Dream C3S4 Battle Pass...

*Lowers face into palm*

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  1. It’s very similar to that one crimson invasion Absol

  2. Actually, it’s the Absol from Guardians Rising (but better ofc)

  3. Ik this is from the one quote generator but this is definitely something that would of happened

  4. It’s funny because 1 of the Zapdoses doesn’t look edited

  5. Why they gotta make my color scheme a weekly ultimate?

  6. Would you rather pay for it than play the game?

  7. I have credits saved up from the BP, this makes me actually have to put effort into the game instead of playing for fun.

  8. Are we gonna ignore the shiny hisuian braviary

  9. Can't believe he'd disrespect old Abe like that smh 😔

  10. At least he didn’t shoot him like in the movies

  11. I just realized the center looks like a mini Fold weapon

  12. Who’s the on on the far right? InTheLittleWood?

  13. I feel like this man doesn’t play frontier defense.

  14. There's probably one already, we just didn't see it.

  15. The statue that was titled “Man of Steel”? (No I’m not kidding)

  16. That is 90% fierce, you’ll get swept by a cunning.

  17. Knull is unlikely because most people don’t know who he is.

  18. weather boosted Palkia on me 3890 7357 7736 adding as many as possible

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