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  1. With rare exceptions, plaintiffs filing lawsuits involving school employees acting in their capacity as employees cannot seek damages from the employee as an individual. Before seeking damages from individuals in this scenario, the parents would first have to prove that the employee acted grossly negligent and out of their defined school duties (BTW, this is VERY difficult to do). Instead, the parents must seek damages from the district. This doesn’t stop parents from naming people in their individual capacity, but one of the first things judges do when this occurs is to modify the complaints against individuals so that they are either dismissed or brought under the district’s complaints. I’m not saying parents won’t try, but I am saying it’s nothing worth worrying about.

  2. Ahhhh… so, you are stating that the security guard (a school employee) is legally allowed to use force on a student? I’m pretty sure you are completely incorrect about that. The school or school district would open themselves up to a shit ton of liability. The security guard is there strictly to observe and report. That’s it, that’s all, no more, no less. If that “security guard” is a retired or off duty law enforcement officer, that might be a different story.

  3. You're awfully aggressive with your bullshit, clueless armchair lawyering.

  4. Sure, sure, and your extensive experience working security at an educational facility is what??

  5. Yeah, you’re right. He paid his $250k to assault the woman. So, done deal. Makes everything ok, now. /s Do none of you have children? If this happened to one of my daughters, let’s say I’d have some words with Elon.

  6. She could have turned the cash down and pressed charges. Sounds like she just wanted to get paid.

  7. Oh yeah cause there’d have been zero repercussions for pressing charges against one of the wealthiest men on the planet. And I’m sure he’d be found guilty so it’d totally be worth it.

  8. Or… she was looking to get paid. You know, like a “sex worker”.

  9. THe entire western world has been printing money like mad the last 2 years and now the bill is coming due.

  10. I don’t mind the business owners being self serving asshats as much as I despise our politicians for doing it. A business owner is in business for profit. Right or wrong, good or bad, everyone knows their agenda- money. The part that I really hate is when our elected “representatives” get involved with those corrupt business owners. Politicians are supposed to represent their constituency. The fact that they, as a group, are bought and paid for by lobbyists/businesses absolutely disgusts me. They break the law and our trust each and every day for their own benefit with zero consequences. Term limits and prison terms are something desperately needed in the U.S. for our elected “leaders”. Unfortunately, the vast majority of politicians, at the federal level, are untouchable and above the law. For me, anyone that claims their occupation/career is a “politician” is a giant piece of shit.

  11. We would have been fine if 70 years ago we invested in our society rather than spending money on things only the top 1% profited from and sabotaging our public institutions simply because brown people were now entitled to them.

  12. Woulda , coulda, shoulda… makes no difference. Buckle up for a dollar that’s worth a fraction of what it is now.

  13. I mean that's quite literally the lowest possible bar to set. He's doing better than the idiot who is a literal traitor to the country and tried to incur a coup. Straight up not having a president would be better than having that idiot again.

  14. Lmao! You are insane. Take a deep breath and move on. Your blind hatred and anger will destroy your heart and life. Relax… the mean tweeting, bad, Orange man is gone. Let it go.

  15. Insider trading lmao. These fucks get economic briefings to give to their brokers and make bank off of predicted events in the market. This is evidenced by the mass dumping of stocks by politicians in early days of COVID-19, long before the public was made aware of the potential severity of the virus.

  16. Absolutely! Plus, all the kickbacks and payoffs to them and their families from “lobbyists”.

  17. Manufacturing used to be the bread and butter of the American economy. Then a lot of those jobs disappeared through a combination of automation and outsourcing. Then came the rise of the service economy as the major sector of American employment. Now they're figuring out how to do the same thing to service jobs.

  18. > My question is: what's going to happen to us when we live in a world that does not require our labor but still demands it to justify our existence?

  19. I didn’t mean it would happen “suddenly”. As tech slowly replaces workers (for a number of reasons), the younger U.S. population produces less and less offspring (declining population - unless we continue to bring non-citizens in) and we head closer and closer to socialism the government will, most likely, have to start providing basic essentials/income for a large section of the population. As for what “they will do”… video games, volunteering, ??? What do unemployed people do now?

