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  1. So, uh... did anyone feel like Bosha had some feelings for Amity, based on this episode?

  2. I feel like Boscha just wanted to be in control and all clique-y again. Lowkey like s1 + s2 sasha form amphibia

  3. I'm pretty sure she just lived her life in prison and died there no?

  4. In the comics she was in an insane asylum but then the (without spoiling too much) she ran away and they never found her

  5. Woah! How did you make that? Like on top of another or from scratch??

  6. I didn’t even know this! I had like 8 hearts with him before I married maru

  7. I swear I only look good without a shirt (no pics y’a perv) but I only wear hoodies

  8. They are named after the castle, so whatever that’s called I forgot

  9. Woah clearly sprig is pink and is the girl frog, and lady Olivia is blue and is the boy frog 🙄🙄

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