1. Hope I am not too late! For “real life” stories I would like to see how creative you can get, with both the methods and scenarios (accidental, revenge, torture, etc). I have a lot of ideas on this but am not a good enough writer to put together a decent story

  2. Accidental is a really hot concept, especially if it’s followed by something like the woman trying to hold in her laughter and finding it a bit humorous

  3. Funnily enough, I just made such story myself. You can go check it out and maybe give your opinion on it, not that I force you or anything.

  4. Sure! I love reading these stories ❤️ the only ones I’m not too fond of are the super “over the top” stories that aren’t really grounded at least a teenie bit

  5. Haha don’t complain when you cum all over my sole while I squish you ❤️

  6. This is awesome ❤️ I love the face, it’s giving that “you’re going to put my toes in your mouth and like it” vibes and I am here for it

  7. I like talking about weird kinks, experiences and things like how you discovered your fetish etc. it can be really fun!

  8. My soles are soft and wrinkly but my heels are hard ❤️

  9. a FJ from you could be so much pleasure with your cute toes and soft wrinkled soles, or more trture with them hard heels rubbing against the sensitive tip - making me tent just thinking about it omg

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