  20. My father in law wasn’t issued ear plugs during Vietnam era basic training until he was almost done. He still has very little hearing in one ear because of it.

  21. I was in the military in the ‘80’s/‘90’s. We would, sometimes, use cigarette butts as “hearing protection”. Hope I don’t get ear cancer…

  22. Too bad it doesn’t look like the U.S. An ambulance chasing lawyer could have made him a ton of money.

  23. Fuck that guy is lucky not to be in merica otherwise would have ended up like a Swiss cheese knowing how the yanks are

  24. Fuck yeah! Non-helmet wearing douche bags should be shot in the face! Plus, if you shoot them in the face you’re helping with global warming by reducing the carbon footprint of that offender. Win-win!

  25. Soooo… all that for no helmet? Sounds legit.

  26. We don’t have bad education, just bad people lol.

  27. You should probably look up our (U.S.)world standings in education. The federal department of “education” has destroyed our (U.S.) education system. In most measurable areas of knowledge, we (U.S.) have become dumber, each decade, since the DoE was formed.

  28. At least he keeps his windows clean… by licking them.

  29. Hopefully he doesn’t get the windows and ass mixed up…

  30. A lot of this subreddit just makes me happy I don’t live in America

  31. Well, don’t ever come for a visit and above all stay out of large crime ridden cities.

  32. You giving good and helpful information or you being salty?

  33. Yes and then right before all of the bad stuff happens California leaves the union

  34. That’s a good start. I think the U.S. should disband. Make little individual countries instead of one large fucked up country.

  35. California, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York and New England can join Canada, and our bros in colorado can be a Canadian enclave

  36. Ugh, I wrote a long reply but I replied to a text and when I came back to Reddit it went back to the main post and wiped out my reply. :/

  37. I elect you for king of the broken, disastrous, DoE!! The current DoE is doing far more harm than good. Statistics show how horrible that entity is. Sounds like you’ve got a good foundation for a taxpayer funded college program. Hell, I’m looking at retirement and would love to take some “free” classes. Could you be convinced to be the leader of taxpayer funded healthcare also? Healthcare is another shitshow.

  38. Public universities would be regulated and run in a similar way as current public schools. They wouldn't be getting a "blank check." They would be under the DoE umbrella. Private universities would still exist, but would not receive government funding.

  39. I’m all for it if they don’t hand out degrees for useless subjects. If colleges are funded by tax dollars then those colleges should be limited to practical degrees, that at least have potential to get a graduate a decent paying job. People bitching about student debt and get degrees that are next to useless. “Taught” by over paid professors at colleges that are ran by highly over paid deans and administrators. Colleges are very profitable businesses that sell some worthless pieces of paper. You mentioned the government “regulating” the colleges… Since the Federal Department of Education was formed the U.S. has dropped dramatically, each and every decade, in world education standings. If the government starts to “regulate” colleges, graduates will come out of college not being able to read. Also, if tax dollars fund colleges for “higher education”, tax dollars should fund trade schools also - paramedics, machinery operators, heavy equipment operators, electricians, construction workers, etc., etc., etc… should receive “free” training as well. I’m absolutely convinced that most colleges would not except government regulation in any case. It’s a very interesting issue.

  40. I think I got the ten from NASCAR. They set up the card to drive a bit sideways down the straights and call it crab walking.

  41. Funny how simple terminology is different from place to place and in different circles. Both make sense to me. I’d have to say a slight misalignment could be “dog tracking” while a major misalignment could be “crab walking”. Crab walking makes it sound like a car is driving sideways to me.

  42. Crab walking is what we call it. How did it get the name Dog Tracking?

  43. I’ve never heard it called “crab walking”. I’m from the Midwest, I’ve only heard it called “dog tracking”. If you watch some dogs walk/run their back legs are not quite in line with their front. My old dog was like that. Hence, dog tracking.

