1. Absolutely love what You have done to those rainbows!!!! Amazing!!!

  2. The screen has so weird taste q-q.

  3. Each person has their own reason, BUT it seems to me like it’s the taboo of seeing someone you love or are interested in get railed by someone else- that’s the turn on. Seems like an ultimate pleasure kind of deal. The helplessness of it, seeing them pleasured by someone that isn’t you. Maybe they’ve got a bigger cock or they’re doing something to your partner that you don’t or can’t. It hits that deep deep desire. Some partners “play” at cucking their partner but don’t actually do it. However, it’s a dangerous kink to play with when you actually do it because once that line is crossed there’s no going back

  4. PS: this art belongs to the artist in the pic, go give them some love for great work!

  5. Shouldn’t be hard to find, people like me LOVE hurting balls like that

  6. Thank you! And I love the giantess stuff ❤️❤️

  7. 7.5 years married, actual sex is 1-3 times a week but sexual acts almost every day

  8. From you? Your mouth would be all you could offer, otherwise I’d need someone else’s big cock ❤️

  9. I could wear a strap for you mommy .how long since you've had a real man

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