[Charania] Kyrie Irving is no longer a Nike athlete, Nike spokesperson says. The sides have parted ways one month after Nike suspended its relationship with the Nets star. Irving has one of most popular signatures shoes in the NBA and is now a sneaker free agent.

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  1. Can’t wait for those Air Hitlers to drop

  2. It's the first and maybe the last time they participate in WC.

  3. If you could buy participation then Qatar would've done so earlier.

  4. I see, I assumed the previous comment meant participation as in hosting and completely ignored the fact that they wouldn’t even qualify. Thanks for clarifying

  5. For IT I always wonder why they don't simply offshore to India where there are so many IT workers looking for jobs?

  6. Many reasons. It’s hard managing an offshore team, you have to deal with time difference, cultural difference (this is bigger than you think), and mindset differences. Offshore teams often aren’t motivated to excel, they’re paid 1/10th the salary which might be great in their country but they know they’re being exploited. Some cultures where IT offshore is prevalent, it’s considered good practice to hide or lie about issues to save face instead of bringing it up and offering solutions. Dealing with this often kills any timeline or anticipated cost savings. There’s also security risks of operating offshore from IP to personal information being leaked and shared to scammers. There’s been stories of offshore teams selling your code or methods to competitors, only to disappear in their local bureaucratic court system.

  7. When they sent our development offshore it was supposed to be 1/3 of the cost. But everything took 3x as long so we didn’t save money and it was frustrating as hell.

  8. Agreed. Minus paying for a cool color, I'd be perfectly happy with a base Carrera T. Plenty of kit to have a good time.

  9. I have a 992 base and 997 S. The 992 base is too fast for me in the canyons, but the traction control and Nannie’s make you feel like you’re Schumacher. A T in 991 or 992 would be a freaking blast

  10. It is crazy how fast a base 911 is nowadays.

  11. It’s insane, I’m not a great driver so even a base 997 is a lot of car for me to handle (on track or canyons). The 992 is just bonkers

  12. Thanks for the tips! I ended up with the 20111 997.2 C4S cab at a price closer to $60k

  13. it has happened before on an air king there's a video on youtube

  14. Rolex QA isn’t perfect, but come on!

  15. I believe the correct phrase is “Hack the planet!”

  16. They should issue dispensary medallions and create a micro economy where dispensaries start hoarding these medallions, driving up the price and forcing people to buy from an artificially inflated market. Then when the medallion prices peak, the state should just legalize it and leave the last purchasers holding the bag.

  17. All that slave labor and that’s the best they could do for the budget? Are the stadiums and infrastructure made of hookers and blow?

  18. She’s the most prized bingo pick of all of them, she actually got away with it (for now).

  19. Yes, but no one’s wanting to steal your reviews of other peoples naked wives to exploit for money now are they?

  20. Like the Jaguar F type made for a woman market same as Z4

  21. India has massive potential but their hierarchy system and stubborness has hindered their growth. Their government is heavily corrupt and make doing business for foreigners simply too difficult which means a lack of foreign investment. They have an insane amount of tech-educated workers but they aren't really taking advantage of that by creating better infrastructure and subsidies. So much potential that is uncaptured.

  22. The bureaucracy of the government there is truly astounding. Permits and licenses to do any little thing, merchants require multiple licenses which takes years to obtain. It’s become such a hassle that many people just set up shop “illegally” without all the permits. The whole system is just a legal way of grifting and it’s not even done efficiently.

  23. If you’re spending $900/mo on a truck, that seems like a lot when your take home is $4,000/mo, but when your take home is $20,000/mo it’s still a dumb financial decision, just not one that affects you as much as the former. Having money doesn’t make a financial decision any less “dumb”, just less impactful on your overall budget. That being said, if his boss owns the business then it’s likely that the truck payments are being expended via bonus depreciation and makes more financial sense than if you’re paid a w2.

  24. All you got to know is that it's Cartier and it's expensive. Taste and estethics have nothing to do here

  25. Do not, my friends, become addicted to cheap money. It will take hold of you, and you will resent its absence!

  26. Yeap, heaven for the dealerships wallet. Those babies will be in there at least once a month for service or issues.

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