1. You two should have bought an M2, M3 or M6 😉

  2. You think I do anymore than take my precious out once a week and polish it resting on a soft down duvet?

  3. I'm in the UK/Oxfordshire. I have a single stroke with clean viewfinder I'd could be persuaded to sell What is your location? If not, I can probably help you find one as know the UK market pretty well.

  4. Looks like the diopter may be out of focus

  5. Do you currently have a prescription or use reading glasses. I recommend asking someone else to confirm. I had the same issue. My wife confirmed it was my eyes not the cameras.

  6. So it looks perfectly fine on my m2 and m10, but I’ll have my friends take a look. One of them also has an m6 so maybe I can try his diopter to see if it’s the issue. If not, do you think a CLA can fix this? I could send it to nippon

  7. I had 5 cameras, only one has the issue you mention. When I discovered it was my eyes, I just added a slight diopter to resolve. My only guess was that my eyes had a slight issue and the standard diopter has a slight tolerance that combined to cause a very slight blur, but your friend can confirm. Best get someone without a prescription and doesn't need reading glasses.

  8. 🤤 Timeless, desirable, unexpected combo. What a delightful setup.

  9. Thank you! We did not sync focal lengths. I shot 50, I think 35 and 16. I know

  10. I tend to alternate regularly and have used 21,28,35,50 and 50 with close focus adapter on this project.

  11. Chipping in to say, I really enjoyed the process. Definitely adds another dimension to taking photos and you need an element of luck. I think we've both had a lot of fun and it's sparked a few more ideas. We see this as a long term background project. It's definitely a great feeling when the two images come together.

  12. Should have left your exposed film in a box for someone else to waste their money developing and then research what a mean MF you were.

  13. Why the panoramic crop? I think it would work better with more sky. Just my opinion.

  14. This is fascinating. There is no A at the end of the serial and doesn’t appear to have been modified (the metal is smooth). The camera is functioning as well

  15. I think your link is to this Reddit post. The top google search is regarding the Leica I being upgraded by Leica into a Leica II. I believe the Leica I had 4 digit serial numbers so they simply added a digit. None of that applies to the M2 tho

  16. This post will be top once we get to the bottom of it 😉

  17. The 50 Lux ASPH for sure, if price isn't a factor. It's probably one of Leica's best lenses they've ever made, and this is coming from the guy who only shoots vintage Leica lenses.

  18. The 50 ASPH lux was released in 2004, so going on the 20 year rule, it will be vintage next year 🤣

  19. You could always doubly expose an entire roll or two....or four. Just mark the start of the film at the sprocket and make sure to load each time with the camera fully "un-stroked".

  20. 🤣 then try exchanging film with a fellow shooter..

  21. Not sure, just wanted a clean start and I was seeing my images online w/o my consent so worried they were being taken from here

  22. Probably worth altering the files with a slight edit if you post in other places.

  23. Judging by the small aperture it'd have to be the m10-m to have ISO that high.

  24. Reid went out of business in 1964, so according to UK copyright law everything went into the public domain 50 years later in 2014. That was just a quick Google search, so take it with a grain of salt.

  25. Good point, but still not eithical in my mind. Interesting nobody purchased the name as a brand like normally happens.

  26. If it’s in the public domain, they couldn’t purchase the name from someone if they wanted to. The public domain is generally celebrated as a good thing for art, culture, and commerce.

  27. It should also be noted that the British Reid camera was a copy of the Leica Barnack, so maybe it's a case of history repeating itself. I still think the use of the Reid logo is a crass gimmick, whilst probably meant as a genuine gesture of homage to the Reid brand, just comes across as tacky.

  28. M3 isn't ideal. M31 will give best results 🙃

  29. It's been posted on here before but apparently the lux asph is a secret APO.

  30. I've actually stopped thinking of it as a digital camera. Just switch back and forth between this and my film cameras.

  31. Enjoyed that Kevin. Great you were able to match the bag to the Hermes camera. I'd never noticed until today that they did away with the hotshoe on this model.

  32. There were two M10-D’s sold recently in Sweden. One was advertised at 54000 sek and the other at 52000 sek. Hope that helps!

  33. They were both bargains. Not seen anything priced that well for ages. Converts to $5400

  34. Maybe his balls just haven't dropped yet. The whales that is.

  35. Hey welcome to the Leica film camera club. You are going to have various things happen. It's all part of owning a Leica.

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