πŸ’™πŸ’—Towel Stock has already been bought out. That company has been fully saved. GameStop Corp is associated with the already-completed takeover, through joint ownership of GameStop Corp board members, as well as new GMERICA-related developments. πŸ’—πŸ’™

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$GME πŸš€ 102% of $GME's liquid float is now sold short. Confirmed. πŸš€

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  1. "GameStop has become the clear name that embodies the generation-based change of which I speak (i.e. baby boomers, gen x, millennials, gen z's and now alpha gen investors). It is clear that some generations among these [namely the baby boomer and gen x class] about twenty years ago did start an abusive-war, essentially, on the younger generations. It has been proven time and time again that baby boomers and gen X-class policymakers fail repeatedly to reap tangible, ethical results. It's now time for millennial, Gen Z, and Alpha generations to fix the big mess that has been made in this country.

  2. Credit Suisse not only participated in egregious naked short-selling practices, but they served as counterparties to funds who specifically failed by short-selling GameStop... i.e. Archegos. Although Archegos was margin called for around $5 Billion in March of 2021, estimates showed that the liability was still in the $10 Billion range today. Credit Suisse was not the only counterparty, and Archegos was not the only fund with "legacy" $GME uncovered short liabilities... get ready for a nice surprise to macro markets as this continues to play out.... and as the public continues to observe the years of mismanagement and fraud that has been orchestrated by hedge funds and market makers alike.

  3. I want to repeat this comment I made, not just to the Superstonk_QV bot, but for everyone to read. The implications of this are far-reaching into the market share of the metaverse, and today's booming, digital business economy:

  4. Mark Zuckerberg has clearly failed to compete in the blockchain-based asset category, due to lack of tech and programming talent (this makes sense, because the best talent from Amazon and Facebook were noted in 2021 as having left to join GameStop's winning team. This failure of Meta (facebook) to compete with GameStop gives GameStop another step towards total, global business dominance in asset ownership in the metaverse, which is the only thing that actually means anything in the metaverse.

  5. K but aren’t institutional, mutual fund, and etf shares mostly being lent out? I don’t think those should be subtracted from the total.

  6. Take the necessary time to think about who is on the other end of those lent shares, and then tell me what the vast majority of those are used for:

  7. Yeah but if they’re available to be lent out then they’re part of the liquid float, which means they shouldn’t be subtracted from the total.

  8. You are missing the fundamental point here: short totals are a borrower-side issue, not a lending-side issue. Take this scenario, which should answer, for you, the question I proposed above:

  9. Citadel Securities uses long equities as collateral for its about $70 Billion in shares sold not yet purchased. Based on margin pressures, any decline in the stock market would lead to Citadel Securities not being able to afford its short-sold liabilities, and therefore, $GME as a stock (and an innocent company and a rightful investment) will soon be able to be free from the manipulation of the Bernie-Madoff-Successor known as Citadel Securities.

  10. This post is to simply state a fact: that people can legally do whatever they want with their tax return money, which may include investing into the stock(s) that they like, and even holding them long term with the transfer agent if they so rightfully-choose.

  11. I see pre-squeeze conditions as being met. The tried-and-true Linear Regression pattern is now mimicking the pre-August run that took $BBBY from $3 to $30.00. This time, however, short interest is much much higher, and the company can effectively now be considered to be debt free thanks to the preferred buy out.

  12. Since April of 2022, GNS was created [out of Singapore which is near Citadel's area of operations after the Jan '21 sneeze] and only criminally-pumped when $GME stock price was running - and especially now. Like HKD and the hong kong scams, these news scams are used for the same purpose: last-resort illicit collateral to maintain their margin requirements

  13. $GME's float is further approaching it being 'illiquid.' Like Volkswagen's clear price runaway, as shown above, associated hedge funds who irresponsibly overshorted have no alternative but to dump other stocks market-wide, mainly index-heavy positions. The overshorted stock gets bought back to close short positions, which then cause further margin problems as the price runs away - leading to a bona fide feedback loop. This effect above is an effect, not the cause, of the unavoidable divergence in the correlation that comes because of idiosyncratic risk of irresponsible fund managers who advocate for the overshorting of quality stocks in the macro market.

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