1. In a water dish, I would say algae. You could probably just scrub it out with a toothbrush.

  2. Your snake being a snake? Not quite sure what you are asking...

  3. Depending on what state you live in. If its California its a no go. Did you know that there are five steps that you need to legally do in order to "legally" shoot someone in self defense in California? Including asking them what they want.

  4. We talked about a city hunt bc all the deer in our area come here but it never went through

  5. I'm from NE Ohio. The city I live in has such a deer problem that they allow bow hunting within city limits. But you must be 100 feet from a residence and have hunted for three years I think.

  6. That bulge is what I refer to as sausage butt. Just you wait, it looks like a large load is brewing.

  7. Leave him be, he knows what to do, otherwise he wouldn't have lived to be the massive size he is. Very cool sight though.

  8. The only reason I moved him is because he was smack dab in the middle of my yard and my daughter and I were playing soccer.

  9. No, he wouldn't make it in that spot all winter, but I doubt that's where he would stay anyhow. Regardless of you moving him I'm sure he'll find a safe spot to hibernate. Bullfrogs are tough as nails and according to my personal observations over the years they are one of the last of the cold blooded to disappear for hibernation.

  10. Ha I've noticed. The low here tonight is in the 50s and gets into the 40s in a few days.

  11. I feed my guys 1 small rat once a week. I would say that 1690 grams is a little bit big for a yearling. But you don't have an accurate age. I have several that are in the 8-10 year olds that are in that range. I also have a 16 year old that is over 2,000 grams.

  12. Oh he’s not an actual year old. He was a rescue. He’s probably 3-4 years old

  13. Than I would personally say that's a good weight and don't worry about it.

  14. No problem! I am happy to help. Especially when it looks like someone got taken.

  15. Also, VPI axanthics tend to have very busy belly patterns whereas other morphs have very clean white bellies. Axanthics have alot of black patterning.

  16. Eastern Diamond Back Rattlesnake and a beautiful chonky specimen at that.

  17. I read a comment on TA that says he needed to do it in one sitting.

  18. I'll try the hard reset. I'm not going to attempt another save though. I had the same issue with the perfect harmony achievement. But after restarting the game it unlocked. No such luck here though.

  19. The achievement has to be unlocked in real life first- ezio knows- you must find your local brothel and spend 5 grand there And it will automatically unlock once you turn your console back on You can thank me later

  20. Done. Just finished. The only thing that I unlocked was a mad wife and an itchy discharge.

  21. Yeah, I'm pretty sure its normal. Kind of like turning the furnace on for the first time in for the season. Its the heat of the bulb burning the dust off the light.

  22. There is nothing wrong with your snake. It is getting ready to shed.

  23. I do agree. I feel like there is a huge amount of "does my python look sick?" posts.

  24. I'm slightly confused here. Is she a normal? Or is she a spider?

  25. Such a gorgeous morph! Out of curiosity, does bumble bee have the same neurological issues as regular bee? I love the pattern but I’m wary of getting a special needs snake as a first time owner

  26. Every spider morph has wobble to some degree. Some have it very badly while some have it so mildly that its hardly noticeable. Most can live very long and good lives, I've had mine for over 10 years.

  27. I’m struggling to get all the different morphs so I wasn’t sure if bee and bumble bee were related or if they just had similar names lol

  28. No worries, a spider and a pastel will make a bumblebee. If you have more questions on genetics try the World of Ball Pythons website. They have a genetic calculator.

  29. You can scrub them, especially if they have dirt or anything on them.

  30. I used to throw them in the oven at 250 degrees for a few hours. It kills off everything.

  31. I use Big Cheese and buy in bulk, I think it's a little cheaper and the shipping price is more affordable

  32. Its actually pretty close to the same. With Big Cheese they only have 15 per pack, Rodent Pro has 20, so if you add up bulk prices, they equal out to roughly the same.

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