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  1. diakiese was talking way too fucking much for someone who barely threw anything lmao

  2. He’s been outspoken about how he’s broke and he doesn’t get paid enough

  3. Being broke has nothing to do with what you get paid. Look at mike tyson.

  4. Chop it. Green crack is supposed to be an up effect anyway you dont want lots of amber.

  5. You think so? I feel like the plant itself looks like it can go longer but the trichs might be saying in a couple of days

  6. Ok. If u think that link was good jokes then im glad you are easily entertained.

  7. I totally forgot about this moment. Great recovery by gane.

  8. You want to pollinate around day 21+ anyway. As soon as the mom has pistils it should take the creampie.

  9. I'm in the new england area where humidity is super high during flower, I've exclusively grown plants that are supposed to be mold resistant and early finishers outdoors the past 5 years. I've discovered it really doesn't matter what the breeder says or what other people tell you. Everyones situation is unique. The only plants that seem to be reliably resistant to mold is autoflowers. Defoliating and trying to keep water off of plants has been more effective for me than running any specific genetics. Going forward I will just grow autos and bring them in the garage during serious rain. The smaller yield is better than throwing away LBs and possibly smoking mold.

  10. Outdoor autos starting in june have changed the game. Take them in during rain. Finishes before bad weather and less/no bugs. No wasted bud. Barely any maintenance. Minimal trimming. Quality is so good now too.

  11. I'm not sure if it is the same everywhere, but in Michigan we have stuff called 'Frosted Flower' which are buds dipped in thca powder. This looks somewhat similar, but I'm not 100% if it is exactly the same.

  12. I've read about a hermie issue. Who else do you recommend? I was thinking exotic, ethos, and humboldt as well.

  13. They appear tall for such a short veg. Idk if its perspective ot sctusl stretch

  14. You can tell Dana White has come off a lot of shit. He looks way healthier than he did months ago.

  15. Dana met with a guy recently who did his bloodwork and told him he has 8 years to live. After that he got off everything and lost a bunch of weight to live longer.

  16. Well considering the guy charges like 200k$ for his “full workup” and basically all he has to do is tell dana the obvious that juicing, having high blood pressure, being overweight, and dealing with stress will kill him sooner rather than later.

  17. Some people just aren’t as good at disguising the fact that they’re only using podcasts to extract money from the audience. Joe is pretty good at disguising it, usually

  18. Do you want some buffalo trace the oldest distillery in america while we eat elk off this trager grill and ice bath and onnit and spine extender and tim tam and woop band and spotify and what were we talkin about

  19. Glad we finally have someone that isn’t just looking for an easy fight.

  20. He was on bispings podcast 2 days ago saying he wants tony.

  21. He always seemed shady to me. Never gave great corner advice either.

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