’s a code pattern

  22. Is the red light pulsing slowly on and off? Or is it blinkng quickly? If its slowly pulsing, apparently its normal.

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