Our Economy Should Work For ALL Of US

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  1. There has also been a recent rise in women committing violent crimes and rape since they started recording the person's stated gender not their birth gender.

  2. Might be an unpopular opinion but destination weddings are the worst.

  3. My partner and I are actually planning a destination wedding for a few reasons:

  4. If you are concerned about job consequences for not complying, you can ask your doctor for a note saying you shouldn't wear heels or makeup for medical reasons.

  5. Gaslighting and just being used to abuse means it's hard for me to tell if something is abuse. Also as a kid I tried to get help a lot and it just made things worse so I knew reporting was very risky. Also a lot of the abusers have social clout with my friends/family. For example, my dad's best friend who killed himself. Reporting does nothing but hurt my dad, who is mourning his friend. Two people in my extended friend group who identified as men at the time they raped underage me, but have recently come out as women and are receiving a lot of social praise and support. I would be labeled phobic by saying anything against them. A lot of our friends know what they did but just swept it under the rug. One of the abusers even published media about it with my full name describing the encounter from their point of view. Our friends are like, "OMG that's so hot!" bro I was a child and you know it. I probably need different friends.

  6. i just told my school therapist today about it..i don’t know what’s going to happen now. thank u for this.

  7. Good! What you're doing is difficult and I'm proud of you!

  8. Being GNC, trans, gay, or any other kind of queer does not make someone a good person. Any more than being gender conforming, cis, and straight does.

  9. Can confirm. I stopped trusting men because I got sick of SA, but I trusted AMAB people who were GNC or women, kept getting SA. Now I only hang out with AFAB people and it stopped happening.

  10. Or you know don't spend over $800 billion dollars a year on weapons and put some of that towards helping people instead of hurting them?

  11. I'm pretty much over the SA but this renewed attention and validation of them is hard for me. In my social group not validating someone's gender is worse than pedophilia by a lot. People know what they did to me but it's swept under the rug because dwelling on it is "sex negative" and "age is just a number". One of them is a leader in the local community and we work in the same industry, so if I start something I can become unemployable in the whole industry.

  12. is this a cult? i thought it was about being proud of who we are and not being ashamed of our bodies/sexuality... jesus i can't wait for when humanity finally dies

  13. They mean well but it's easy to take things too far and get caught up in groupthink when your whole social circle reinforces itself and grooms young girls to think a certain way. I used to feel the same but therapy has helped me break out of the cycle.

  14. I'm allergic to most perfumes, so I definitely prefer when someone uses fragrance-free products. If they're wearing scents that I'm not allergic to, I like very very faint scents, so I basically have to have my whole face in her hair to smell anything at all. I like rose scent on femmes and clove/sandalwood/cinnamon on everyone (allergic to sandalwood but it still smells amazing, just hurts my nose and I can't breathe). Basically if you smell like you're drinking Chai I'm in.

  15. I agree with the ethics of A, about but couldn't spend any time there because of the serious misogyny. I don't want kids and I believe bringing kids into this world isn't an ethical thing at this point, however, there are many reasons women have kids and some of those reasons are because they're forced to, either physically or by social pressure. Blaming women does no good at all and a lot of harm. I would love to live in a world there both men and women had a way to control their own fertility in a safe way and having kids was always a decision between two consenting adults who both want kids.

  16. The funny thing is in a lot of those situations the reason the wife doesn't want such frequent sex is because:

  17. Sometimes when someone is an asshole as a little kid, grew into a bigger asshole, then became a cop I read ACAB as "assigned cop at birth".

  18. Therapy, in particular CBT (pun unintended) has been shown in a lot of studies to help with intrusive thoughts and other problems. If you are uncomfortable seeing someone in person, many places offer teledoc services and they are usually cheaper.

  19. nah, inconveniencing others definitely plays a part. think about how many men vs women have committed suicide violently on a livestream, on live TV or simply in a public area. i can think of several videos of gun suicides that went viral, but they are all of men. i think i know about only one woman who did that on livestream, and she overdosed instead of shooting herself.

  20. Not to mention how rare it is for women to take a bunch of people with them compared to how often men do it. A suicidal man is a danger to everyone, especially women.

  21. Also, women attempt suicide more often, but men succeed more often because they are more likely to own firearms and less concerned about others being traumatized by finding a mess. Women tend to choose methods that don't inconvenience others.

  22. Not live in the literal worst most dangerous part of town. Hire someone to come by and clean the house every few weeks. Have a garden so I can grow my own food again. Better healthcare for the family and pets. New mattress.

  23. I used to think leashes on kids were bad but kids are fast and stupid. You look away for a fraction of a second and they're doing something completely unexpected and dangerous. I don't blame the parents here.

  24. I had a leash as a kid because I have adhd and it was easier than holding my hand 24/7. Did not mess with my self esteem, did not make me "feel like a dog" adults are just judgey and ridiculous lol. I couldn't believe the actual amount of vitriol people had against that when I grew up and found the internet lol.

  25. My mom was a real Karen when she saw kids on leashes and would yell at parents, call the police, and try to set the kids free. A few times the kids got injured immediately after she set them free because they sprinted away. Meanwhile I'd run away from home all the time but she never noticed.

  26. Our liberal friend group treats us as their token gay friends they can brag about to increase their street cred. They're also like, "OMG you two are soooo cute!" when we do basic things that other couples are doing. I appreciate they're trying, but it's tiring.

  27. Sports and other types of physical activity. I have a bunch of genetic disorders that were only diagnosed as an adult so my whole childhood I was told I was lazy and have trauma about it, but actually I was breaking bones, dislocating joints, difficulty getting oxygen to my muscles, plus I have a bunch of vision problems that made me basically only able to see out of one eye at a time and it was distorted. No wonder I couldn't catch a ball and it hurt to run. I'm super excellent at fine motor skills though, as long as I don't dislocate my fingers.

  28. I've only ever dated bi and mostly "straight except for you but I will immediately cheat on you with a man and never reciprocate sexual things" women, so I'm not sure but curious how it is to date a lesbian.

  29. Start to prioritize women-made media in your life. Movies/TV/books/music/games, etc. This helps you unlearn all the messages from men about how a woman is and should be, and lets you discover yourself separate from men. Also make an effort to prioritize friendships with women over those with men. Surround yourself with awesome caring badass women who will encourage you to be your best self.

  30. thanks for the advice! ill make sure to try all this (except for therapy as my parents wouldn’t let me go lmao)

  31. Depending on where you live and your age, you might have access to online therapy that they don't need to know about.

  32. Previous partner would creep on underage girls, refused to wash his ass and left shit stains in his underpants. I would be the one doing laundry at a laundromat and it was embarrassing when people saw the brown streaks.

  33. Great post, thank you for sharing. If your heat is dry, swamp coolers are fairly easy and cheap to make. You might even have the supplies if you own a fish tank. You can also give rabbits frozen water bottles to cuddle with when it gets very hot.

  34. The problem with humidity is sweating doesn't help you cool off. Humans evolved to cool off in a dry environment or have access to water to cool off in. Where I live it usually stays under 32C (90F) but it has recently gotten to 54C (130F) in some places. Thankfully it's dry here, but lots of places don't have air conditioning either.

  35. We have been trained by society to base our self-worth upon our desirability to men. It takes a while to get over it.

  36. It's actually incredibly freeing once you realize you can be and present as your true self and women are actually super attracted to it.

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