1. they already have the multiverse and time travel

  2. Sorry, I meant introducing that to Star Wars.

  3. one thing I never wanted in starwars was time travel.

  4. I’m pretty intensely skeptical that we’ll ever see the official paper end of the series. Winds of Winter has been forever in coming and it’s not even the last book. Martin’s not a young guy either, so unless he pulls a Robert Jordan and hands the series off posthumously I doubt we’ll get to the end even if we see Winds of Winter on shelves.

  5. I did the same thing in a pickle jar 4 years ago, i forgot it on a shelf and its still going

  6. Maybe in 60 years you’ll get to pose for a similar picture haha.

  7. I get we get some pretty macabre or graphic stuff in here, but did you have to post them pre-cleanup with bits of gum still on them?

  8. I see a lot of negative comments towards D4 in this thread but on other gaming fora and in comments I mostly see positive comments about people loving they are backing away from D3 and return to D2 and I kinda agree, the mood, sound and gameplay looks satisfingly like D1/D2(R)

  9. I know you’re probably not an unbiased opinion, but would you say D2R is worth the price tag? Particularly for someone who still has access to the original?

  10. Heh yes my answer is a bit biased perhaps but like

  11. Cool. I’ll probably check it out if I see it on sale at some point. It’s tough to justify the full price tag for a twenty year old game that’s had a facelift haha.

  12. It's especially a dumb thing to do for a journalist who reviews books to do.

  13. It’s much less the case now when media is dominated so intensely by sci if and fantasy and it’s such a defining aspect of our culture. But there was definitely a time not that long ago when stories not set on earth about potentially real people were definitely viewed as less than and inferior, immature escapism.

  14. Definitely still that time if you try to take an average university creative writing course.

  15. Heh, it’s been a while since I’ve been in university and as such I’m pretty out of it regarding that. But it doesn’t surprise me at all that that would be the case.

  16. So much of star wars’ food looks repulsive, it threw me off when they were eating something that wasn’t a fruit and actually looked good.

  17. Honestly tho that mayor dude needs to be duly investigated for malfeasance by his constituents. The guy is running a straight up tropical utopia where seemingly the only thing they have to worry about is tidal waves every few decades, and yet the warning system was delayed, the emergency ladders rusted to the point of being almost unusable, and the whole evacuation plan in general was a complete mess as the mayor just kinda runs around town shouting at people to run up the steep cliffside stairs in a panicked mob cause the evac ladders can't even be deployed from the bottom of the island. Man had one whole job and he did not handle it well lol.

  18. When they got to the top and hunter hops in the ship my immediate thought was “because that panicking crowd definitely wouldn’t be mobbing the only thing capable of escaping the island“

  19. That thing is awesome, also looks straight up like it comes from a monster.

  20. Oh definitely dangerous animals. About as close as you can get in real life to fantasy monsters lol.

  21. FTL, Stardew Valley, Baldur’s Gate 1 & 2, Icewind Dale, OXENFREE, Darkest Dungeon, and Minecraft all have really solid IOS ports, Terraria has a decent one too though I prefer PC.

  22. There are a few reasons why that could be the case. Maybe they don't want people to conclude that exploration can only occur in a dungeon, or that exploring dungeons is the primary goal of the game as part of a move away from dungeon crawling and towards narrative epics.

  23. I think there’s a large gap between poor design through layout and poor design through intent that you’re largely overlooking.

  24. The DMG has TONNES of great advice in it. I should know, I said for years that it was worthless until I realized I hadn't actually read it.

  25. I think part of the problem is layout. A lot of the content just isn’t really put forward in a great way. Much of the book is written very casually which makes it fun to read, but difficult to implement in game.

  26. The reason the Holdo Maneuver is never used is simple: the value of a single strike on a target that has a high risk of failing isn't worth the cost of an entire ship with a hyperdrive.

  27. That’s true, but droids wouldn’t need to be hyperspace bombs to be effective in kamikaze strategies.

  28. We see a droid voluntarily self-destruct in The Mandalorian.

  29. True, but as with battle droids that’s something ideally he’d never have to do. There’s a difference between that and being expressly built with the sole function of blowing yourself up.

  30. Missiles. A kamikaze droid is called a missile and if its possible it doesn't really make sense that they wouldn't use them.

  31. Maybe there’s some sort of regulation that prevents people from designing and fielding sentient droids whose express purpose is to die. Before you say battle droids, you could argue that a battle droid’s purpose is to fight. A common side effect of fighting is dying, but it’s not really the intent, the perfect situation would involve your battle droid destroying everything it went up against forever.

