1. Some good brands are Vortex, Niteforce, Athlon, and a lot more I definitely forgot. Honestly, if you're trying to shoot distances of 1000+ yards and want consistent accuracy, then just get a $1000 bolt action rifle and use the $1000-1500 leftover to buy the scope.

  2. If they're unable to repair it and don't have the exact replacement, then Vortex will find a comparable replacement for your scope from their current lineup.

  3. Would an artist ever have an issue with helping remove sandiderm if you have a medical condition that makes you have a weakness in one of my arms? And I didn't want to get anything on my dominant side?

  4. An artist usually doesn't help you remove saniderm since you'll have to leave it on for a few days (2-4), unless you have an allergic reaction, and would be home by then. Could try asking a friend or family member to help remove it from tough spots.

  5. Someone would get a 20 MOA base if they're trying to shoot further and their scope doesn't have enough elevation to reach a certain distance. For 22lr it's common to even get a 30 MOA base.

  6. Congrats on improving your cardio. Always good to hear about positive results from hard work.

  7. Thank you ^ But the thing is, I didn't realy work for it, I walk a lot every day tbh, at least for winter, so maybe it's that, but I didn't realy do anything :c

  8. Sounds like you still put in some effort by walking in the winter, so congrats still deserved.

  9. Wish you the best on quitting and good job on taking the steps needed.

  10. I dont know the wait times for these artists but these are what pop in my head. Jill Bonny (Studio Kazoku), Luke Stewart (7th Son Tattoo), Horitomo or Horifuji ( State of Grace). Plus anyone else in the stickied tattoo artiss list I missed.

  11. I don't think there is anything wrong with having confidence and humility at the same time. Someone can be confident of their skills and be humble that it doesn't match up to others who are more skilled. Gotta remember not to confuse confidence with arrogance, and humility with low self-esteem.

  12. I can only somewhat give an answer to #1. It'd depend how much mass/muscle you put on. The tattoo will stretch with your skin but it would really need to be an extreme amount to distort the tattoo enough to ruin it.

  13. Hi! I have a question about tattoo color consistency. I have four tattoos, all in single colors (like one is completely red, another is completely brown, and so on) and I’d really like to have all my work done in three or so specific colors. What would be the best way for me to make sure the ink color on a blue tattoo, for example, is the same color in a tattoo I’d get later on? I’m on the move a lot for work but I’d love to find an artist to stick with at some point for this reason. Thanks for any help!

  14. Ask the tattoo artist(s) that gave you your tattoos what ink they used. Whether the next artist you choose will have the same ink, I can't say.

  15. I’m running out of elevation on my turret, could the scopes rings be the issue? My turret is more than half way up just for the scope to be at zero.

  16. Did you remove the shims inside the turret prior to zeroing and then stack them back on ?

  17. His reaction to just leave isn't really helping him. I'd get a second opinion from some friends and family about whether your tone sounds mean when you talk to your bf. I'd also ask him to provide evidence of things you've said that could prove that you dislike him or are mean other than tone. If he can't provide anything of substance, then I'm leaning toward red flag.

  18. If you and the tattoo artist didn't setup a session date, then I dont think it's required that you reply. But there's no harm in replying if that's what you wish to do.

  19. That’s only because she tends to get too close to the fight. She should be taking way less hits. And bumping her health by 16 won’t do much when each hit does 20+ damage. But making Ashton 15-20% harder to hit depending on his total AC bump from both items would make his hit points jump from both the con boost and the taking less hits. So if you think about total hp and damage mitigation, Ashton still comes out on top.

  20. I understand giving Ashton the bracers of defense to boost his AC, but the amulet of health wont do anything for them. They're already at 18 Con, so they won't receive any extra HP or AC since the ability modifier (+4) is the same for 18 Con & 19 Con. The only reason Laudna is getting +16hp is because her ability modifier is jumping from a +2 to a +4 due to the constitution change of 15 to 19.

  21. According to Critrolestats, the amount the characters have been knocked out so far have been: Laudna - 7, Fearn & Orym - 5, FCG, Imogen & Ashton - 3 , and Chetney - 1.

  22. Enjoy some well deserved rest. Hope the hardwork leads you to whatever future goals you got planned.

  23. The reveal and tour of Widogast's Nascent Nein-Sided Tower.

  24. I dont speak cat, but the translation says you're happy so that's good.

  25. I know there's zero chance, but here's hoping it's a shotgun riding shotgun.

  26. Mornin, hope your good vibes continues to stay positive on a Monday.

  27. So the consensus is mostly for the Atlas brand. And if the ones i’ve seen on Amazon are the real ones, they aren’t much passed my initial price point. I’ll have to check their website and see if the prices are the same.

  28. Don't forget to check the blemished section on their site as well for a discount. Also, if you decide on Amazon then double check the reviews; I've heard too many stories of people getting fake ones that it feels like a gamble now.

  29. Harris if you really want to stay under $200, but Atlas if you decide to spend a little bit more.

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