1. Currently 5 dpo and feeling restless. I want to know if I am or if I'm not but this tww is the worst

  2. Why did you give up retinol during TTC? My derm told me specifically that it’s safe to use my tretinoin until I got pregnant. Just curious !

  3. Same here. My derm said I'm free to use until I'm not. With the way my skin behaves I'd have to!

  4. Idk why you’re getting downvotes. I have a retail pair and they look nothing like this.

  5. It's like people get upset at a quality check that isn't a glowing review. The whole point is to compare retail. People saying that "they could never tell" isn't even helpful

  6. I disagree with the previous sentiment. It’s called ‘White and Blue Damier Azur Coated Canvas ‘ and looks pretty blue to me. I’ve done side by sides for the past few minutes and have a hard time finding any issue other than the red on the strap could be improved upon but easily fixed. I can say with confidence that people in passing aren’t going to snap a photo and do a side by side……….

  7. I absolutely agree that no one is going to be rude enough to say this is a fake or have the audacity to take photos. However on a QC assessment this is not a high tier replica. Thats not to say it's bad given the price point.

  8. While no one will call you out to your face, this is not a good replica. ETA: the glazing is very red, the white squares are completely blank (there should be grey lines in there), and the alignment of the checker pattern is askew on the pochette

  9. I am waffling between sizes. My foot is 27cm long. Every other shoe I own is size 10.5-11 in women or size 9 in men. I just bought an all leather Arizona in size 42 but after searching this sub I question if that correct. Any help would be appreciated!

  10. Thank you for taking the time to answer. I like the 42 as well

  11. Hey! It looks like he put this into his store? Is that your elongated cushion design there?

  12. Yes that definitely looks like my ring. She's been holding up. Can't believe it's almost a year. I might do a wear and tear

  13. Period is 3 days late, took a test yesterday and it was negative. PMS has been particularly rough. The cramps too. It’s all within normal, but I just wish I’d get my period already. (eye roll)

  14. I can relate. I am just ready to move on to the next cycle so we can get this show on the road.

  15. I'm currently taking clomid due to do my past with irregular periods. I'm currently on cycle two and I'm curious how regular should my cycle be now that I'm on this? Current and past users do/did your periods arrive like clockwork or is/was there some slight variation?

  16. Unfortunately this is a reality. There's always a statement like "it's so great working for a company that supports you with yada yada..." like we see through this post you just wanted to tell us you're pregnant (edit for grammar)

  17. Currently 10 dpo and resisting the urge to test. This waiting is the worst.

  18. I have the Black medium duffle, and I think I’m good with that.

  19. Congratulations! Love your nails and ring is gorgeous

  20. Your strap looks great. Huge fan of ostrich leather!

  21. I'm a sucker for Tiffany blue and your watch is amazing

  22. This bag does appear be real. Not a clue where to find secret merch.

  23. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s real. The amount of products they secretly dropped annoyed me. If it wasn’t for this sub or Twitter I wouldn’t have known about most of the items.

  24. Seriously I'm VERY over it. We just want to support. I don't think I should be expected to do all this research to buy products.

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