1. I’ve enjoyed getting shots since I was a kid. Gimme more.

  2. You for sure can see it within a few minutes of talking to someone on the spectrum. Though it’d probably take an experienced individual to recognize it in really high functioning autists.

  3. This comment section is just people defending how backwards this is. Yes I’ll be the one to tell you you’re not weird for scrunching your face, turning your nose up, and saying “wdf happened to peeling or cutting oranges” no I don’t know you

  4. Ok now you’re getting a downvote on your post. You’re adding to the ableism that’s filling the replies. Way to go.

  5. I like the 48 stars, too! I'm actually an oldz, so I remember when Alaska and Hawaii became states. There was a big hoo-hah about how it was going to "unbalance" the flag! Another interesting thing is that when we were little kids, because of this, we were used to the idea that the country was still growing, so we all used to try to guess what our next states would be.

  6. Having been to Thailand several times, I can tell you that any attempt to identify a trans person with any high level of accuracy is an attempt at futility. The US must be full of bad surgeons or something, but in Thailand they are very good at what they do. There, the prettiest girl you've ever seen might have been born a man.

  7. The men and woman are also very slender in comparison to the clearer US counterparts, and they have comparatively androgynous faces

  8. So he literally didn't say, "come on, jump! Bunch of blacks...."

  9. I thought with enough dislikes, the comment gets hidden or pushed further down the section.

  10. Meanwhile I’ve known a few drug dealers that use way worse on snap and they’ve been running for years

  11. Reddit keeps recommending me posts from this community because I like watching drama

  12. Why would they even put it on the shelf? Maybe an open counter near the door where someone passes them out three at a time?

  13. At my Publix, we bring out a pallet of the drink cases and leave it as a display near the front/right of the store. Works well, no one has to worry about restocking shelves.

  14. Louis CK being heavy direct to fan made him barely be hurt, he does sellout show after sellout shows.

  15. He took a hit. I saw him live at Side Splitters in tampa shortly after the news broke out. He opened with the joke “So I used to sell out stadiums, look what’s happened to me”.

  16. Didn’t Connor Murphy live stream his ENTIRE fast though?

  17. Yeah. His was next level. Traded food for Amazonian psychedelic plants.

  18. Why the inland states? If it were me it would be a full sail boat and I’d chill around the carribean/gulf and then mosey on to the Mediterranean and the Adriatic.

  19. Not OP but I’d do the same. I sail a good bit already and grew up in flat Florida. Seeing actual 3D geography is jaw dropping for someone like me, far more so than a beautiful beach or open ocean.

  20. Vagrant holiday is my personal favourite. More of a travel YouTuber who does things a bit different.

  21. Little bit of lore for anyone reading, Vagrant Holiday is the same guy that made Surveillance Camera Man years ago.

  22. I think the first line could be referring to droopy/baggy eyes.

  23. I'm terrified that you think centrist-y is bad. We are really doomed.

  24. Welcome to the Reddit hivemind. Where the points don’t matter.

  25. If I had money I'd make my own site exactly like reddit but be really selective about mods, probably choose people like yourself who have be censored and know what it's like to be on that end of unfair bias

  26. That was kind of the position Aaron Swartz was in when Reddit was founded. He was very much an activist that envisioned a forum far more open than what Reddit has devolved into in the past decade.

  27. It's back online? Edit:I've just looked it up it's back online, hopefully for a while, but again as we have agreed, my point stands, another disgruntled "content creator" and the site will be gone for good again.

  28. Kinda back online. Ever since the “shut down” and ISPs pulling out, the site has had incredibly iffy service. It’s been down I’m guessing 50% of the time.

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