1. Does auctionator working in combination with TSM?

  2. AFAIK they will both work together just fine - just not at the same time - You have to click "Classic UI" on the top right of the TSM panel to view the Auctionator tabs on the bottom of the AH screen because TSM uses its own UI.

  3. I don't think so, I remember it happening years ago but I haven't seen it at all in years.

  4. Back when achievements became a thing in 2008, and people saw you could get a black war bear from killing the faction leaders, the city raids were off the hook... Time is a mfer...

  5. I wish they would take the Guild Wars 2 style of fractal instabilities by having a negative and a positive effect to them

  6. This was already done in Torghast, why they won't carry it over to m+ is beyond my understanding.

  7. Ive been trying to get one binding consistently for like 4 years lol and I see this and am demoralized

  8. Keep at it! Last night I was just doing a routine run for it, not even crossing my fingers (watching TV actually) and couldn't believe it dropped. Got my first one from baron and the second from garr.

  9. Is that five-time Academy Award winner Kirk Lazarus and MTV Movie Award 'Best Kiss' actor Toby Maguire?!?!


  11. Is there a mark on my face Richard? It doesn’t hurt here…or here…just in this area right here.

  12. My wife and I have played many many games together - from WoW to CoD, Deep Rock, Phasmo, Borderlands, The Forest, Ark, SWTOR, Diablo... You get the idea.

  13. Before the office it was actually a famous SNL quote from 1979. It was directed at a woman of course, in a mock debate, and so had a bit of a different effect: “Jane, you ignorant slut”

  14. Oh thats an easy one, that about lines up with the payout of a load of void opals back during the rush. if you were super picky and meticulous you could fit over 1B cr worth of opals in a cutter

  15. This is good info, but I don't agree with your first and eighth bullet points. If someone is venturing out and runs across un-surveyed systems, then they should be doing every planet in a system that has multiple bio signatures. If landfall hasn't been done on the planets, and the bio's haven't been scanned, then the cmdr will get 4x the payout for every bio scanned.

  16. The BWAAHHHHHMMMMM sound of deep-core mining is one of the best sounds in a game of amazing sounds... and this is pretty cool too!

  17. Ooh, okay. Didn't see that one coming. Can I take a 20 on that? Maybe we can circle back around to it…

  18. I saw no fire in him today... and this is a guy who LOVES starting fires.

  19. Farts! Michael mentions it at her wedding and Andy when he was trying to avoid hiring Susan. What wouldn’t he give for one of Phyllis’s room clearing farts right now!

  20. For Stratum Tectonicus at 19M maybe just. You can watch a half hour show whilst in SC 👍

  21. It was! Made about 155M for 3 signals assuming there is a first discovery bonus! And really I think it only took about 10mins to get there, got up to nearly 900c along the way!

  22. Thank you. I am aware of how obstacle courses work because I'm not five years old.

  23. My brother in Christ, please get your eyes checked - I'm worried you might hit a pedestrian with your car irl and try to pull this shit in court.

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