  44. That’s a big allegation, but you’re wrong. People just want to be compensated for their time appropriately. Anyone with the slightest amount of empathy could understand. I would rather have empathy than money. Money is made up.

  45. Lmao! You just made a “big allegation” about “rich people” and you’re telling Pizzadiamond that they are making a big allegation about people being envious of others. A bit hypocritical.

  46. Here in Germany, we don't expect people to be as much of a d*ck like they are over there in the US, idiot

  47. Glad to see the German people have changed. There were a ton of d*cks in Germany a few years back…

  48. Motorist routinely ignore traffic laws and rules of the road. With their multiple tons vehicles, they kill a lot of people every year by doing so. They also despise cyclists and purposefully hit them occasionally, which makes them assholes.

  49. I agree. Drivers licenses are simply handed out (in the U.S.). Fully half the people in the U.S. should not have a driver’s license. Doesn’t change the fact that many, many cyclists are complete, and deliberately, shitheads. The reason most people “despise” cyclists is because most cyclists are assholes. I live in an area where many people bike. I have rarely witnessed a cyclist obey the most basic of laws/rules.

  50. I tend to agree, but I would say that of motorists as well. I live in a dead end and regularly see cars go through the dead end using the bike path. 2 cars broke down doing that as well. I would say that people are shitty most of the time...

  51. Lmao!! So, we’re in complete agreement! People are shitty! Lol!

  52. Ah Chicago. Come for the shitty place, stay because you got murdered

  53. At least you can still vote after you’re killed.

  54. "trafficked" right. cuz they going over the border to indiana or wisconsin to the local gun store, filling out a 4473 and passing a background check instead of stealing them or buying them stolen...

  55. htxjx… is just spouting Mayor Beetlejuice’s talking points. It’s always better to blame someone else for your mistakes. In this case the Shitcago mayor and DA’s are complicit in gun crimes and murders.

  56. Awwww… that’s nice. The older gentleman is teaching a piece of shit that actions have consequences in the real world.

  57. I’ll bet the person in the pickup was “trying to be nice” by waving that girl through. Oops.

  58. Most general purpose nuts are the same front and back though. What makes car wheel nuts different and why?

  59. Zoom in on the lug nuts in the pic. The side you can see has a bevel (the silver part), the other side is flat. The bevel side is supposed to go in, towards the wheel. It’s kind of a spacer so the holes in wheel don’t rub on the screws (lugs) that hold the wheel on the car.

  60. 3/4 of Reddit users have no idea what is wrong with this picture…

  61. Why be a normie with 206 bones when you can instead have 412 shorter bones!

  62. As a firefighter/paramedic I’ve picked up my share of these morons. We refer to the crotch rocket type motorcycles as “donor cycles”. One guy was a bag of bones. Absolutely anywhere we touched him were broken bones. I can still feel all the bone bits rubbing together (crepitus), as we tried to move him.

  63. All I see is " I have 3 wife's, 5 kids and don't give a fuck about them. But it's not my fault."

  64. Nah, that guy doesn’t live in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Oakland, etc., etc.

  65. So what to you attribute to police brutality against minorities falling sharply over the past 2 years??

  66. Odd… there’s been a rise in crime over the last two years also. Could it be the price of gas or the jump in inflation that have changed things?

  67. Didn't the leader woman just get investigated for her mansion she bought? Feel like I saw that at some point or am I making it up?

  68. It doesn’t bother me but I would be upset if I donated money. You give your hard earned money to something you believe in and it’s just stolen and used to enrich a piece of shit.

  69. Report OP for hate please, I don't think he asked before taking a pic, and is blatantly shaming a person on social media on a condition they might have no control over.

  70. Yep, every morbidity obese person is a victim of a uncontrollable medical condition. You would think with the millions upon millions of morbidity obese people the drug companies, and medical professionals, would come up with a drug or medical procedure to cure them. So, so sad…

  71. Dude is smoking while pregnant with quadruplets! What a jerk!

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