1. Icesis quitting... Ra'jah in the bottom... Victoria beating SILKY in a lip sync...

  2. Nah babe,a few idiots on line aren't happy that Koco Caine has bigger tits and ass than them so they're finding reasons to be mad cause the cable went out. That's all

  3. The argument of drag queens wearing big boobs = misogynistic comes across very TERF-y if I'm being honest... I feel like that opinion has only gained traction in the community because Victoria Scone said it on twitter once.

  4. Elecktra next to Priscilla looked like if a hot goth mommy put in drag her elderly father

  5. Priscilla always looks like a Celebrity Drag Race contestant

  6. Hong Chau is so good, really glad to see her picking up bigger and bigger roles

  7. Would certainly freshen up the show. Still love Survivor but over time he's become the weakest part of the show. I'd love to see someone like Arisa Cox take over.

  8. Article writer must have had a minimum word count or something. Here's what Probst said without all the extra fluff:

  9. Damn I wish Josie would have made the cut with RTD, hopefully we will see her again for a special with a GOOD writer

  10. Eh, I feel like the "Jodie was a good actor with bad writing" argument doesn't do it for me - Jo Martin was way more engaging for me and 'felt' like the Doctor even with the crappy writing, Jodie always felt like a miscast. Great actress in everything else I've seen her in, but in DW she always came across tryhard and hackneyed.

  11. Again, Jo Martin was working under the exact same head writer and she never felt like a miscast to me. I think Jodie was just as much of a problem as Chibnall.

  12. The Oscar buzz this movie is getting is crazy undeserved. It’s A mess. A legacy picture with no real perspective. Nothing wrong with that as a viewing experience but as picture of the year???

  13. It's because Baz Luhrmann made it - The point of AACTA is to award Australian filmmakers and productions. Look at the other 4 nominees and you'll see.

  14. you can be competent and boring at the same time. literally not every single confessional you have has to be about strategizing.

  15. Survivor AU has the worst gamebots omfg, the editors will pick a boring white guy and decide to give him 15 confessionals an episode and give him a dumb nickname and plaster him all over the previews until he gets voted out in an embarrassing fashion

  16. I mean sure but imo the worst type of contestant Survivor casts is that one twat that whenever we get a fun camp life scene it cuts to them in confessional being like "These people are IDIOTS! Why aren't we strategising and looking for idols?? tHiS iS SuRViVoR!"

  17. I wish him well. I never felt he really connected with the show. It will be interesting to see who they pair with Noel.


  19. us jonberinas are gonna be eating good when she wins US vs the World

  20. katy perry shrieking over her shoulder like a banshee is what makes this for me

  21. I think possibly Elie, James, or Gabler imo.

  22. I think with the trend of casting only superfans, as well as social media/stan culture nobody wants to be a villain anymore. Nobody they cast wants to play that role

  23. We need more bitchy people on the show. Nobody this season has really grabbed my attention personality-wise, in fact ever since Lynn was fired I can probably count on one hand the number of fiery people we've had

  24. Why do queens EVER take their wigs off (without a reveal) unless it's hanging on for dear life lol

  25. Honestly i love the early seasons where we have the likes of Milan and Venus doing the absolute MOST for no reason

  26. Back when getting kicked off the show meant your run was over (kinda), instead of just "right, let's get this merch sorted".

  27. Ugh yea i hate the meta in RPDR now, rock bottom was DRCan2's snatch game where in the prep Kendall Gender was telling the other girls that having a good SG character can be really lucrative and means you have something you can tour with

  28. I know most of the tea is proven to be false (as in Stephanie being mean to Silky that kind of tea not placement) but I'm going to be silly and still hold out hope for "Silky performs the stand up as a roast" to be true

  29. "Icesis and Silky lipsync for the pleasure of eliminating Stephanie" will always be one of my favourite teaspills for cvtw

  30. Amy Adams is one of my favourite actresses but post-2018 (Sharp Objects and Vice) she's starred in flop after flop :(

  31. Aw :( I'd love to see Trishelle again, I liked her humility in AS1 and her time was cut too short for my liking

  32. she’s been talking up a storm on twitter:

  33. Good for her tbh, I don't think she's able to take home the grand prize vs the likes of Jonna, Jodi, Rachel etc so you'd want the appearance fee to be actually worth the time away from work/family.

  34. Just vote for who you want to, I fucking hate FG but in my county our main FG politician is one of the hardest working out there. Doing so much on a national scale while still showing a lot of support for local-level issues.

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