1. Very well done. Thank you for your service of communal growth

  2. Wait, wait… WAIT! 😂 you saying, that figmin allows you to create objects, and these objects have collision and physics.

  3. Unfortunately, this video does not encompass work being done, it’s only focused on “facial & eye” expressions.

  4. This is looking very good. As a designer & researcher I GREATLY appreciate such a tool.

  5. they are working on some of the bugs, they are having issues tracking some down - check out their reporting webpage for issues they are aware of and trying to fix :

  6. it’s being worked on, it’s the place holder text. it’s a bug. see more here in their bug reporting site:

  7. extremely awesome. beautiful detail. What app? Magicka?

  8. Personally, I don’t do PC, I prefer more convenient (use any where, pick up and go platforms) if this came out on iPad or Quest VR headset, in a heartbeat, I’d be all over it.

  9. I have tried VR chat. Not for me, at least not as accessible with the coding features directly in the app itself. Community wise, VR Chat is amazing!

  10. I have created a basic zombie with simple wayfinding - and a floating robot that shoots at you. Happy to share these with you.

  11. Sure, Thank you. I’m new to Horizons, how does the sharing work? if you are referring to sharing within Horizons.

  12. Sure can, just drag your second tab over.

  13. Don't forget, you also have to have it in TV mode rather than monitor mode (not sure if there's a better name for it).

  14. Ok, this was also something I was not aware of. Massive guidance there, thank you!

  15. If this is your app, Release on Quest Store so I can purchase.

  16. Check out the PvP template in world creation. There's a wrist UI with scripts you can reference.

  17. Ok.. I will definitely check this out. I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.

  18. That's a really cool concept (def doable with the right scripting, maybe an asset on load when the watch is picked up). I've seen individual player gui on the screen as you play for health etc. Using the trigger to attach a watch and let go with it still on is totally possible (shooter games).

  19. This Blink is a powerful feature, so many people I can introduce to this game.

  20. any body know how to shift gears manually using xbox controller? i guess it requires manual engine in the car most likely?

  21. If you had the ability to fundamentally change the world for the better for every person and in every technological sector, you would to do, NDA be damned. That's all there is to it.

  22. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aAmFlLfsZKM&t=2483s&pp=2AGzE5ACAQ%3D%3D

  23. Yes, agreed, I now have no idea what all the complaining was about regarding blocs.

  24. Yeah. I am playing Ukraine right now, mainly triggered by what is happening today. The bloc really helped me to gain Bulgaria peacefully and to hold Russian's first attack without me having to lose a province. After that I got East Yugoslavia to my bloc, and we have been running rampage, reducing russia to 2 provinces.

  25. I too plan on playing as the almighty Ukraine at some point, triggered by the same events. It’s actually what brought me back to playing Realpolitiks!

  26. I just got a quest and bought Pavlov, Onward, Phasmophobia, and Tee Time golf off steam.

  27. oh Phasmophobia is pcvr. hope it comes to quest. my friend has no pc. i updated my OP and made people aware no pcvr games. I appreciate you though Ouka94. thank you

  28. thank you. but onward & pavlov is not teleport locomotion. Phasmophobia, never heard of, I’ll check to see if has locomotion

  29. it looks like a tic tac chasing the millenium falcon

  30. no videos, you lose attention & decrease your exposure. Add a video, otherwise you look sketchy not worth the time.

  31. Hello, sorry for the late reply, I lost my login credential for a short time.

  32. Why do the games you release on iOS lack multiplayer?

  33. I wasn’t even aware of this game. Just checked it out on YouTube… wow! Thank you!

  34. I encourage you to try it. Graphics are still nice to see, and gameplay is so much fun. Best Tactic/RPG/Turned Based ever made to my view (I'm quite nostalgic)

  35. Thank you John I most definitely will. I can’t believe I missed this one. It’s right up my alley. Checks all my boxes.

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