Video shows Colorado deputy shoot man to death sitting in his SUV after the man called 911 for help because his SUV got stuck. On Wednesday, grand jury delivered indictments with charges that include second degree murder against one deputy and criminally negligent homicide against another deputy

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  1. How do you go to prison and look healthier than when you went in.

  2. Better diet/food. No drugs. No alcohol. Lights out every night at about 10:00 PM. Wake up everyday at about 6:00 AM. In prison, all inmates have to work in a prison job. The typical inmate workday is about 7 hours.

  3. I hope the jail is the place that cut all his hair off. He looked proud of his hick hairstyle.

  4. This photo of him shows that the Mississippi Department of Corrections cut off his hair when he began serving a 8-year sentence in Mississippi state prison on May 3, 2022:

  5. How does an attempted murder charge range from missing two birthdays or losing your freedom for the rest of your life?

  6. I hope the officer who shot him is sent to prison for a long time! The only information I could find out about Eric was from October. I hope he came out of the coma and survived.

  7. Here's a photo of Eric in the hospital.

  8. Only 132 months for child sex trafficking? Not really convinced justice WAS served here

  9. After he has served his prison sentence and is released from

  10. No Matt Gaetz is safe in congress.

  11. Sadly, Gaetz was elected to office by voters in Florida's 1st congressional district, population about 821,000, where nearly all Republicans over age 30, who are not active-duty military personnel, admire and like pedophiles, drug dealers, and people selling magic potions and orange jesus.

  12. This is one of the cases where wage theft was reported. Many times it isn’t.

  13. Yep. The United States Congress and the U.S. President should enact a new law that requires all employers in the US to inform all new employees in writing, in a language they understand, that they have the legal right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Labor if employees think their employer illegally has denied wages and benefits for employees. All employers should be required under federal law to provide new employees with the contact information for the Department of Labor, including phone numbers, email address, and mailing address.

  14. A real estate company is listing the

  15. Due to some inaccuracies I perceived in some comments, I decided to submit this comment to help clarify the convictions and the statutory maximum penalty of years in prison for each conviction.

  16. 1.6 million? Holy shit that’s scary. I don’t think I could live in the U.S.

  17. You know this country is fucked when I thought this was reporting yet ANOTHER shooting that happened in the past two weeks

  18. Live in VA, saw this on the news last night, and they kept the fact he was a trooper pretty quiet.

  19. Trying to sweep it under the rug.

  20. Ok but why follow an insane order? I mean if any of the politicians I support did that I'd be calling the cops to do a wellness check or something.

  21. Video — At the bottom of the rabbit hole:

  22. I’m no expert but it’s like the rich guys got the poor guys to do the dirty work and then left them out to fry

  23. In this opinion, you are an expert.

  24. Have you looked at the Tor Browser Manual:

  25. Nothing like establishing a situation in which people will not call the police for fear of being murdered by the police.

  26. In the United States, that is not uncommon.

  27. This is the main reason I refuse to visit the US. I'm scared shitless of all these empowered morons

  28. Sounds like you and the imprisoned psychiatrist might be on the same wave length when it comes to the opposite sex.

  29. I want to ask a question and I hope we can have a civilized conversation. I’ll preface by saying fuck Trump fuck Biden fuck the two party system and fuck probably 90% of our elected government officials.

  30. In this reply, I answer your questions.

  31. Update Timothy Gionet aka Baked Alaska got sentenced for his part in J6 to 75 days in a low security prison on a plea deal! WTFO?!

  32. USA can always just disappear you if they want

  33. Tragic. Reminds me of the nineteen al-Qaeda terrorists on 9/11 who hijacked 4 airliners to cause the deaths of a total of 2,996 victims on U.S. soil and injuring thousands of others, which in turn reminds me of what some people at Princeton University think might be the shape of the next attack that might begin in the next few minutes, sometime tomorrow, or sometime during some day after tomorrow (video):

  34. Where are you getting your information? That is not the reason...

  35. Clearly someone has never seen a lever action or shotgun in the hands of a capable shooter or even someone is just practiced for a little bit

  36. Video — One of the forefathers of MAGA is driving his car, picks up two hitchhikers, pulls over on the shoulder of the road, opens the trunk of his car, and shows how capable he is with a shotgun:

  37. Good question. The goose step. Stechschritt.

  38. Those pictures show a gaggle of inbreds

  39. the driver in the car in this scene from the film, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot:

  40. What sucks it seems like there might not be a link to him, even though we all know that there is a direct link. Benton funneling it to the campaign let's Trump say "It's news to me that any of the funds I received while campaigning were from an international source. Russia you say? Boy, given all the previous implications of my ties with Russia this looks pretty bad for me. Oh well. Vote for me 2024."

  41. Some people say the father of at least one of his grandchildren is Putin.

  42. The second there’s any overcrowding she’ll be the first to leave.

  43. When the next pandemic of some type is in full bloom, a global thermonuclear war has started, or a 7-mile wide asteroid has impacted somewhere near the Yucatan, she might be released early if the pandemic, thermonuclear holocaust, or extinction event doesn't first kill her along with millions or billions of others.

  44. We'll see how much time she actually serves. She'll probably get out in a few years just in time for the book tour and the 100k speaking engagements.

  45. In the US, that's not the way it works in the

  46. Maybe getting help with emotional control with some therapy or something would have been a better purchase than an SUV. I think alot of people in America need help and I think many horrible crimes would just never happen if they did, jan 6 for example. Maybe we should look out for each others mental health before it comes to this.

  47. Yes, look out for each other.

  48. Recently arrived Otero County resident here. This little boy is an embarrassing toddler throwing a temper tantrum. He is intent on perfecting his failure. The only option he's left himself is to lean into the lies. He has nothing else to lose. The moment he lets up, he'll have to face the complete disgrace he's made of himself. That's hard for anyone to do, but it's especially hard for someone who has never had to grow up.

  49. You and other people in Otero County might be interested in the U.S. governments's official details about his case and

  50. The real story is that this individual's huge potential was stifled by a broken criminal justice system and failed by a society whose inequalities make it necessary for some people to commit crimes to satisfy need.

  51. Apparently, you might be living in or have knowledge about the countries with the highest rankings on the

  52. Before anyone comments, just know he did like 17 armed robberies counts and wounded someone, it wasnt just a single robbery.

  53. Yes, and it's the tip of an immense iceberg covering the United States from coast to coast and from border to border.

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