1. They don't trust them but it's better than the guy currently trying to break into your house and violate your family.

  2. The guy who broke in was a cop trying to execute a warrant for a guy the town over. Oh and the cop got spooked and it shot your dog, but that was self defense. Cop is on paid administrative leave and an internal investigation will be conducted by his colleagues and friends.

  3. mmmm it is alil but not necessarily, like the generic stuff comes from everything around the living system, like him being a necromancer is original but b4 that was Kinga like the same stuff.

  4. It's overrated when people think it created the idea of a necromancer in a Korean dungeon series.

  5. This video is REALLY well made, actually. They include lots of evidence to back up their point- scenes from the games (both the localized and the original JP cutscenes sometimes), quotes from interviews with Nomura and some of the JP cast, quotes from the novels (written by Tomoco Kanemaki, who also is heavily involved in the writing of some of the games themselves, such as 358/2 Days and Dark Road), as well as quotes from the canon Character Files. There isn’t a single point they make that isn’t backed up by canon information. They point out some really good parallels between SoRiku and some of the Disney couples as well as LeaIsa.

  6. I want Rapunzel and Sora to be canon its the most romantic sora has ever been

  7. Early 20’s he was a kid when the way finder trio got messed up considering sora and Riku were like 6 and 7

  8. That’s exactly the point. All of them are his kids. To date, he’s adopted every (male) Robin. He’s also adopted Cass. Saying only the biological son is actually his kid is a slight against adopted families, both the kids and parents.

  9. And that's fine as long as the narrative makes it clear that Damian making that distinction isn't right, and is just the result of how he was raised before meeting his father and being still an immature kid, and has him go from that to realizing that he's got brothers and sisters that are both as much part of the family and Bruce's kids as he is.

  10. I mean it's factual it doesn't need to be nice. I mean even Jason doesn't care only one who cares slightly is Tim. None of the bat family are offended because they know he's a little shit.

  11. I can actually agree with your statement as Tim Drake says, that Robin is supposed to keep Batman centered and away from the void. I do think Robin is important in that role altogether. But I argue that a child assassin can actually be done well enough to show that this child is deadly. The two examples that come to mind are the comedic take with Hit Girl. Deadly yet light enough that it’s funny to watch this little girl murder dozens of grown men. And the other being the darker take of X-23 in Logan. Little girl again, but she really comes off as a animal that anyone would be terrified of if they confronted her.

  12. It's important that when Damian is threatening someone they actually treat it like a threat unless it's Dick then he just messes with his hair because dick is the perfect big bro.

  13. Which also brings to mind, whoever plays Dick needs to have the Ass of Dick Grayson. I will accept nothing less than bubble butt.

  14. This is bullshit, activating Byakugou would heal her right up, this is just forced drama to prolong the novel a bit more.

  15. Would it? She'd need to use it to replace the damaged cells which would shorten her life. I doubt the novel writer had permission to shorten a main character's life

  16. Personally, I like when series develop lore as we find out about it. Not the biggest fan of the JRR Tolkien lore dump but I do enjoy the Elric of Melnibone lore dump.

  17. I mean with divine weapons it's just like killing a much more durable and powerful human

  18. He pulled the face of big ben off and threw it. That's a pretty big feat. He even tanked a punch from herc

  19. Yeah his durability was insane and i wondered how could he toss the clock

  20. Yeah, jack is pretty strong and threw a canon ball with enough force to make a hole through someone. He's weaker than a lot of the other fighters but he's not a weak person at all.

  21. Nope. Tesla has more. Tesla has his hands covered by gloves and Beelzebub doesn’t

  22. Isn't beel using a scarf and didn't he originallu have white gloves plus a rosary and do accessories count because the skull is one

  23. Zeus is greek, he would take on both of them in his muscular form.

  24. He's Greek but zeus is hands down the list straight Greek God. Also in Greece is viewed as shameful to be a bottom look at some of the things they called your if you were a buttom back then. Greeks were okay with being gay as long as you were on top.

  25. Bro I loved it when they started playing actual by Fleetwood Mac during the Shiva fight

  26. I’m pretty sure he was born in England actually

  27. But wasn't the ship Jonathan was on headed to America I assumed since that would mean. George was born in America meaning he's American I don't remember where Joseph was born only that he also free up primarily in America.

  28. He moved to America when he was 18 with Erina

  29. If he did this to some random person i’d have a problem but it was paparazzi and they're the scum of the earth so I feel nothing but joy

  30. Almighty overwrites GER return to zero we can see that GER can be countered by abilities that overwrite reality like when he was countered by EOH yes EOH isn't canon but it's written by araki and sheds light on GER more and none of the GER info contradicts what we've seen.

  31. GER is automatic, he still gets reverted.

  32. Unless he overwrites the reality in which he was negated with the almighty since he does have slight precognition

  33. At the current point in blue lock he is not top. 5 or top ten he’ll he wasn’t even ranked after the latest neo egoist league match

  34. He definitely is the worth isn’t solely based on skill because individually he's like the 2nd or 3rd top scorer in blue lock and definitely is more skilled individually then isagi at the moment.

  35. That's only based on how other sponsors view him not really his skill. Barou makes it at the TOP because he's Hype incarnate he's like watching Nascar knowing the breaks have been cut.

  36. Parry king: Zhin's parry now has three charges and a very small window of riposte, but each successful riposte increases riposte damage by 15%, stacking up to 45%

  37. Call it hesitation is defeat. Or hard to kill considering in lore everyone wants Zhin dead

  38. Really? I thought she was way more infuriating in the beginning. Later, she's kinda traumatized, but that's not really the same as being unlikeable because she's an asshole.

  39. She got worse after every mistake became someone else's fault. Her one good arc was after she was poisoned she became less annoying but then she just kept preaching at people.

  40. God, don’t even remind me. The Cn/Kr novel fandom’s obsession with “cold and pragmatic” MC’s and their hate for “pussy beta cuck nice guys” is so fucking dumb, it gives me a goddamn headache

  41. That's because they're one extreme or the other either they let people go that end up killing everyone they love and hunting them down for 1k years or they kill everyone at the slightest annoyance.

  42. why they bodies built like titans tho

  43. The manga artists previous manga was basically AOT with more cannibalism and less titans

  44. Vergil doesn't use guns because he thinks they don't require skill and are Crude but he has used them like in DMC 3

  45. What? DmC changes a lot about canon. Mundus for one isn't a bald investment banker in the original canon.

  46. Well Igarashi is 172/173 if I remember correctly, naruhaya is 168 and Niko is 173, so there are a few shorter than isagi

  47. I agree with a hundred percent with a thousand percent that Steven's PTSD was handled poorly in Future and I haven't seen the other rock show so I'm just going to comment about SU.

  48. you’re 100 percent correct Stevens Corruption arc was more mentally then anything kinda like Phos again.

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