1. lets see how many downvotes I can collect for calling out a company for discriminatory policies!!

  2. i took a picture when we were turned away, but must have been on my previous phone. the sign had a list of clothes that weren't allowed (bandanas being what prevented us from entering) ... at the end of the sign, it said 'hats such as fedoras and cowboys hats' are permitted ... im sure the sign is still there if I ever find any reason to go back to tuttle

  3. Yeah sounds like the same type of shit that Standard Hall pulled a while back and took some heat for. Dress codes designed to keep a white crowd.

  4. Most of the brewers will sell direct, I don't know if they lease the other equipment (like the pump tap and trash can/ice, if you don't have a kegerator).

  5. This is what we used in college. Though the upgrade for us was going to Bud Light instead of Natty. Ridiculously easy iirc.

  6. Lots of people get ticket scammed on Reddit, especially on soccer subs. Hardly a "weird niche".

  7. Playing our best players out of position is not a solution to our problems. This isn't FIFA.

  8. Seems like gatekeeping is also pretty toxic. That's all.

  9. I don't think he's gatekeeping though. Gatekeeping would be like "you aren't a real fan if you _____".

  10. 5) Realize that the coach's job, 95% of the time, is to solely produce a result.

  11. Knows the system and has performed well enough in this system over the summer. Club form isn't everything.

  12. What are you smoking? He looked DISMAL vs. Panama back in Oct...

  13. I mean, they probably did market research. So it's very likely that people asked for it.

  14. Shaq Moore played in all 6 games in the Gold Cup and started 5 of them. Araujo wasn't on the Gold Cup roster. I think the difference is literally that he has seen Moore play in person, and hasn't seen Scally play in person.

  15. That and he might have simply not been impressive in camp/there isn't a lot of time to help players that aren't getting it along in WCQ windows.

  16. I would be tempted to play Reyna over Musah and throw Arriola out on the wing. Arriola isn't great, but at least he'll make some of those types of runs that Weah did.

  17. I think that midfield lacks defensive workrate.

  18. Don't think we'll need a lot of defensive workrate against Panama. Would rather have lockpickers than destroyers.

  19. Agreed… My GF takes care of all apps on TV, I’m sure I’ll be watching on Paramount+ tonight. But, in my opinion, world games like these should be played on local TV stations across the US. Soccer is a sleeping giant in the states.

  20. Warios and Hoagie City are in the same stratosphere. To compare their most popular sammies:

  21. This is accurate if you only include those two. There may be more. Definitely like HC Italian better than Warios - that homemade Giardinere, though, at Warios is a nice touch

  22. I love the giardinare there too, but the rosemary just overpowers everything. I was just listing the two of them as they are comparable.

  23. Why would we play both of our main 6 options together. I would rather sit adams and have him fully rested or sit Acosta to play if Adams gets suspended or needs a rest after not playing much recently. Also, neither are great in the final third and progressing the ball, you’re relying heavily on Musah then

  24. You're exactly right. I don't really want to see Jimmy Sands playing in do or die scenarios. I think you start Acosta or Adams against Mexico, but not both.

  25. FIFA has no ground to stand on here. Hosting the World Cup in a country where it’s illegal to be gay. How about we stop that too and not just a chant?!?!

  26. I mean, the Mexican federation is also trying to eliminate the chant, despite the hypocrisy from FIFA.

  27. Wow this should really go in that Lucas update thread.

  28. I wouldn't have seen this news if not for the link OP posted. I would assume others are in the same boat.

  29. Weird comment from someone who proudly proclaims their catholicism on the sub and elsewhere. What happened to "love thy neighbor" and "treat others as you want to be treated"?

  30. He's probably in the top 3 best '05 born players that are usa eligible

  31. Right now, sure. And none of the top three are prodigious. They're great, young, promising players.

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