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  1. If I am not mistaken(I don't think I am) Mark VI is with us too.

  2. Bro we have no need to worry about anything. Mark VI us the best track record of the franchise. It’s the Icon of MCC, master chiefs most worn helmet and its literally the upgrade of Mark V. We need no allies, we will single-handedly take out ODST and Mark V and dip our scrotums in their mouths. But damn I love ODST’s helmet design

  3. I think mark VI is probably the biggest threat to anyone. No one really wants to vote it out, so theres not much movement against it, and its so universally liked that theres no reason to rise to defend it

  4. Nah bro Mark VI don’t need no propaganda or allies, we are powerful enough to singlehandedly win the poll without even lifting a finger.

  5. Impromptu radio jammer, find radio, put on ultra range. Say, “Hey guys I’m jamming the radio” then proceed to start screaming and/or blowing air into your mic

  6. Which college? Im Indian and looking for a College

  7. "Oh, you self-harm? Here, have a mouse pad that looks like a razor blade."

  8. 3 million for a home that’s a third of the size of your average us suburban house

  9. Just to preface, I stayed in Singapore for the past 7 years. I was told that the Singapore of 2000-2010 is not comparable to the Singapore of 2011 onwards. Let alone the pre-1999 Singapore.

  10. I agree with everything except the “lots of friendly people” part lol. They wouldn’t bully but they won’t exactly go out of their way to help you unless it’s really obvious

  11. Let’s say the average weight of a person is ~70kg. So a ton of people is 1000kg/70kg = ~14, So this guy is correct

  12. If it was a male, she’d be reaching further down (unless the horse is also a Redditor).

  13. Commando with brim is criminally underrated and I think this my top pick next to eod

  14. Ok but why is everyone against EVA? It’s literally one of the most iconic halo helmets. Why is no one against commando???

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