1. Circling back to this thread. At least for me, I was able to finally figure out the graphics card (RTX 2070) was going bad. If I turned every setting to the lowest possible, lowest resolution, I no longer had lock ups.

  2. Yeah no, mine if freezing completly and locks up my whole computer, not just the game.

  3. Oooof, sorry, missed that part. Sorry man, hope you find a solution. I know how frustrating the lock ups are.

  4. I bought a Razor 14” two weeks ago to replace my failing desktop and it’s very impressive. It has a 3060 RTX and plays the game at high res without any issues (so far). It is expensive, but brought it with me during the holidays and it’s been flawless.

  5. While working on dungeon guides for Season 1... I had the idea to create "Boss Info Cards" as a quick way to recap the main mechanics and objectives for each boss fight. I hope these are helpful :)

  6. I see a lot of asks, and maybe I missed it, do you have a Discord link as well? These are great, thanks for sharing.

  7. My best advice, at least for me was to record every dungeon and review the video later to see what I could have done different, did I miss a mechanic, etc.

  8. I had the same thing happen. I ended up having to take the battery carrier out and swap out batteries two or three times. Eventually, it worked again. Not sure if I had a bad battery or if there was a contact issue.

  9. Dorki is one of my favorite. Psybear also does a lot of Druid content, both Feral and Guardian.

  10. man i super suffer from altitis too, shits really frustrating. Right now i’m trying to stick with warrior, hunter and warlock and rogue are all calling me 😩

  11. Hello, my name is and I suffer from altitis. It’s the FOMO, thinking I’m missing out some other class. I too am trying to find the one to actually main.

  12. Serious question (I'm just curious). Does anyone actually enjoy "caster" hpally ? And why not play a Holy Priest in that case ?

  13. I installed it on a NUC. It does also run alongside homebridge though. I also have a MyQ Garage opener. I only run scrypted with the protect plugin. I kept everything else on Homebridge. All as docker containers running on the NUC.

  14. I bought a second AppleTV and put it on the other side of the house and magically a lot of my HomeKit issues went away. Don’t know why, but they did.

  15. Wired connection on the Apple TV? I’ve found an Ethernet wired Apple TV to faaar more reliable than a HomePod as a hub.

  16. I agree, way better wired. Sadly, for the second I don’t have a hardwire close, but the AP is like 20 feet away so the WiFi signal is very strong.

  17. I’m a little over a month into an LS12000 and I love everything about it. Replaced a 5040 and it’s great.

  18. Same. Now i tried to force myself to choose main for season 4 and continue to play it in dragonflight but simply cant. Im bouncing around from claas to claas and dont know what to do with myself.

  19. Same. I have played since vanilla and have rotated through almost every class. I always blame my ADHD, but it’s probably just FOMO.

  20. I think part of the problem (but also what makes WoW's class system great) is that each class and their specs are so unique from other classes that in genuinely does feel like you're missing out. You see another class do something cool in a dungeon or PvP and think 'Shit, I wish I could do that'. Then you reroll and realise all the not so cool parts about the new class.

  21. Nailed it. It’s almost always dungeon or raid and I see something cool. Either ability or xmog and I “must has it!” 😉

  22. I absolutely love my warrior but feel like a squishy bag of marshmallows compared to Paladin and DH/DK alts. I just die so easily.

  23. For Arms, Impending Victory can help a lot. I have it macro’d to charge (+Bladestorm cancel aura). I have that macro on scroll wheel up. So I just scroll up to charge in, and if health starts getting low, scroll up for VR/IV. If I need to get out of Bladestorm, scroll up.

  24. Shocked that everyone is saying this isn't a problem and you just need a UPS.

  25. Hate to tell you, but Enterprise vendors will expect you to have UPS on all equip, and they would be correct.

  26. Glad it’s not just me. Been playing since Vanilla and never had this. Thanks for letting me know you have it as well.

  27. This has been happening to me for weeks now. Currently, for last few weeks, it's a 15 to 20s freeze within the first 5 min of logging in.

  28. Did you find a pool company you liked?

  29. I did. Been using Patriot Pool and Spa for about 6 weeks now and the pool is beautiful. They are more expensive, but I have no complaints.

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