1. However, the criminalization of forced/eugenic-based (e.g, reproductive coercion, sex-selective abortion) abortions does not erode abortion right.

  2. In order to stop BJP, a lot of people will unwittingly vote for TMC.

  3. Would you have made a similarly cheeky comment (replacing sisters with brothers), were an article to be posted with a title:

  4. My point is that such a title wouldn't happen, because scientists being brothers would not be seen as being of sufficient interest to raise the issue in the title of an article.

  5. The Central government ( i.e, the RSS/BJP fanatics) opposed same-sex marriages in Supreme Court, citing personal religious law and the sacred nature of marriage.

  6. Ironic how the Indian government made same sex marriage illegal because "It destroys family values" but made Prostituition legal ?

  7. Well, "family values" is the codeword for "male supremacist values." So, it's not surprising that prostitution thrives with impunity in the Indian subcontinent. Dalit, tribal, and economically destitute women and girls are overrepresented. Religious prostitution is still prevalent.

  8. I am not interested in your antifeminist/anti-Jewish/anti-black incoherent rants.

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