1. "I'm eastern european but this still applies."

  2. Lithuania. Most of the martial arts schools and teachers here came from Russians studying foreign things due to Russia being an Asian country close to China and such and Eastern Europe being a former part of the USSR. Although my teacher is also Lithuanian, so I guess I'm a Third Generation Student in that respect.

  3. Yup I don't think there are VVN school in Lithuania. So far Europe VVN federation have only around 12 countries (France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Russia, England, Spain, Romania, Moldova, Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus)

  4. Depends on how the person kick you in the groin. I got kicked in the groin by a friend when I was young and I dropped down on the ground for 5-10 minutes moaning, it hurt like mfers.

  5. Is this not Taekwondo? and why is a black belt competing against a yellow belt?

  6. It's Vovinam vs Taekwondo. Vovinam student who carry yellow belt is allowed to wear black belt in public performances to differentiate other martial art easier

  7. No more than 9 hours drive. I like road trip

  8. How old is her profile? Lemme guess she joined today? And how did you respond? I’m looking for a good comeback to say to these scammers

  9. Her profile is like a year old and I blocked her on seeking lol

  10. Hmm. i would think if she’s been trying to do this for a year she would’ve given up by now?

  11. I guess she is stubborn and try to find her dream sucker lol

  12. I used to do ppm but then I feel like I'm seeing an escort now I just start with ppm with pot sb then move to bi weekly allowance within 2 months fram

  13. I like belly button and nipple piercing

  14. I always thought prostitution is you pay this xxx amount for the time and there is no emotional connection or anything it just like 2 strangers meet up in a hotel room banging and then leave. On other hand in sugar relationship I can take sb out to eat, see movies, shopping, cuddles, intimacy, travel together etc. I can't do those stuff with a prostitute lol

  15. Maybe you mentioned cash or money in your conversation

  16. Be a good roommate and give him a hand brojob

  17. Get a blackhawk prepaid card so it has full address .. put in some real address (like that of a mailbox place).

  18. They stop accepting Vanilla prepaid gift card right after new year

  19. That Brandon Wade?? for some reason I thought Brandon Wade is a white dude lmao

  20. Very nice. You can add one more thing like gantri light

  21. Neat only things you missing is some plant and light

  22. That's a possible hack bro. Check your phone and your computer. Never give your phone to a SB without watching them

  23. I used vanilla gift card for my premium :/

  24. Nah it's not worth it. Full of bots and flaky

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