1. BBC Ghosts! Need something lighthearted before bed and it's a sweet one

  2. Normally 2 to Europe, but 4 this year as I had been saving during Covid!

  3. Yep, bought from them a few days ago but the confirmation went into my 'promotions' gmail bit, so check your spam maybe?

  4. Merry Christmas to you too, FourRock!

  5. I use a normal towel to wrap my hair after showering if I forgot a cotton t-shirt....

  6. Had something similar, went to doctor and he said I wasn't drying off properly after showering and gave me Silcock's Base. I'd go to a doctor though because it could be ringworm!

  7. I think the Christmas Market is open from 12pm during the week, could be a good shout!

  8. Depends. Benefit charge like 22 for a wax so I don't tip, but there's a place on Capel st that do my nails for about 16 so I tip there!

  9. Breakfast - usually weetabix and a coffee in the office

  10. Getting into work and I barely have my coat off before at least two people come over to me and start asking "Did you see/get the email about..."

  11. Got caught in that rain and thunder yesterday walking 20 mins back to the office, came up in the lift literally still dripping with rain and I got a "hey, are you ready to help with..." like fuck off?

  12. Saw him last Saturday and it was the exact same. I'd never seen people leave a gig early before, he couldn't handle the hecklers properly either. Shitshow.

  13. Fella hanged himself in the newsagent he owned with his wife after being arrested on suspicion of downloading and possessing child porn. Wife disappeared away from the town.

  14. Yep. Another fella was found as well in the same sting in the area. Apparently it was a Garda/europol/interpol operation

  15. think that was the biggest scandal that ever hit the town tbf

  16. Keep having a dream that I've fallen asleep on a work call/event or they've set the call up in my bedroom at the end of my bed and they always catch me passed out in my jammies. Jump out of bed every time.

  17. Don't go through anything online. Your dental work might be more complex than you think. I thought I had one wonky front tooth and that smile direct would be perfect, chickened out last min and went to a dentist on Chatham St, ended up with a perfect result with Invisalign but needed 2 wisdom teeth out and inter-teeth shaving (standard) in the middle. You never know what they'll need to move around and have taken out and smile direct wont do that for you.

  18. Have a coworker who constantly uses the word 'slick.' It might not be jargon but it makes my skin crawl. He says it about ten times a day with 'yeah that'll look really slick.' Blegh.

  19. Walking to/from work and bus station every day usually gets me to about 6k and then pottering around the house in the evening gets me to around 9/10!

  20. I’ve seen 3 to 6 months or more recommended… 2 weeks sounds way too short

  21. Right? I feel like it'll just cause trauma to my teeth

  22. Mine said this as well.. but most I hear recommend at least 3 months full time. So that’s what I’m shooting for. My actual treatment was 14 weeks so I feel like that should be okay for me.

  23. Yeah I was thinking of going for 3/4 months and then seeing how it feels. I'd much rather bear em for another little bit than fuck it up and cause damage!

  24. dont know what it's like in other councils but DCC just sent in their budget reports so probably trying to use up funding

  25. I think they look great and would settle at this point :) Mine are way worse and my dentist think I’m done haha…

  26. Thank you! It's so frustrating when the dentist is like "yep! that's it! bye bye!" when you still have worries :/

  27. That left lateral incisor could come down a bit. How is the bite?

  28. The bite is actually fine! It feels a bit odd but she said it would feel more natural in a while!

  29. Wow! Your hair is absolutely beautiful!!

  30. had a lad yesterday watching dashcam crash videos full volume at 6am on an hour-long bus full of tired commuters. could have cried.

  31. In Bettystown there are always loads of women down at various different times. If you just go once or twice on your own, you’ll find different groups of people doing it. Some do sunrise, midday or even moonlight swims. I don’t think there is one big group chat anymore. Everyone has kinda broken off into smaller groups with the same free time if that makes sense. But definitely just go down a few times and you’ll meet different people.

  32. Ah it's a bit far from me so wanted to get a time but I'll give it a shot at the weekends! Thanks for the insider info!

  33. I think there's a big enough laytown or bettystown sea swimming group on fb

  34. Ahh ok, facebook seems to be the answer then! Thank you!

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