1. He had what they thought was pericarditis, then got in a pretty bad car accident and ended up with palpitations and similar heart-behaving-badly symptoms. Initially there was a lot of "it's just anxiety", but a scan revealed what they thought was a large haematoma caused by the accident. They decided to remove the haematoma. It was not a haematoma.

  2. It's pretty amazing when a bad accident can find stuff and potentially save a life. I hope he does well.

  3. I was staying in a hotel in a Greek island, and had to check out early to get a ferry to the main island. The hotel staff packed us a little ham and cheese baguette for the road.

  4. I think the single most amazing moment for me was that she had bought a "kegelcizer" to exercise her internal muscles without telling me, and after having it for like three months she told me she had prepared a surprise for my birthday and told me lay down on the bed. She got on top, knelt over me, slid me inside, and then with no visible outside movement got me off using only her vaginal muscles. She smiled looking down at me, looking like the cat that ate the canary.

  5. I'm seeing a girl casually right now, and happily cis lesbian. The way this girl moves and writhes though makes me really wish I had a dick for her to ride, I just know it would blow my mind.

  6. I am not an addict, I’d never even go into someone bedroom without permission, but I do have to sneak a peak in the shower. Just to see what kind of products people are using. Are they VO5, or do they spring for something nicer, I have to know.

  7. I absolutely judge people on the state of their bathroom. Extra points if they knew there were visitors coming and would likely be using the bathroom.

  8. this movie is incredible, watched it on a whim one day and it blew me away

  9. Same. Not something I would have chosen to watch but I caught it halfway through and I was captivated, had to go back and watch it from the start.

  10. What if she isn’t playing Marianne, and instead playing a Khaleesi on a Game of Thrones style planet?

  11. I can't imagine she wants to associate with that role anymore


  13. Put the meat in a casserole dish with hot gravy and pop in the oven for 10 minutes before serving. Have plenty more gravy to hand on the side. Do it with day 2 roasts all the time, oven part is optional.

  14. How do you heat the water thou :)

  15. I got my mum one of these. 1 kettle full for a flaccid but satisfactory night, or 2 kettles to really fill it up.

  16. Or an adult who survived cancer but somehow still needs the fluid version of meds that's usually only used for infants because it's easier in small doses.

  17. Trust me when I say it's pretty common for adults and elderly to need or prefer liquid meds. On the other end of the spectrum you have people who can swallow about 20 on one go.

  18. I love it! Reminds me of my phase when I could only eat salads if I bashed my face into the plate mouth-first and pretended I was little foot eating treestars. Ahh. Good times.

  19. I had a similar phase where I would eat golden nugget cereal our of a shallow bowl and pretend I was a dog eating dry kibble.

  20. I was 3 weeks away from completing my 3rd year on my management placement, had passed everything and it was just the last if the placement hours I needed to do, was in a car accident and broke my leg so couldn't complete. Ended up only getting a diploma instead of my degree.

  21. I know you can pick things up after a leave of absence, but I'm pretty sure there is a time limit as the course is updated every few years to follow NMC updates.

  22. If I knew I was in my final days, I wouldn't want to spend them in hospice care or in a nursing home with people quietly mourning my soon to be end. I would want to spend every last moment I could with my husband. I'd pass on the meth, but cuddling and rocking out my final moments with the love of my life would be the best way to go. I'd rather die having fun and being loved than waiting out my last moments while only having my loved ones with me during visiting hours.

  23. Everywhere I've worked (in hospitals) will let the family and close friends of an end of life patient come and go anytime. Only try to limit 2-3 people at a time, but some a couple.of people can often stay over and sleep in the room.

  24. I was choosing a sound bar and more than one review for some model said to not buy it because it's always in the pairing mode. Some guy got music blasted by his neighbor at 2 am.

  25. Personally I turn mine off when I'm not using it, but each to their own.

  26. I've got almost £20k saved. Enough to change a few lives in sure, but not really a lot at all. Feels good to have a solid buffer, but it wouldn't go far if I had to rely on it for any length of time.

  27. My late husband was in the Marines and occasionally brought ration packs home. I loved the dumplings in butterscotch sauce, and the hard biscuits. Yes, I'm a saddo lol

  28. My dad was army and hooked me up with a few boxes of these for my Duke of Edinburgh hikes.

  29. Depends. If you have a job your absence will be noticed. Ive had staff go awol and have called police for welfare checks before. If bills like rent aren't paid someone will eventually come knocking.

  30. I'm in this position and slept in for an extra shift last week when I forgot to set my alarm for it. I was supposed to start work at 0730, woke and responded around 0900.

  31. Oxytocin? That makes sense but I never even thought about it. I assumed being milk was like having to pee, you just can't do it yourself. I am often wrong.

  32. It's a supply and demand process, if a demand was to suddenly stop the supply takes some time to adjust and I hear it can be quite uncomfortable. If demand is still needed later then you keep milking and discard.

  33. Just another article deflecting from the real causes. Looking at you factory farming. Livestock are generally fed antibiotics BEFORE they get sick regularly as insurance to protect the bottom line.

  34. Also look at how hospitals are using antibiotics daily that used to be last resort 'oh fuck we're all going to die' level of rarity. There aren't a whole lot "oh fuck" reserves left.

  35. Please look into Lasting Power of Attorney (or similar) while your dad still has the mental capacity to agree.

  36. MOT is British term for a regular car check-up, legally required.

  37. Correct! Took several bottles and tested everything non-specialised.

  38. An alarming amount of the population is also B12 deficient or new deficient. It's also notoriously hard to detect because blood levels can be virtually normal even if body stores are basically empty and most orders for B12 testing don't also test homocysteine levels, which can indicate a B12 problem before levels drop.

  39. 29F, got myself some "MOT blood work" at a new GP recently picked me up as being really low. I could have gone years not knowing if not for this move, and only because I'm a private patient here and paid out of pocket.

  40. Why is everyone here acting like you should never put a glass lid in the oven?

  41. I'm in the UK and it is, and always have been Susannah Harker

  42. A cybernetic leg is clearly the next escalation.

  43. tbh, as someone who doesnt liek tattoos, i find shit like this far more interesting then people picking flash art out of a book, or some other trendy moth/compas/rose/lion/tribal shit that peopel get.

  44. I've only got a couple, done properly but they all mean something even if the meaning has changed over time. As long as it's able to be covered a few dumb tattoos are definitely more interesting than flash.

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