1. it might just be because i’m autistic, but i have absolutely no idea what any emojis mean. i guess through context clues i deduced that eggplant means penis, but any of the other ones? forget about it. this whole “language within a language” is just completely incomprehensible. if you use one of the thousand emojis for “happy” then i’m not gonna know what your intent was, since all i see is a happy face. and don’t even get me started on the skull emoji.

  2. in 2021 we went 11-6 and were thirteen seconds away from making the conference championship. all that matters is that we win the division.

  3. because white people took all their money.

  4. how is that projection? genuine question

  5. Why wouldn't you try recording yourself?

  6. i mean, not everyone wants to record themselves sleeping.

  7. I know that but sugar sends more to their graves than the rest of the drugs combined. It's the hardest drug you'll get too xx

  8. to be fair, it’s so addicting because your body literally needs sugar to survive. it’s the companies that dump barrelfuls of sugar into all our food that make it so harmful.

  9. i’m sorry this isn’t an answer, but i wanted to ask a question related to this one because i’m planning on getting some tattoos soon.

  10. you can, but you shouldn’t. nothing’s stopping you, though.

  11. Normalize minding your own business and eating things the way you enjoy them

  12. i use the fork to scoop from the bottom of the roll. makes for an easy transportation method, and prevents the filling from falling out.

  13. No not at all,why would you even consider this madness. You nust be one of those that sits next to a stranger on a bus while there are still empty seats.

  14. i’m not sure if you’re trolling or not, but yes this is genuinely how i feel.

  15. I am not trolling, it is how we live, if the bus is full yes take the seat available, but don't start a conversation. If I do not know you stay the F out of my space. There are unspoken rules, if you grew up here you'll know them if you lived here for 20 odd years you'll know most of them. We will not tell you what they are, they are unspeakable, but not in a creepy way.

  16. looks like i should move to scandinavia. which of the scandinavian countries do you prefer?

  17. Chief’s fan here. Chiefs or Bengals for the AFC representative?

  18. i personally would prefer the bengals. i live in cincy, i go to school here, and i find the team to be similar to the bills in many ways. short periods of great play without a championship separated by long stretches of mediocrity.

  19. Yes, it's just you. I don't support a city that calls sandwiches hogies and uses the term "wooder ice."

  20. those things are called those names, though.

  21. In many cases, you can use your imagination to put yourselves in their shoes, and using what you know of their situation, figure out how you likely would feel if it happened to you.

  22. but how is that possible without ever knowing what they’ve known, seeing what they’ve seen, or felt what they’ve felt? excuse me if this sounds racist, that isn’t my intention, but i could never empathize with a black person because their entire mindset is different from mine. they grew up seeing the world in a far different way than i have. i can learn about what they’ve gone through and try to understand it from an outsider’s perspective (which i’ve been doing for years), but i can never relate to what they’ve experienced.

  23. i would pull out my phone and have us watch bill wurtz’s “history of the entire world, i guess”, and i would pause after every single line and make a comment about either the video editing, music theory, or historical context.

  24. i’m 19 and i’ve always called people sir and ma’am. i also appreciate being called sir in return. i guess i’m the outlier here, especially since i’m from the northeast.

  25. Bread doesn't contain any significant amount of alcohol. Even sourdough bread, which might actually start as dough with a significant amount of alcohol, has nearly zero after it's baked. This is not a relevant place to look for minimizing consumption. Most fruit juices like orange juice and apple juice, or even a ripe banana have more alcohol than bread.

  26. thanks for your answer. as for your question,

  27. But there's no meaningful amounts of alcohol in bread. If any at all. Any that may have been there from fermentation cooked off in baking the bread.

  28. sounds good. thank you for your answer and experience.

  29. 50,000 is a great income, I wish I made that but instead I make 28K a year after taxes.

  30. huh. i was under the impression that 50,000 was low in this country.

  31. You're gonna need to fill in a few blanks before you can figure this out. Where are you planning to work? New York, maybe the silicon valley in California? What's your specific discipline, Artificial intelligence, programming, software engineer, IT?

  32. The other day i saw a video of a guy helping an animal. Truly awful 😔

  33. we’ve had two catastrophic events in the span of twelve years. i don’t think it’s going to get better any time soon.

  34. So where do we draft? (If the niners win let’s say)

  35. Autism isnt the same every single case! It is not "these traits mean you have autism", it is "having alot of these traits mean you could have autism!", one person may be great at public speaking but struggle with sensory issues, while it is the opposite for some. Its not weird at all :)!

  36. thanks. that helps, but it’s still gonna take me a while to internalize it

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