1. I’m almost positive it’s the nismo kit but i could be wrong. The altia has that big ass wing on the back but also a different rear bumper, and i’m not sure what the nismo bumper looks like

  2. I also have this Altia kit. It was a dealer option. Nismo kit is very different

  3. I don't know about this but it looks cool! Can u post some pages with some nice art?

  4. I've never opened it actually, there are some images on Google if you search The Hobbit Eclipse comics

  5. Hi team, I purchased this comic around 2003-2004 from a NZ show similar to Comicon called Armageddon.

  6. The market dictates we all want 3ton hunks o junk. When I sold cars, multiple times I heard;

  7. You are effectively recommending scamming a dealer or Mazda (don't know who covers the cost in the end). Claiming that a part should be replaced under warranty, when it was damaged by the user is wrong. It's not like the new wheel is free for the dealer - somebody needs to manufacture it, deliver and install. I don't see much difference between lying to get a part replaced for free and just stealing it from a shop.

  8. Car manufacturers didn't know people would sanitize their hands? Not sure if you're trolling but I'd get this lad warranty no problem.

  9. The warranty is supposed to cover faults that lie within the product itself. Like defects in production and so on - thing that are manufacturers fault. It's not there to cover every kind of damage. Certainly not damage caused by improper use, which is this case. Leather is a natural material and is not supposed to be treated with a sanitiser. It's not a design or quality issue on manufacturer's side. Claiming a thing like that under warranty is like your brand new leather dress shoes to the mountains and wanting a refund when they are inevitably destroyed within 1 day. Or in terms that car people might understand better - doing donuts with a new set of tires and complaining that they only lasted one day.

  10. As someone who's worked extensively in new car warranty, this should be covered. I'd have this paid in a heart beat.

  11. Trade in clearance is extremely buyer beware. There's usually a reason why it's been traded in. Coventry is good. They have a yard for electric too.

  12. Coventry have been accused multiple times of importing damaged cars which sell without the damage noted on govt docs. Not sure if it's true but I've heard it multiple times.

  13. These people are ridiculous. Fine first car, might be expensive these days though

  14. Not sure I agree. unsafe, little space, old, expensive. I love them and have had many, but without my honda civic as a backup, I'd have been screwed multiple times if I only had my miata... not to mention right now as it needs maintenance and is down.

  15. All cars need maintenance, these are cheap and easy to work on. Great learning opportunity.

  16. Embarrassingly low quality candidates, this is the first year I've made the effort to look into candidates and it shocked me how unappealing they all are.

  17. I had a Toyota Will Vi should I'd argue could compete

  18. Technically green, but then expect a pedestrian to kick your car as you block the crossing. It's an annoying intersection!

  19. You have to stop before the stop sign, looks like a poorly planned spot.

  20. MotorsportTV just kicked us from the stream. If reopen livestream, it starts from the pre race. Anything I can do? MSTV is a mess, yet again

  21. Ryo Hirakawa would be still in for a shot for the title fight and be in 2nd place in the standings if he won the race. Even tho Hirakawa still in for the title fight it's just getting slimmer.

  22. I'd have understood Ryo being upset, but Suhi seemed way more grumpy, weird considering his valiant defence, he earnt the win.

  23. Think there's some team orders but Yuhi against it probably. But who knows

  24. Possible but the Hoshinos are pure racers and have thrown championships before rather than give orders. Kazuki Hoshino said he didn't give orders as well..

  25. I never ever heard anyone say r34 is not a skyline. That's insane!

  26. Jealous broke people mainly, around early 2010s. We always had the r series in NZ so people got weird about it

  27. Haha fair enough. Tbh I think the r34 is the best one out there.

  28. Totally disagree with this as well, I've worked in parts, service and sales. The left of the car is the left of the car. You might specify 'YOUR' left to a struggling apprentice but that's about it.

  29. I didn't know there was a Super Formula sub! As far as I know, most discussion of SF takes place on

  30. Tesla batteries have a longer service life than the average ICE vehicle (300k+ miles). Even then the battery is removable/replaceable (look at Munro's teardown - doesn't seem more complicated than removing a full drivetrain).

  31. Currently replaceable, they've stated they're moving to chassis integrated batteries. I haven't seen any tesla which have done mileage like that but it would be interesting to see.

  32. Lifecycle of solar puts it as by far the most environmentally friendly power generation. Even assuming current 20 year panel lifespans.

  33. I'm not sure we'll come to an agreement mate, you're welcome to your opinions.

  34. Chasing pops and bangs in an auto mx5, what a life..

  35. A bunch mate, ie fenders - sorry that's an example which can. Most engine stuff is gonna struggle. Some trims, lamps

  36. Why do people post these, somewhere between ¥1 and a 5000 Indian shekels. Go to a panel shop

  37. Correct, in the states. No matter where I look I can’t seem to find any new aftermarket or reasonably priced oem ones.

  38. Behrman do a lens kit for ¥37k Found on ebay for $500-$700 a side used

  39. American? You can get repos out of Taiwan, or at least you could a few years ago.

  40. What sort of driving? Common if you're giving the car a beating. Heat soaks in and starts spreading

  41. You bastard Americans raid our car supply, Inflat our markets and then do sacrilegious things like this.

  42. It's good to have a reminder for me that although the last 2.5 years have been a bit interesting, these aren't my formative years. Some of my younger co-workers have quite different world views because of it.

  43. I certainly feel for the 18-21 year olds at the moment

  44. Speak for yourself, maybe? I'm having a bit of trouble readjusting to how socially busy I am. I've been finding it difficult to get reservations to the restaurants I want to go to. I've been out of town quite a lot because I keep getting invited places. I'll be going to my second wedding of the off-season in October.

  45. I'm same age as op and in the same situation as you. Life's what you make it, people my age group like to make it sad.

  46. Looks like a Mitsuoka Le-Seyd, based on an s13 or s15 silvia. 1990s Japan special

  47. For some reason, when I was at the dealer taking with the “service advisor”, I had a feeling the service advisor gets small commission for the repair job they sell. Just my gut feeling. I’m a sales person myself

  48. They do in USA but don't I think in any other country. Its common to get sales target bonuses though (monthly rather than per repair)

  49. Shows you a video; 'is this true'. I'm glad I don't work in dealerships anymore, people would drive a death trap to save $200.

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