My dog didn't leave one for me

To pay respects.

This hits me right in the feels

The process of taking a painful L


Cute but creepy

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  1. Everybody in the comments asking if OP is ok and OP’s just like, “it’s a normal Tuesday.” 💀 Hate that this happens so much to us that we aren’t phased by it anymore.

  2. joe rogan explained that they zapped the donkey's balls and semen came out like crazy

  3. That’s animal abuse if it happened, but I genuinely doubt what that man says is true. Joe Rogan is a weird fuck at best.

  4. They also have an electronic probe you can shove up the anus and using the correct amount of current make them cum gallons.

  5. Lmao no the fuck “they” don’t. Stop believing everything you read/hear.

  6. Yes, I loved it! I used to go every year for the Louisiana Derby before covid. I highly recommend spending a day there.

  7. I have some in my cupboard unopened from last year that are 10. These packet sizes are awful. No way that’s a single serving size, they’re much too small.

  8. Why the fuck would you do this? Even if you’re going to be awake, they use heavy drugs and medication to help numb you and marijuana will affect that. Good luck.

  9. I love his birdcatcher spots! The spot missing from his blaze is so cute. What a handsome man

  10. I was cleaning out my grandfather’s house a few years ago after he passed and found a dozen of these in yellow/beige. Memories. He used at least one to store sugar in.

  11. The pink tax can eat my fat female asshole. I started buying men’s razors and shirts for this very reason. Fuck my life.

  12. I needed to read this today. Some kid at my job was telling coworkers awful shit regarding my upcoming promotion. It has me rattled. But now I just realize he’s a kid and has never respected me and likely never will.

  13. There’s a real pony named this and he’s FAMOUS among American pony hunter/jumper riders. He’s been to pony finals like, 5 times or something.

  14. I take it you have done it but I only recently (about a year ago) found this great quest in Cheydinhal. Starts with someone called Tivela. Don't want to spoil it but it's about finding a missing painter.

  15. I wouldn’t say like “starved” but definitely needs a good amount weight. Not riding condition. With its spine so prominent I imagine it wouldn’t be so comfy to have a bunch of weight on your back. Also needs a lot of muscle.. if it’s an older horse that can’t keep on weight she needs to retire it. I understand having people telling you what to do with your animal is frustrating, but anyone with half (more like 1/8th) of a brain can see that horse needs weight, or to be retired.

  16. Big agree. I’m currently having this conversation about my 20-year old. He’s not keeping weight like he did even last year so I’ve got the vet coming out and I’m bringing up a number of things to discuss my horse’s health and happiness as a riding horse. It’s hard, but it’s easier than hurting my horse.

  17. This is a bad example of shrinkflation and likely not shrinkflation at all. I used to work at Domino’s and they work the dough balls into the pizza shape by hand. There’s going to be small variances in size from human error.

  18. Honestly, I disagree. I was at a work event a couple weeks and Domino’s was ordered for the overnight crew. I was astonished at how much smaller the “larges” looked compared to the last time I had Domino’s in 2019.

  19. The only way for us to truly know if this is shrinkflation or variances made by human hands is by weighing the dough balls Domino’s sends the stores. Idk if anyone but Domino’s corporate knows what their Large dough balls weighed in 2019. If you can find that info and get a weight from 2022 as well, I’d be very interested. Stuff like this is interesting to me.

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