1. I'd change thay tank out and get fresh water and nutes in there, water should never be dirty/murky and your roots are starting to brown up a little which is from the water, how often do you do a change out?

  2. The buckets about 4 days old, but the reason it’s murky is because I just mixed in some nutes and they instantly turn the water murky. Probably should’ve said that my b.

  3. smell like tropicana cookies at all? has some trop lineage in it. Just Curious

  4. smoking are you? Smoking you should not be.. high treason in ohio

  5. Can you use upt for multiple days in a row?

  6. Imagine being in a Amazon employee reddit group and being butthurt because people laugh at her

  7. he spends all day sucking amazons dick on here. Literally went through his posts earlier and it is sad.

  8. They never said why it could be too happen at their site. Different places will have different substances popular and if cocaine is something that's a problem at their site vs yours, that may be what they're talking about.

  9. Sadly no. firelands ran 1 batch of it ages ago. haven't seen it in ohio since. Been waiting.

  10. are those the scraps of what you havent smoked? bs to shat on a brand and not even post the nugs in their actual glory.

  11. Gas Face is a stinging, very high THC weed strain bred by Seed Junky Genetics. It's a hybrid combining Face Mints with a Biscotti x Sherbet backcross

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