1. Saw a text from an ex that lives away saying “in your hometown 😳”, well the first text was a screenshot of the Netflix series that took place here. Sigh

  2. Jalen Kitna has that pedo face

  3. I’m seeing that people think Daphne showed pictures of the baby she had with the trainer which with the blonde comment makes sense, but part of me thought it was a backhanded way to tell Harper to not fuck her husband. Like I have kids with this guy get yourself a trainer to sleep with

  4. Jason Kidd has more arrests (2) than games starting Christian Wood (0).

  5. Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)

  6. can this turd come out so I can start my workout

  7. Russillo picked Texas A&M to make it to the playoffs this year

  8. they were ranked 6 not exactly a hot take

  9. Where can I get some basketball shoes? I don’t play enough to warrant the $200 pairs but feel like that’s all I’m seeing out there

  10. buy used on eBay, I have some hardens and pg’s I play in I got for $50 total

  11. I’m seeing pretty much exactly what I thought. A team lacking talent getting shit on.

  12. Who’s job is it to bring in talent? There’s suppose to be young talent on this team. This was Caserios rebuild plain and simple and it’s suppose to be farther along. It was “camp caserio”. This is the environment he created with the players and coaches he’s brought in. I’m not saying move on but it’s absolutely fair to start criticizing.

  13. Those are just misguided expectations if you thought this team was going to be remotely close to competing anytime this year or next.

  14. Who said anything about competing? Put a competent professional football product out there with promising young players showing improvement. The league is designed to have parody. This isn’t Alabama playing Mercer any given week. The product should flat out be better than this even in a few win season.

  15. Or about him and giselles stake in FTX. When you’re both 100 millionaires divorce is a business decision

  16. If he were eligible I'd take Caleb Williams over Stroud and Bryce this year

  17. Uhhh of course. Prob drake maye over them too

  18. Ethan is so stupid for not telling Harper. It doesn't even make sense.

  19. It’s telling us more about his character in my opinion. From what we saw so far from him it would seem he’d fold like a chair if Harper really pressed him on it, but he played it really straight and if it wasn’t for the found condom would be quite convincing.

  20. I want shitty chain pizza. But I don’t know which chain to order because I typically go Dominos but I’m not feeling that tonight. Which ones should I not order from?

  21. Papa John’s, get extra garlic butter

  22. I don't mean you'll never get fired. I mean it as you will always find a job. Over 300 schools, someone will take a chance. Lane Kiffin keeps bouncing around from program to program. ASU hired Herm Edwards.

  23. Lane isn’t just bouncing around he’s been climbing the ladder

  24. Just watched an NFL throwback YouTube video of a 2008 game with Mike Singletary coaching the 49ers. Down 5 with no timeouts and 20 seconds left, they ran twice and lost the game. Ran a FB five from the 2 on the final play. Also saw he went 1-21 as a high school coach. Just absolutely awful coaching.

  25. I needed to hear this tonight

  26. Who on God's green Earth thought that Patriots were going to beat Vikings?

  27. I cashed Vikings but they did overturn a touchdown in a one score game

  28. Criminal minds, evolutionary

  29. Reminder again that hbob is a fraud and a terrible guest. Ringer employees: sit down bill and explain to him the irony of harlabob’s Twitter behavior and connect it to crypto’s collapse and see if bill wants him back


  31. Also every up and coming male actor is just a typical theater kid. No more Burt Reynolds or James Caan

  32. Whats the cut off for "theatre kids?" Burt Reynolds won the Florida State Drama award for acting the lead in Shakespeare and Caan was in Theatre school for five years.

  33. You’re right, same with Newman he studied theatre as a young adult. Deniro & Pacino grew up in the theatre. I guess what I’m saying they represented a more idyllic masculinity that everyone, men and women gravitated towards and that’s what lost in todays movie star. I kind of make Chalamet, who’s great, the poster boy for this since he has that theater kid look and came up in the private NY arts school system. I know it’s always been hard making it but if you aren’t an industry kid or coming up in that system its seems even more dire unless you’re an influencer. Obviously Weinstein had to go, but it was kingmakers like him that took chances and had an eye for talent, studios have become “gasp” more analytical and don’t operate the same from what you hear.

  34. I think there's a distinction between a recap pod (like prestige TV) and a re-watch pod (like the office or scrubs rewatches).

  35. it’s why pod yourself a gun is a much better sopranos rewatch pod compared to Talking Sopranos where they just talk about what donuts Schirripa ate that day or who had a bad mood on the set lol

  36. Feel like we're long overdue for a miniseries or at least a 90 minute documentary on the Ray Lewis murder scandal.

  37. it better be called Missing White Suit or something

  38. Read something below and it got me thinking. You think we could win a World Cup if some rich dude said he’d pay every member of the winning team some stupid amount (let’s use 100 million) if the USA wins it all? You think we’d get enough crazy parents to train some damn soccer players in this country? Because I’m tired of winning at everything else in the world besides soccer.

  39. most US soccer players already come from that sort of background

  40. Where do we rank soccer in sports people in the US care about the most? Ranked: 1. Football 2. Basketball 3. Baseball 4. Hockey 5, Golf 6. Soccer

  41. shout out houston cougar Marcus Jones

  42. Because my heart is in OHIO!!!

  43. I kind of want to drop the $70 bucks on cod tonight and lose my face with these gummies and hazy ipas

  44. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills whenever I read the White Lotus sub talking about Jennifer Coolidge. “I am CRYING with laughter whenever she’s on screen.”

  45. you knew the titans would bully this LaFruit squad

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