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  1. Watched the gameplay and it honestly looks amazing. When’s it release?

  2. The camera zoom while the subject maintains full clarity, along with lackluster animation is usually a quick indicator of fake.

  3. Do they normally clear tolls like this? How the fuck did they not just slow down slightly prior to proceeding

  4. Probably still in trouble for reckless driving charges

  5. Won’t somebody think of the children!

  6. This is great advice! The not fully turning the valve thing would have been clutch

  7. so a chud teacher sees some wack shit online, ascribes it to all of her political enemies, then repeats it to her kids sarcastically to "make a point" without realizing the consequences of what she's actually saying. I'd say she lacks the critical thinking that should be required for her certification.

  8. Yeah, it was clearly in jest, making fun of those weirdos. But yeah, not professional to even discuss it in that context.

  9. Here come the racist dumbfucks crawling out of their caves

  10. If your first thought is race and ethnicity when someone points out a nations terrible infrastructure, then I’d have to assume that you sir, are in fact, the racist.

  11. As if swimming in a river of shit and bodies wasn’t what gave it away

  12. This one time he made a call out prediction that he was gonna deflect meis ult. Then did it instantly. Was kinda nasty. And I’m like…is this guy on adderrall? 😂

  13. Just added turtle lake to my list of "shit-hole towns to never visit."

  14. Like you're one to talk. Your my little pony conventions don't count.

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