  32. I'm so confused. There is no one "Wet pussy: Guaranteed" story. Different strokes for different folks. Some women like rape fantasies, other women like a slow romantic burn. You have to know who your audience is, whether they're receptive to you, and when the mood is right.

  33. Not gonna back that up with any arguments, explanations, or conversation points explaining your stance?

  34. Sorry, his character, way of movement, his face, everything seems like a shell of the old iroh. Like they got it just almost right, but not right enough. It’s really hard to point out exactly what it is, but it’s too similar but different enough to make me feel like I’m in a parallel dimension that I don’t want to be in.

  35. That’s fair, I do think the character is off in subtle ways.

  36. clone wars and andor have no filler. Rebels and bad batch do.

  37. I would actually argue that Clone Wars has more of what folks call filler than any of the other shows. It’s the most Saturday morning cartoon of any of the shows and as a direct result has a lot more episodic storytelling that doesn’t really go anywhere.

  38. Bad batch s2 everyone is just calling filler but it’s not it’s giving us story hear like Sid shady dealings in the racing episode that’s saying they might be betrayed by her but omega made her change her mind

  39. I’m inclined to agree. I’d say that in every episode there’s some sort of advancement of something or foreshadowing or something that you can point to.

  40. There may be an official answer to this that I’m unaware of. However lacking that, I expect there may be some sort of prestige system that determines where you are in the hall, but I think the building was built specifically to provide good audio to everyone in the room no matter their location. Furthermore, speakers could float to the middle to be seen. So really the only difference with being at the extreme upper or lower seats is how good your view of the speakers and the chancellor/emperor is going to be.

  41. Adding to the chorus, History and Classics are more or less great exampiles of those degrees that qualify you to teach that subject, or to get a job that’s just looking for a “do they have a degree? Yes or no?” check box.

  42. Congratulations, you’ve entered Groundhog Day Stardew valley edition.

  43. I’ve seen images of live triggerfish, but this one looks like one of those old paintings of animals where the artist was only going off a rough description of the source animal.

  44. I don’t get why everyone has become so allergic to “filler” in the last few years. Episodic storytelling isn’t filler, and character driven shows like the Bad Batch don’t need to be exclusively hitting the meta plot button every episode to be good. I really don’t get that complaint, particularly when the side episodes often give us valuable inter character development or personal character growth in exchange for not moving the meta plot forward.

  45. Sam's 3-heart event says that the soldiers are dying in huge numbers and he thinks that he's lying when he tells Vincint that their dad is coming home someday. I suppose its technically possible that Ferngill is winning extremely pyrrhically, but that's not really the impression that I get from Kent's dialogue.

  46. The problem is that narrative doesn’t really align with what we see in the rest of the game. If the nation was actually losing a war on its own borders you’d hear about it more through dialogue other characters were bringing up. That’s a really scary concept and not really something only a couple people would be concerned with.

  47. I had figured that it was a distant war similar to the United States wars in Iraq, where Gotoro doesn't actually pose much of a real threat to the Ferngill Republic, there isn't an immediate economic impact, and people aren't conscripted. But soldiers from Ferngill are still getting killed and maimed.

  48. Yeah I expect that’s likely the case. Something awful but also remote from day to day life for the folks at home.

  49. The guild needs more than just spice though. They are entirely dependent on terrestrial sources for everything, food, fuel, water etc etc. They need the Houses just as much as the Houses need them and while the Fremen can supply a small amount of Spice their incentive to do so disappears once they know that the Houses are in open revolt against the Guild.

  50. That is true. I would argue that the guild represents something of a first amongst equals though, even if the Emperor technically holds that position in public. It’s difficult to field an army without the means to mobilize it, and the guild has a working relationship with the Fremen meaning that they could in theory continue to get access to the spice even after the armies became hostile.

  51. Serpa Design on YouTube has several builds like this. I generally find him quite detailed in his descriptions so I assume it shouldn’t be too hard to follow along.

  52. Probably didn’t expect folks digging up family pets lol.

  53. I've seen some like people doing this with hamsters or small pets, with bigger pets like cats and dogs is pretty uncommon but if that helps with the grief then its okay.

  54. Yeah, I mean if folks want to do this sort of thing that’s their prerogative.

  55. Never EVER listen with your ear pressed to a door. Do you want earwigs? That’s how you get earwigs.

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