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  1. I think you’re deep winter!! I’m also an olive with noticeable yellow in my skin and was convinced I was warm for the longest time because I’d always get foundation matched to warm shades even though they never matched me correctly/looked yellow on me. I think it’s because I would typically go with my mom to makeup counters and they’d typically assume Asian = warm. I’ve finally found my perfect foundation match this year and it’s cool-toned!

  2. This is different from what everyone else is saying, but judging from your features only I think you have a very ethereal looking face and would pull off ethereal looks.

  3. Thank you so much! 😭and that’s super interesting - I had never considered ethereal for me but I love the ethereal aesthetic so I’ll definitely try to incorporate that!

  4. Interesting, I hadn’t considered ingenue! I’ll have to try to incorporate this and see how it goes!

  5. I love this! I feel like the soft gamine outfit might be more suitable for flamboyant gamine though? That’s the outfit I gravitate towards most (as a likely FG)!

  6. Wow this is awful of her! I know it’s not the point, but most supermodels are FNs, and they look pretty damn incredible when they’re dressed in a glamorous fashion. There’s not one type of “glamorous” wtf was she thinking!

  7. Thank you, I’m really trying to get a clearer sense of my style!! I’m new to Kibbe too but I feel super lost trying to see different IDs, so it helps to hear this! It does seem that the majority of outside perspectives from this and my other post in another subreddit have been that I am FG, so I am going try more of those lines for sure!

  8. First of all, I think you’re already doing a great job in your style !! It looks good on you. If you feel great in it, it’s the most important thing. But then, understanding your lines better can help you to add some spice and details that will make your look fabulous !! Keep your confidence girl !! You have a beautiful body and your strong muscles add so much beauty to it !! Good luck !! 🥰

  9. This comment made my day!! I’m excited to get to understand my lines better and refine my style 🤍 you’ve been so supportive and helpful, thank you!

  10. Yes! Think the first link in particular would look breathtaking on her!

  11. Yes!! That first cut is definitely what I envisioned for her too! Especially with how the hair is curled away from the face to frame it without covering it - love that

  12. I have the same problem! I only wear my hair down when it’s cut into a bob and tucked behind my ears. I think that’d look amazing on you!

  13. Hi everyone! I finally worked up the courage to ask for help after lurking and reading everything in this community for over a month now 😅

  14. I see FG. You look like you need to accommodate petite, and I see clear yang mixed with yin. I see the yang at your shoulder line, and the yin from the softer look to your hips. Your face and shape reminds me of Jennifer Love-Hewitt. She is curvy and fit, while looking petite and angular. She's a verified FG.

  15. Wow this is super interesting to me because I had never even considered FG since I have super tiny and narrow feet/hands! It’s funny because Audrey Hepburn is my absolute favorite icon and she’s an FG (though I guess that’s debatable now?) so when I initially discovered Kibbe I secretly hoped I would be an FG 😂

  16. It is called "jetpacking" and my wife does it every night

  17. wow how did I not know this. brb I’m gonna go tell my husband I’m his jet pack

  18. This is how I talk to my weenie lol whenever we’re out for a walk and she barks at another dog, I stop and tell her, “that’s not nice, they didn’t even do anything to you” and then she looks at me with a guilty face 😂

  19. I wonder this too! I look best with a side part which makes me wonder if I don’t have yang in my face or asymmetrical styles as a whole look best on me? I also like one-shoulder tops and I wonder if those two things coincide with my type. I haven’t firmly decided what Kibbe type I am, but this might help me finally decide!

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