1. Of course! We have cis and non-cis people of all genders. What image ID do you think you belong to for now?

  2. I spent the last month breaking my brain over whether or not I should go back to church after 10 years of being the sarcastic atheist

  3. SN. Also, did anyone else notice a piece of her side is completely edited out in the second photo?

  4. Of course selena looked narrower as she was much skinnier at that time. No bodyshaming towards none of them, but a much skinnier person will look conventionally narrower than another no matter kibbe type

  5. I mean for an example I'm skin on bones and I still look sturdy. Hence my "Cloth Hanger" nickname. Clothing always slides off Selena's shoulders.

  6. These looks make me so happy! I yearn for an eternal late 60's/early 70's.

  7. what is happening with reddit these days? the activity is dead Btw, imo the fits in the first 5 pics look ridiculous and i doubt any person would look good in those, not even G fam.

  8. I mean those were extreme examples for sure...but the accomodating looks were so satisfying to look at that I'm still glad for the post lol

  9. Love your vibe and this hairstyle looks 100% yours!

  10. The comments section is a dumpster fire, Jesus. Just because someone doesn’t “look” underweight to you doesn’t mean said person isn’t underweight. Also saying that to someone can be incredibly triggering, particularly if they are suffering from an ED.

  11. If OP was hurt in any kind of way by our comments then it sucks, I personally don't want anyone to be upset. But she launched the potentially triggering discussion herself. This is a forum, we discuss what is being said. We are being RULE1'd for discussing the theorical points that OP opened herself. It's really not a big deal but I don't think this is fair as such.

  12. Nah, that's perfectly normal. When you loose weight ur fat cells shrink and skin becomes looser creating the effect. I have really thin and stretchy skin and I know how it is but there's really nothing you can do abt it. When I'm rly rly low the skin kinda bunches up and folds on itself when I bend down, and there's basically zero abdominal fat present. Models take a bath in icy water before photoshoots to tighten the skin and make it look more like a model and less like normal human. Excercising is cool if you wanna do it tho, but it won't fix any specific "problem".

  13. Agreed! Very few people have a flat stomach. Even if some models really do, they are the 1% and I betcha agencies don't find them easily by just scouting random slim girls in the streets. I used to work at a pool and I definitely saw a lot of bones but pretty much no one without a pouchie.

  14. How frustrating I was hoping you were going to bring me an easy fix. Just another thing to feel self conscious about haha

  15. The best you can do is spending the next 6 months trying to increase your muscle mass without gaining too much fat, then do a slow cut. Only then you'll know if your lil pouch was due to yoir body fat %. Until then...

  16. Doesn’t your body reach a point of survival mode like you just dissociate and compulsive eat? It is not even about cravings or willpower anymore just like your human instincts taking over

  17. Depends on how hard your deficit has been an whether or not you've been careful about the nutritive aspect, plus other lifestyle choices and potential stressors. But no, your body doesn't always prioritize your instinct to live over other less pragmatic instincts.

  18. Omg yes! I get this weird floaty superior feeling and become magically able to ignore cravings. Never lasts like

  19. For me it lasts only until I allow myself to "stabilize". My brain doesn't know the difference between stabilizing and eating a whole aisle in one sitting yet.

  20. This sub also almost unanimously typed Selena Gomez as soft natural, and she was recently verified as Theatrical romantic lol. She could very well be DC, that’s not my point of contention-it’s just that I think we should be weary of saying that someone is “pretty unanimously __” bc some people will take that and run with it and say that person’s type is ___ Because the sub says so.

  21. That's still valuable information and the fact I report it insinuates that I personally find it reasonable.

  22. I mean if OP is moderately underweight there's no reason that their bodily functions feel much different than any other person

  23. Been at normal weight most of my life with decent sucess and praise rate, I've never considered dropping as a something that will make me more secure with guys. I haven't had any action while UW yet and I'm scared that the guy gets put off by my ribs etc. I'm the early bony type so...

  24. I don’t think it works like that because they can be high rise and still be straight at the hips. Nothing about high rise makes it a must that they will have a more curved shape, they could all be one straight line from top to bottom (and I think this kind of look is great for vertical and often looks very effortless on FNs especially).

  25. Straight jeans of a very thick fabric would indeed kind of flatten out the hips to some degree. But this is an extreme example. My take is that a curve is visually highlighted better if it's

  26. Based on my experience with curve so far, I don’t agree that high waisted things necessarily work that way on curve. Especially when it comes to tucking things in high waisted pants, things that are slightly shorter and remain untucked such as peplum tops or wrap tops work infinitely better than tucking.

  27. Yes there's no doubt that shorter, untucked tops work better for this, since a tucked shirt will literally add matter to your sides lol. Although a very good tucking technique can work almost like draping.

  28. To be honest, Korea fashion is not FN friendly..

  29. SK's popular styles are very diverse. It's true that stage outfits specifically tend to be all cropped everything (korean or not!), but overall I wouldn't say that SK fashion is not FN friendly. Take a simple unbottoned white shirt, flared jeans and a long coat...you have an FN friendly outfit. Put a relaxed V neck sweater over basically any type of bottoms, you have an FN friendly outfit. These kinds of outfits are everywhere in korean styles. I don't see a predominance of the overly ornate or overly constricting stuff.

  30. Meh. I had an idea of what my type was a long time ago and posted here to be typed. The top comments reaffirmed what I’d thought but there were differing opinions on my post just like almost everyone else’s. I was grateful for those comments because they clearly saw something I was overlooking and allowed me to explore other opportunities before finally settling on my ID. I found my posting experience to be very helpful and positive and good discussions stemmed within it.

  31. I'm with you on this one, the reason I got reddit-typed was mostly to reassure myself that there wasn't some very obvious stuff that I wasn't seeing for some reason. It didn't really happen but it did help me form a more nuanced, essence-based view of my ID. Turns out the chat did have some conflicting opinions but it was both easy and interesting to pinpoint where the confusions came from. I guess it's easier for me because I have a neardy way of approaching these things and not so many emotions attached to my "attractiveness" anymore, but of course everyone is different.

  32. Have you looked at traditionnal leather jackets and aviators? Some are really good at looking not too stiff while also not enhancing much of anything.

  33. I mean the same person can totally have some good ideas and some not so good ideas lol

  34. Thickness of bones don't indicate width. But thick bones occur more often in individuals that present kibbe width. Kibbe width is purely a matter of truncature proportions.

  35. Well either he meant large skeleton as a whole or that's an inacuracy on his part then. If your frame has to be as wide as your bones are thick, then please invent a whole new type for me who's the most clearly v shaped, broader-than-hips-upper-back girl in the universe and has never found a single watch that hugs my wrist or skinny jeans that hug my ankles even at my highest BMI. Also Lisa Manoban lol.

  36. I never saw anyone except my sister ever mention Kai's lisp. I thought I was hallucinating until she mentionned it

  37. I thought it was common understanding that width was pretty much about the span of upper ribcage (=armpits) exceeding the hip bones. But I really like how you made it even clearer especially regardless of weight variations. Amazing job!

  38. Honestly outside from the 1st dress, the bomber's jacket and the blazer which are fantastic, everything else seems like a deliberately uglier of some very usual stuffs that are much better in their basic version. You can toally do bold with good basics instead of these wonky delinaisons. Just my two cents (and my annoyence at Zara's gimmicks).

  39. In that case you'd be eating protein, fat, and up to two years in prison or a $100,000 fine given that they are a protected species in New Zealand.

  40. I was gonna give you an award but I'm broke

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