1. according to an article that i read in the past (Don't have the source , sorry) , it takes 28 days abstaining from THC to fully reset your CB1 receptors, then I think in order to fully reset your system , so technically the month always will be better.

  2. I was using vapes and edibles and after a month of using 10-30mg edibles I was no longer able to get high from edibles so I would be eating like 600mg trying to get high, skyrocketing my tolerance with zero payout. And I think vaping was really bad for my tolerance because I was able to buy the most potent stuff. Im gonna see what happens if I only smoke flower, as most long term smokers I’ve seen that don’t have tolerance issues are flower users

  3. I made it like 21-23 days i think before my roommate peer pressured me into a social smoke sesh with his friend. I switched to carts and flower and when i use the carts, flower doesnt work so i have to be really careful. I used a Pax 2 dry herb vaporizer and it was REALLY good for my tolerance… until i started smoking king palms and smoking at most 3 grams a day but thats still a lot more than I’d like to be smoking so im cutting back and not smoking more than 1.5 g a day

  4. Geez that looks fun!!!! Did you get it??

  5. They deem certain strains to be in their Select line. Such as ICC, sherbhead. Then they have their regular line of strains like Pinake, dolce, etc. think it shows on their website as well

  6. Yeah but in the pics they’re both lemon slushee

  7. They recently moved some strains to their select line. Sherbhead used to be in the regular packaging

  8. A mf swept that shit off the floor in the grow room and theres perlite up in that bitch.

  9. Damn i really wanna try that now, it sounds amazing

  10. Amazing Budz in Adrian is really good. I'm also an Ohio med user who recently started going to Michigan and the price difference to Ohio will shock you.

  11. Bro I asked the same question and got plenty people like snapping on me like I was asking for their Mom’s phone # or something good luck tho bro I hope u find what you’re looking for

  12. Ive gotten like 7 dms from people trying to “sell me drugs” lmao

  13. You can't go wrong with a Vong to go with a bong .. ahh that could be song 🎵 if I went on to long But seriously if I was starting again then the Vong would be my first choice because its versatile and you'll probably end up getting one anyway lol. Welcome to dynaverse whatever you get. ☯️

  14. Ty homie! Do i need an adapter with the vong or just the m? Bong compatibility is my main thing cuz im getting am awesome bong and it’ll be my first

  15. The Vong fits 14mm and 10mm bongs and is titanium so durable. Has adjustable air intake so you can use it just as straight adapter with the bong. The M is only 10mm but you can get 10mm to 14mm glass adapter for 5 to 10 quid. Definitely not knocking the M because it was my first and you don't forget your first lol but it's not an M now its a Minger Ti 🤣


  17. I’ve been looking into getting a dynavap and wasn’t sure if that’s what stem that was so I checked out the comments and my favorite milk guzzler was here ❤️

  18. I have the same stem, didn't crack. Heat on LOW and there's not much risk.

  19. OMG I LOVE LOQUATS THEYRE SO YUMMY! PLS EAT WHEN THEY’RE RIPE! I wanna live vicariously through you ❤️😭

  20. You… you wanna drink my milk? You bad boy 🥵

  21. I already had dinner, but I accept their right to exist. Milk away!

  22. You were gonna eat me if you hadn’t eaten dinner 😰 I thought we were friends

  23. I’ve tried most of the GO and Klutch pods and the lemon slushee from Klutch definitely stands out in flavor and effects. Sunshine kush and slurricane are two excellent new additions from GO. Can’t go wrong with any of these but lemon slushee is probably my new favorite, at least until I try pineapple pez 😅🤤

  24. Our lungs be that much more grateful :)

  25. I bet you’re gonna have such sexy lungs now, bro ❤️❤️❤️

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