1. I know Big E doesn’t need one, but she should get a retrofit for the sole purpose of being rainbow.

  2. Historically Enterprise absolutely deserves a retrofit. Halfway through the war she was retrofitted majorly and went on to become the only carrier in the world capable of flying regular night time sorties. Like warspite she deserves the retrofit.

  3. Was this a real ship or pulled entirely out of Azur Lane's collective bossom?

  4. Is this ship based on a real one? Anyone out there with a link or story to share about this ship?

  5. Looks amazing! By the way what was the movie about? Continuation of the show, prequel/side story, or compilation from it?

  6. Stand alone side story, and holy shit is it good. The fighting in it is better than the TV show which is hard to believe, and the music slaps. Enjoy the shit out of Spike making someone a fool with nothing but a broom and sassy Spike moves. Story is on par with episodes as well, highly recommend.

  7. My very favorite part is that it now seems canonically implied that the American military industrial complex was responsible for the creation of the sirens and the devastation of the planet.

  8. Are you really surprised? That is pretty much business as usual for the defense industry.

  9. No I'm just glad to see even the strangest genres of fantasy reflecting the fundamental truths of the modern era in the most anime way imaginable.

  10. I think there isn't. The "chan" ship lore ended with the 4th "chan" ship. We are left to assume that this is how all "chan" ships are created.

  11. How are the chan ships created? I missed that too I think.

  12. Akashi did an experiment, in which she shot a high-energy heat ray at a Wisdom Cube. Belfast walked into the experiment room at the wrong time. Bel-chan appeared in the Wisdom Cube's place.

  13. And then she kept on doing this to produce the other chans? That's hilarious. Thank you by the way and merry Christmas!

  14. I remember the first time we'll. This must be the latest episode of the second season of something.

  15. YOOOOOOOOOO. The Winchester lever action service rifle!

  16. Is this an album you wish existed or a list of things they've actually done?

  17. It’s a semi-ironic album full of covers made up of similar metal artists/groups, even other media that is related to Sabaton’s fandom.

  18. I know Joakim has sung with Babymetal so I wouldn't wonder if maybe someday some of this could be realized...

  19. Looking at the data, the fall from 2011 to 2016 is less severe than the fall from 2016 to present. Running a couple numbers, Japan went from 30th percentile in 2011 to 48th percentile in 2016, then from 48th to 70th percentile in 2021, indicating a harsher fall during the past 5 years then before.

  20. Interesting. I do wonder about their sample groups and other things but then again this is a meme and I'm pretty sure that modern culture and distractions are more of a culprit than injecting blondes into the equation.

  21. Yeah, and consider how Japan has isolated due to the ongoing Covid pandemic. Lack of native speakers and no tourists probably caused students to only speak Japanese and lose out on the most crucial part of learning another language: practice.

  22. Oh yeah that to have been a huge blow to their ability to practice it - no tourists for two years. I wonder if it'll bounce back any jow that things are opening up again.

  23. Carmeldansen simply because then they can truly say they encompass all of swedish music: from the very best to the most utterly cursed.

  24. Some of the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises around there. Spectacular!

  25. I of course did not make this - the AI did - and it needed significantly more than just "Silvervale" to produce this. I put in physical characteristics, and other info, as well as multiple attempts before it made this which is, I think, rather nice, considering.

  26. That Canadian monstfoxity looks like a furry that got a shave and some Botox.

  27. Inmate 4859 has got to be one of their most unique and memorable songs. I love it!

  28. One of my favorite shows of all time, hands down.

  29. Sabaton should dig deeper in history, like 18-13 century stuff. A song about hussite wars could be cool for example.

  30. Jan Ziska!!!!! Please I need this. Even just a single about him.

  31. Yeah I had no idea Joakim and the others were so much fun to watch, and were so good at involving and interacting with their audience.

  32. I was there Thursday night, when he got the hat it had to be the in the top 3 of the best moments of the night

  33. Didn't that war end with... Like two thousand British soldiers being wasted to about fifty Americans?

  34. Is this your original artwork? It's beautiful!

  35. Is that its own service or is it connected/included with something else (Funimation, Amazon, etc.)

  36. It is a standalone service. And has a 14 day free trial.

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