1. After beating all three a few months back I too didn't know what to do.

  2. I found a BD in a trashcan of the cyberpsycho attack

  3. They did it. Crazy sons of bitches they did it.

  4. Now it just needs to be made that you can take a park tour through it. Imagine having your JP tour go through a huge glass tunnel with the water surrounding you.

  5. I think it's definitely Woodman or Fingers

  6. You know, fingers becomes a usable ripper doc and has legendary cool cyberware.

  7. Yea, drop those fuckers right off your balcony after.

  8. Came here to say this! Drop them, no way they'd survive a 20 story drop.

  9. Same way you would any other bean. But, they lose the purple color when you cook them

  10. Tomatoes have a lot of air in the flesh that can cause bubbles to form. If the bubbles are there but it’s not actively foaming it’s probably from the tomatoes. If it’s fermenting it will continue to make more gas. Take the ring off the jars and wait to see if the lids pop off. That’ll tell you if it’s fermenting and creating gas.

  11. I was doing research on this as well. Several articles state that as long as the bubbles are not moving, fizzy. Or traveling to the top, everything should be okay.

  12. In cases of canning, there are some important questions that needs answers before any advice should be given or heeded.

  13. We pressure canned it so we could store them in the pantry instead of the refrigerator. We used a salsa recipe that I've been using for years, I've just never canned it before.

  14. Pressing up on the d-pad let's you zoom in more

  15. Wait. This is a real thing? I'm on Xbox and I'm 90 hours in. Never noticed.

  16. It happens when we look at the mirror during Relic Malfunction. Another interesting fact is that we can see Johnny's name and the description of his life would be Never Fade Away song text. We just have to click three times on fingerprints during V's creation window to see that.

  17. "A little emotional" don't lie. You cried like a baby like I did. I finished the citadel dlc then went right into the ending. I couldn't stop playing it and it was around 0300 when I finished.

  18. No problem! But I totes agree with you, the strip mall is my favorite base in Drucker. Would make so much sense to add more spots up there. Feels like wasted potential.

  19. It was so unfinished and badly made that CDPR had to release a public apology and commit to continued development goals just in order to keep their own fan base from cooking them alive. So he's not wrong to say that.

  20. In case anyone was wondering. I've been holding off to purchase the ejector. Then, yesterday while perusing optics planet saw that they had 7 in stock. I ordered one, and it shipped yesterday. Should be here in the next few days.

  21. Those are jalapeños. Cayenne peppers are skinny and long. I am growing both myself this year.

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