1. I think we get the same kind of cat treat. The love the fish slurry, don't they?

  2. I too own a russian blue and am an eagles fan…did we just become best friends?!

  3. It’s a rumor going around that eagle fans rise the best Russian blues.

  4. Just 2 one is a starter . Got this from somebody yesterday

  5. In future please favorite everything worth 1k MP or more then sort by Fav. Stats are generally irrelevant and sorting by them just leaves things a mess.

  6. That’s the thing . I’ve thou her a lot using positive reinforcement. I’ve thought her to follow my finger . Wherever I tap, so would go there . That’s how I got her to take this photo with me . I’ve thought her to High 5 & Sit . But I don’t know where to start with fetch

  7. Please tell me your turtle's name is Gamera. :)

  8. In that case, while still made of turtle meat, Ninja might have a chance. But Gamera is really neat...;)

  9. If he was a snapping turtle , I would definitely consider gamera 🔥

  10. The red and green RES symbol means he has Resolve. Enemies with this will survive lethal hits with 1 HP as long as they're above a specific percentage of their max HP. You have a couple ways to get past this:

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