1. Can I message you? I am a nursing student in Milwaukee, would love to hear more about your job & path to getting there

  2. Yeah for sure. If you’re close to graduating I believe they are still doing 10k bonuses for new hires where I work. And student loan repayments depending on what floor u work on.

  3. So many people are angry without seeing the plate. I'm gonna play devil's advocate and suggest that maybe he does have a handicap license plate, but we just can't see it. Handicap license plates are very common for people with permanent disabilities.

  4. Chlorine tablets and rubbing alcohol and close the lid tight I hear kills mold

  5. My 4 year old when he climbs into our bed at 2am.

  6. Unfortunately the average American doesn’t understand this.

  7. Lol. The average sexual predator is also 80% likely to be a boomer

  8. I’m not sure sometimes if I’m helping girls thru college or buying them drugs!

  9. Just major in nursing instead of wasting time and money. Nothing gets you into nursing except nursing school. Why get a bachelors in public health so you can apply to get a bachelors in nursing?

  10. Many schools charge you more for having too many credits

  11. That’s more of what I meant. I know it doesn’t get you in, but I’ve heard of people majoring in PH then applying to a BSN program.

  12. Why the tire? Does that help somehow other than making the tank reek for decades?

  13. My geos starter would freeze in -15 temps would have to park it in a garage with a heat lamp under it

  14. Isreal has over 10k spies in Iran and Iran cannot stop them. Especially if they lead a civil war

  15. jagga jagga, there was an explosion at an ammo factory earlier this evening as well.

  16. Yes. Major karma blow to Iran. Glad to know their own ppl are fighting back!

  17. How many dead babies does it take to paint a house?

  18. People who can afford to work less end up working less…this has been a thing long before Covid or “quiet quitting” (or whatever phrase the media is spinning at the moment) came into existence

  19. The fact that all 3 body cameras were removed prior to the beating. They should be charged with premeditated murder.

  20. Gotta get these light pole cams in every major city!

  21. I see bald cypress planted all over parking lots in the SE US and they seem to thrive! I never would have thought that would work. Also, one of my favorite tree.

  22. Yeah that dude tried it out in the 1800s yolo turned out they actually pretty hardy

  23. Wait? She’s real? Is this one of them Mandela effect things?

  24. Reminds me of an interview The Beatles did with the American press when they first got big.

  25. Yeah I’m the ghetto they only give you two. And have none out to grab.

  26. It amazes me another human being can easily gun down a child

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