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  1. It’s tricky to run out of gas in Spain. They seem to have a petrol station every 30km. I drove from Madrid to Barcelona over the summer and was amused by their little gas stations along the way each with their own access road, and convenience store.

  2. It's the same across most of the UK too. A few in every town, and the same setup along every major road. A lot of rest stops have hotels, several places to eat, and a few shops; others are just petrol stations with a wee shop.

  3. I’m just happy for my 400sq ft rent controlled apartment that I’ve been living in for over a decade because I would rather sell my organs on the black market than ever move back in with my parents.

  4. Stick with it. I've got a banging deposit but I still can't afford to move out.

  5. Yeah as a dude I’m never gonna physically touch someone else’s kid and get accused of kidnapping

  6. I'm a lassie, and when kids used to come behind the deli counter I worked in I just sort of redirected them away from the dangerous stuff and tried to get them back out the way they came in. I have zero experience with children and wouldn't feel comfortable touching a random toddler either.

  7. I found that on their website, but can't see it in the instructions here. He covers only a small portion on the right.

  8. The guy bought a thermometer that connects to an app, this is on the consumer.

  9. It's not always 100% on the comsumer. Companies sell this crap and sometimes advertise it in slimy ways to make it seem like an app doesn't exist.

  10. It's called a "smart thermometer" and comes with a picture of a phone in the box... It's also at least 10x as expensive as a basic dumb thermometer.

  11. I looked. Omg. Oh no. Tell me you at least get yearly bonuses or double pay?

  12. I do this too, 29 but saving to buy a place. I like crisps with my lunch at work but I have to keep them in the boot/trunk of my car; my parents disagree with energy drinks so my redbull for night shifts stays in the car too, I need to move it into my locker now it's getting cold.

  13. I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.

  14. If you cook it with Golden Curry cubes, and don't use cornstarch slurry to cook it then that's how watery it is.

  15. You can cook something for years and still do it badly.

  16. I learn about a lot of random celebrities dying on Reddit, if I care enough I double check.

  17. Sorry that was assault on flight crew, which is a Federal offense (presumably a US flight). I'd have the Airport police waiting for him.

  18. We don't have those here, but that thing is my reminder to replace my old mothballs.

  19. My mother pooped her pants on vacation once, and soaked her underwear in the hotel room kettle. So yeah, good call. And no, I wouldn't categorize my mother as a specialized weirdo, she's gross on many levels.

  20. What the actual fuck. It would be so easy to bin the fuckers, or at least soak them in the sink.

  21. I'm in the wards in Scotland, we haven't committed to actually striking yet as we need to decline the "final and best" offer first. So far patients and families who mention it are very supportive. It'll be interesting to see if this changes when we set dates.

  22. Love the jellyfish, I'd love to see more of that style but don't scrap just dilute the abundance of daggers.

  23. I mean if I was a kid today, my TikTok algorithm probably would place me very firmly in booty jiggle tiktok.

  24. I (female) should have figured things out sooner, when I loved finding ripped up dirty mags in the woods at 10 years old potentially more than my brother.

  25. It's sad to me that an entire generation of young people were robbed of the experience of finding random nudie mags in the woods thanks to internet porn. Tragic.

  26. This was early 2000's definitely towards the end of the era. I'm glad I got to partake.

  27. It's too late. Eating Yorkie bars in the 00s changed me...

  28. what the hell is that emoji? I took a screenshot of it to zoom in and I just spent the last 5 minutes of my life trying to figure what the hell this is supposed to represent lmao

  29. Not OP, but do you understand the concept of "pour one out for..."? The. Emoji is of cups pouring out a trickle of liquid.

  30. Dogs can be smart sometimes. If he noticed OP piss-mopping with paper towels the lil pupper did a heckin' good brain think and put 2+2 together and pissed straight on the roll.

  31. When my childhood dog got an upset stomach overnight he would make a major effort to shit against the back door. He couldn't go outside it as usual, but by dammit he would get as close as possible.

  32. I'm pretty sure there was some kind of challenge on Reddit specifically for people to see just how much they can get away with by wearing a bright orange vest

  33. No, the large majority of stories I have read where the main character dies in the end, often leaves the story feeling meaningless and unfulfilled. Also, Harry dying would make me sad

  34. I recently read a trilogy where the good guys ultimately win, but the boyfriend dies, so the protagonist goes out to live in the woods like a hermit and eventually turns himself into a tree. (If you know you know).

  35. I hated that series due to the ending. It had its faults but I enjoyed it until that horrid ending. I'm glad I heard the showrunner for the Netflix adaptation plans to not follow the same path.

  36. I've not watched it, but a lot of people sound unhappy with the show.

  37. I used a dev tool to remove every bixby file. I wonder how many "f* off bixby" went into their data?

  38. Get him to trade in his old phone and just choose a decent one for yourself. You can buy a "last gen" aka last year model at a good discount. I'm still on the pixel 6 and it's working perfectly.

  39. Not only are food and fuel very expensive, but houses are too stupidly priced to even bother saving for. Chances are global warming will kill us before we even reach old age, which is fuelled by Capitalism, a nightmare world we are born into that is so unnatural our brains don’t know how to deal with it. Anyone who isn’t depressed at this point is just deeply ignorant tbh…

  40. I'm 29, so it felt like there was a future to reach for when I was young. As I've grown up and matured that future has slowly rotted away. I can't quite grasp what it feels like for the layer below me who never even saw that glimmer on the horizon.

  41. Bought my choccie lab a light up harness for night time walks, sure as hell not risking her getting hit by a car cause they cant see her

  42. My Boxer has a little reflective vest, stylish and it stopped the harness potentially rubbing.

  43. Mate of mine has crocs with the Greggs logo on, they call them "grocs". Apparently primark are doing a bunch of stuff with the Greggs logo at the moment?

  44. Saw a lad at the airport in the summer in the whole regalia, shorts, tee, hoodie, crocs (grocs) and bum bag, maybe more. I have to assume his name is Greg and it was a dare.

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