US Has 12 Or More Alien Spacecraft, Say Military And Intelligence Contractors

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Las Vegas family claims to see aliens after several report something falling from sky

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  1. I hope we can end this dimensions shit which i won't ever entertain without visual/physical evidence that instantly makes me come to that assumption. I wonder if people assumed whales were inter-dimensional since they never saw were the whales went or came from

  2. I literally don't even understand what another dimension is. Like, in reality, I have no understanding of how it would work or make any sense.

  3. No offense of Dr. Davis or any of the other highly educated person working on UFO theorizing, but until we have the brightest minds from the world working on this, I'm leaving all speculation in the same category as Humors Balancing before we understood Germ Theory.

  4. It was very interesting to see him grow uncomfortable when discussing the "alien bodies" part. Stating he left that out of his story and wanted to keep it about the crafts ala the Debrief article

  5. Yeah so the reason you don't want to mention bodies without evidence is it leads to:

  6. 'member when this subreddit was melting down that Netflix was toast with password sharing crackdown?

  7. The Iron tier is so small and so awful that I generelly dont understand how you end up there.

  8. If they make it small enough only the deranking Bots will be in there and they can run heuristics to target them.

  9. People have just wanted more Sands Of Time continuation and proper Sequels with Assassin's Creed budget. Getting a side scrolling platformer ain't the right direction.

  10. Everyone mad in this thread is still going to watch golf so I find the indignant pearl-clutching hilarious.

  11. Still negative EPS so it's not really a win for investors.

  12. I don't know why anybody gives a shit about AI use. It's just another tool. And will have no bearing on if the game is good or not.

  13. Lost interest the second Logan Paul's buddy James Fox chimed in saying he was interested.

  14. Boosters and Derank bot nets LOVE DuoQ. They get to save time bringing more than one account up/down at a time.

  15. It's gonna be a long week waiting for more (any) info on this game.

  16. Good enough for me. Every time I've ever played Stellaris I would think "This is basically a Trek game"

  17. You can't tell someone's performance in a game, no matter what

  18. Every other sport and every other professional team game, in the whole world, has performance stats which can and do factor into winrate.

  19. I definitely like the new distribution. It really makes it seem like it better defines what your skill level is, but good lord is it going to take some getting used to. Plat used to like being a thing that was decent and now it's just nothing. Also high golds skipping plat seems weird.

  20. The funny thing is that the ranked distribution change should help with toxicity.

  21. Plan it? Why the hell couldn't they have one scheduled for Friday by now?

  22. Not sure if that's supposed to be Prince of Persia or

  23. Marvel's Prince Of Persia: Hollow Knight edition.

  24. Is this really Prince of Persia though? They appear to want to emulate original Prince of Persia with side on perspective, but the gameplay is nothing like the original series. On another note I don't see someone having that hair style in 9AD.

  25. To be honest I'd want to try and either go back to school for a degree in some form of Xeno Studies, or find a business/initiative based on trying to contact Them.

  26. I would use the universal gesture for sex... humping the air while moving my eyebrows up and down.

  27. It's some alien family's intergalactic jalopy that broke down because dad didn't let it recharge the full 5 minutes before leaving.

  28. So, 10 weeks later, there were about 600,000 more shares than last report. That's 60k shares a week. That's a lot for recurring purchases.

  29. But wasn't the whole Plan to Book thing supposed to make a huge impact this earnings?

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