1. I mean, the Kamehameha, the Kai-o-Ken, and a bunch of Goku's other techniques are forms of martial arts so Goku? Also I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure UI is also considered a technique.

  2. DCEU Superman is on a similar level of strength to Omni-Man but with better speed, plus powerful heat-vision and freeze-breath

  3. I'd argue Nolan is superior in pretty much everyway but I think they are close or equal in speed

  4. Nolan got whipped around by Red Rush for a bit, whereas Clark visually tracked every movement of Flash.

  5. I forgot that whole Red Rush thing, but I still think Nolan's fast enough to react to Clark.

  6. Grundy stomps, he can't die and outclasses both in terms of strength and durability by a lot.

  7. But I asked about Colossus, not Jug. Besides, Carnage handled multiple cars simultaneously and later pulled down a helicopter. Venom is stronger than Carnage

  8. Homelander will definitely make things worse his huge ass ego will get in the way and make the Viltrumites decide to kill every human rather than force us to the join the Viltrumite Empire.

  9. Abe (thats immortal since he was once Abraham Lincoln) stomps, being able hold his own against Omni Man for a little bit by himself and make him bleed puts him leagues above Ikaris.

  10. Immortal should stomp by scaling only. He doesn’t really have his own feats

  11. How. He constantly breaks the law, murders people for the smallest crimes, attacks people who are actual heros and tried to kill them on multiple occasions with characters like DareDevil and Spiderman. He's at best a anti-hero, and at worst a villain.

  12. The guy who was played by a UFC fighter who briefly fought Steve in the beginning of Captain America The Winter Soldier. He was also in Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

  13. Oh yeah I heard GSP was in one of the MCU shows, but does he even have feats to suggest he’s above Tony and Wanda?

  14. He briefly fought against Steve before losing and did the same with Sam?

  15. Abner really can't do anything to here as long as she's in her well, Ghost mode.

  16. Broly, Vegeta, Goku, Cooler, and Frieza are all stronger than their parents

  17. Correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't the comic version of Dan appeared twice in show previously?

  18. He appeared on a poster in TTG to the Movies and was in the episode where Cyborg becomes a "Real Boy"

  19. Those are what I was referring to, but I didn't remember if I was right or not.

  20. I don't think Laurie would care that he didn't save The Comedian considering, well you know.

  21. I put quotation marks around heroes in the title for that reason

  22. Nope, he beats them some difficulty. I already gave a scans that show he could on this thread if you wanna look for it.

  23. A comic writer would find some convoluted way for Batman to win. Realistically dude isn't even gonna win against one gorilla without his batsuit

  24. He could probably beat 5 Gorillas without a batsuit. Idk I just feel like a Gorilla couldn't take many hits from a dude who kicks motorcycles in half

  25. 616 isn't a discussion. The 616 version of Gorr would stomp the whole verse with ease. He fought against 3 different versions of Thor, one of which is strong enough to throw Mjölnir hard enough to knock Galactus down

  26. Noir is league above Bane in terms of strength and durability, it doesn't help that Noir seems to also have some sort of regeneration. Bane literally has no way to win this and dies pretty quickly.

  27. Dude even Kid Goku would one shot everyone in the whole The Boys verse, Bardock is overkill a million times over, especially in R2

  28. Mike Tyson stomps in every round, the only exception is R3, he wins with some difficulty but would still win due to being a better fighter, and being physically superior.

  29. You might not get him at all. I preordered frieza on Amazon when he dropped and literally the day he was released Amazon canceled my order said they didn’t have stock so I went to BBTS and got him cause he was still in stock.

  30. That's odd, nothing like that has ever happened to me. Did you not have enough money?

  31. I got a message that said there wasn’t enough preorder or something like that and they canceled my shit

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