1. Why do some people think they can ingore laws they don't like ... That's not how laws work...

  2. Yeah some laws that are unjust should be broken. Vaccine mandates and masks aren't them. I doubt that want freedom are going to stand up for things like story time at libraries.

  3. Wild how a lot of this bullshit going on atm in south east Asia is just two old corrupt politicians who should be in jail making a desperate play at political favor for upcoming elections and willing to gamble with millions of peoples life’s to do so

  4. War makes leaders popular in every country. Rally around the flag and leader, nothing unique about it being in South Asia.

  5. Heat wave in Europe (20 years ago)… killed an estimated 70,000. A/C could have prevented the vast majority of those deaths. Has Europe bothered to adapt and make A/C more common? Nope🤦‍♂️

  6. Would need a lot more power generation for everyone to have ac. Can't meet climate goals if Ac is expanded to everyone. Need to build better and lower emkesions now.

  7. You reject solutions, which is sad. You think the status quo can remain.

  8. So you beleive in human drive climate change and the in report that says need to peak emmisions by 2025 to have a livable climate?

  9. Man, the more I here about Vince McMahon. The more I am convinced he wants to fuck his family.

  10. War sucks and hurts regular people the most.. I just want a world with no war.

  11. I don't know what part of "every nuclear power is a threat to humanity" isn't quite registering with you, but go off! I haven't once said China is the only bad actor in all this. I'm simply saying all morality is not equivalent and some actions are less moral than others. Threats are bad, launching missiles into sea lanes and invading another country's airspace is worse, and going through with threats of violent invasion and military action is worst of all. They're all terrible and shitty and China is currently top of the leaderboard in the Terrible Shitty Olympics, bringing home gold only because Russia's attempted genocide of a neighboring state is going so poorly earning them the silver.

  12. If people are paying attention Saudia Arabia attacks on Yemen is probably worst. It's killed thousands of innocents civiilians, displaced millions, and etc... Oh yeah at the same time western countries are supplying them with wepons. They are dropping barrel bombs on people but hardly anyone cares. How do you feel about Biden visiting Saudia Arabia and selling them wepons? But I guess they have oil so need to pay attention....

  13. Guterres is a socialist zealot. In fact he used to be the world's

  14. It’s funny. Every other article here “everything is too expensive Trudeau do something!!!!”

  15. Also grocery stores and milk! We need to be thankful to o&g...... Hopfully the CPC allow them to jack up the price even more! /S

  16. You don't owe any solicitor the time of day. No thank you and close the door. Or, don't even bother to open the door.

  17. Well in the last sentence of my previous comment I pointed out how Madu is only in cabinet because he is from Edmonton.

  18. I’m not sure who you are talking about. Schweitzer will remain an MLA, he hasn’t resigned from his seat.

  19. Everyday more talk about how Alberta can go it alone..... Wasn't she considered a moderate? Leaving CPP, ei and etc are not good

  20. I don’t think a minimum wage of over 15.00 would be helpful. It would just mean higher prices for whatever service or item the worker is providing. So your salary goes up by 40-50 a week, but the 7.00 burger now costs 9.50. The answer I believe is a four day work week. Companies could then stay open seven days a week. People could work four days one week and three days the next. With salaries matching what ……I don’t know, it’s all so fucked up.

  21. What they won't admit: $15/hour is insufficient.

  22. "I don't think it's the pharmacist's place to make us feel that way," she said. "It's my decision to make, it's not his. It's my body," she said.

  23. I think it's your responsibility to refuse a position which conflicts with your religious views.

  24. So far.... Time to take wrong action to address climate change right?

  25. No one is being forced to do anything. You know employees can let go a person for any reason right? Don't want to be vaxxed they can still let you ok. Turns out actions have consequences.

  26. Thank god we have passed that dark point in our history. :) I’m glad UCP candidates are bringing this issue up to prevent it from happening again, at least on a provincial level.

  27. Next year we can erase the entire dark history and elect a competent govenment :) ABNDP :)

  28. simple reason. Look at the conservative leadership race and tell me you would be comfortable with any of them.

  29. Aheer isn't appealing to the extreme elements much. It's mostly smith, jean and loewen appealing to the extreme elements.

  30. She still sucks. Want a repeat of Redford pick her. All of them are corrupt.

  31. “Ms. Anderson is … not a destitute, desperate person,” noted Associate Chief Justice John Rooke in his scathing, 16-page judgment. “Her activities are not those of some misinformed and confused person, stumbling through a complex, inscrutable apparatus…. Ms. Anderson is an unrepentant, disruptive, greedy, uncooperative, abusive scofflaw.”

  32. Getting a handgun in Canada legally took a ton of work prior to this, and you could round down to zero the number of legally acquired handguns used in crimes. This does nothing to address illegal trafficking of firearms into the country which is what led to the incidents in Toronto and Nova Scotia and lets the RCMP off the hook for their incompetence in the latter incident.

  33. I like having as few guns as possible in Canada. I think most candians would agree with these measures.

  34. The equivalent would be of the US ran missile tests blocking access to countries like Cuba, or Venezuela, but no such things are happening.

  35. The USA did do a blockade of Cuba because they didn't want USSR missiles in Cuba.

  36. There was never a blockade of Cuba - just a threat of one, in a successful effort to achieve nuclear disarmament.

  37. Do you condem other threats and wars that were unprovoked? Like the USA invading Iraq? Personally I think 99% of all war is dumb

  38. maybe it was all lies meant to garner support and votes, with the ultimate goal being the furtherance of Sinema's career rather than any actually held political beliefs.

  39. I don't think so. From past comments and actions she hated the Dems before one and becoming a corporate dem. Money and power corrupts.

  40. Nope not true. She was a part of the green party before and a activist.

  41. I agree with the UN this is clearly not a drought anymore. Time to adapt and make changes to reduce emmisions and use water smarter.

  42. You're ignoring my point. I think America's gun problem is awful. I've never said otherwise. But this woman can't change the gun laws in her area. She can choose not to take a job she's unwilling to do.

  43. Seems like that is the companies fault for not hiring the right people. I rather not blame people making $15 a hour

  44. I wouldn't take a job like that for $15 an hour, and if she didn't want to do a job like that for $15, she shouldn't have taken it either.

  45. What is she supposed to for money if that is the only job available? It's sad people are blaming the guard and not the guns. Goods guys with guns is myth.

  46. Not necessarily, no. Remember, climate change increases the anomalies too. This could be an anomaly. Some places will become drier, others more rainy. But you cannot determine that at this point.

  47. Rainy if it rains all in one day that doesn't help. The earth is getting hotter

  48. The recents droughts are due to climate change. This is our new normal. Look mate, there is going to be Less drinkable water, a hotter world, and more extreme weather going forward.

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