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  1. My kidneys are failing at 25w. Good luck!!! I really hope you don’t get here. THC is the only thing saving me currently. No prescriptions came close and the long term side effects on a baby are not great!

  2. Omg I’m so sorry, I’ve only been hospitalized twice so far but that is horrific. THC has been my saving fucking grace. I’m in an illegal state though so I’m scared about later when I’ll have to stop.

  3. It became legalized on accident here lol but I am scared too. I’ve heard that they might call CPS and they may or may not want to walk through your house but it’s rare that they don’t close the case immediately.

  4. It’s such bullshit to have this stress for something medicinal. And quite honestly keeping me alive lol

  5. Grew up in Newnan and was NEVER taught any of this. Absolutely crazy.

  6. I’m sorry, that’s the WORST! Miralex and a squatty potty made a big difference for me. Good luck ❤️

  7. I only take the unisom, not the B6 for that reason. I couldn’t handle the prenatal vitamins either after half way through week 5.

  8. I’m not sure about coupons, but taking unisom and b6 vitamins is the same thing! Both OTC and affordable

  9. I’m in an illegal state but have still been using cannabis because it actually gives me relief! It’s frustrating and scary that this could potentially cause issues with cps. I’m only 10 weeks but right now it’s about survival lol

  10. It angers me that John is never holding Callie — such a good daddy

  11. Like how can a picture of a man hugging his mom SCREAM mommy’s little bitch so clearly?! 😂

  12. You are making the best choice for you and your health! Im so sorry you were dealt this hand. Please try to let yourself grieve this impossibly unfair and shitty situation 💔

  13. I’m also in the February2023Bump group with you! I have “mild HG” (constant 24/7 nausea and I throw up at least once a day, even on Diclegis and Zofran). I think about terminating all the time and how wonderful it would be, so absolutely no judgement from me! Just wanted you to know you have the full support of a random stranger who shared a due date month.

  14. Hey! Are we the same person because that’s exactly me right now 😂 I’m not sure if it’s an option for you, but cannabis has been a life saver when I added it in. It gives some reprieve for me at least. Good luck to you ❤️

  15. do not do Lip like that 😂 he can pull off the honker. mr beady eyes has no other redeeming features.

  16. Your in the tough part of HG. Usually it will ease up around 18 weeks. Zofran is key for me. I’m doing it a second time around with a crazy 2 year old chasing me lol. You can do it. This is a great forum to vent too.

  17. You’re a rockstar! I’m struggling with our dogs lol. And thank you! Trying to take it one day at a time

  18. Married for 1 year but have only been around for 3 birthdays 🤯

  19. I’m not a medical professional, just what I’ve been doing lol.

  20. What’s gonna happen at the wedding pics?! Wonder if it’ll still be bruised

  21. She used to be pretty funny, but it was before she had a talk show.

  22. Old Ellen stand up was funny asf. Here And Now is hysterical.

  23. My fiancé has a crooked nose from it being broken and it’s one of his biggest insecurities

  24. Add that to the list of avoidable procedures these babies will inevitably face once day

  25. And you can not convince me otherwise- the only reason they aren’t going is CPS involvement

  26. What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall for that convo

  27. I'd use it as a middle. Lane Wilson sounds great. Wilson lane sounds like a street. No reason to spell it weird.

  28. Hmmm I don’t want Lane as a 1st name but I like the way ya think! Maybe lane is a weird middle name in general too

  29. I immediately think of the volleyball from the movie when i hear the name Wilson, as opposed to a specific gender.

  30. My local country station never plays any of her music. “Country music star”……..sure.

  31. Didn’t he have a vasectomy? I doubt he will reverse it. And no way will she ruin her tummy tuck. All for attention 🙄

  32. U must be dumb….we’re shitting on how she PRETENDS that she’s super skinny and would be the first person to put down someone she didn’t think was attractive enough. She’s a bitch that just so happens to be fat

  33. That second pics caption ☠️ who you trying to convince? Your 1st baby daddy?

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