1. If there’s a pattern of it, you can be written up for schedule adherence, but this sounds like a one off thing so I wouldn’t sweat it.

  2. It was shown on video from multiple angles that at every opportunity, Rittenhouse tried to flee.

  3. This comment needs to be pinned at the top of every discussion about this dude

  4. Hey, I know this comment is 4 months old lol but I was wondering could you expand on this comment? What's the story with Audrey, was there a disagreement with Sherilyn Fenn?

  5. So this is four months worth of embarrassment, but I 100% meant Donna/Lara Flynn Boyle lmao.

  6. Yeah this is always my response when I see an argument like "what's the point of a 1 for 1 adaptation? You can just play the game!" Dude my mom's not gonna play the game.

  7. I personally really hate Vito being gay subplot. It feels like so much lost potential. The idea of a Gay Mobster wrestling with the fear of getting found out is a great idea. Or how internally the guys feel about it. But when Vito runs away and meets Johnny it becomes so boring. Partly because Vito just honestly is not a good actor.

  8. I have fond memories of the Vito/Johnny story line, because it was such a jarring tonal shift from the rest of the show that I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically any time we cut to them having their Lifetime movie romance

  9. Biking energy, he really like the Tour de France

  10. Ethan runs, Cameron bikes. Thus they are diametrically opposed through their preferred methods of cardio, setting up the conflict we see play out through the season.

  11. Making the planned Gate Guardian Fusion-based support good enough to not be DOA.

  12. Sheesh. Everything on aisle 7 and 13-15 must be locked up like prisons. Y’all have shrink like that on detergent? I’m amazed.

  13. There is a panel during the end of it where makima completely straight faced admits that she might not win and I just find it really funny

  14. There’s an even better moment a chapter or two later, after Chainsawman is coming down from being launched into orbit, he wraps all the surviving hybrids and Makima in his chains, all of the hybrids look nervous, but Makima looks like she’s having the time of her fucking life

  15. Most David Lynch criticism can be chalked up to people being stupid and unimaginative. I said my piece.

  16. I came into this thread specifically to talk about Roger Ebert’s bad faith takes on David Lynch’s movies. I know he was pretty kind to A Straight Story, but his review on Blue Velvet is a real black mark on his reputation as a critic if you ask me

  17. Apparently, on desktop, you do, because it doesn't work for me. Which is weird, but ok, I guess I stand half-corrected then.

  18. After reading this panel, i realized Denji seems to be holding back on info now, by the way he nonchalantly awnsered "I know more about devils then you think"

  19. In terms of Shikai, he has one of the most OP of the whole manga. His shikai could be considered almost stronger than his bankai.

  20. It’s funny, because Shinji himself points this out in CFYOW, saying that his Shikai’s for powerful opponents and his Bankai is for weaker enemies, and blames Sakanade for being too contrary

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