Citizens chant "CCP, step down" and "Xi Jinping, step down" in the streets of Shanghai, China

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  1. Did anyone else think he was going to steal the camera?

  2. If it's well cooked, that gives more surface area to seat and can be quite good. Same concept as scoring meat before sticking in the oven.

  3. The mods sometimes consider modding DQ games against subreddit rules, so I DM'd you.

  4. You're allergic to the allergy test. Your doctors will deny that that's possible, but it is, and I know other people who are.

  5. I on l don't know then, but now the best is Kettle brand. Nothing else compares.

  6. Don't ask why I have a lib/database folder (which is redundant) instead of a simple lib folder

  7. Linux (which Android runs on top of) uses ELF for the executable format in the same way Windows uses EXE. Whatever you did made the executable file no longer valid.

  8. EXE is not the format, it is the file extension. The format is Portable Executable (PE). EXE and DLL extensions are both PE formated files.

  9. An unnecessary technicality for the explanation

  10. You have to build a portal in the never at the overworld coords / 8 (middle coord unchanged)

  11. Depends on the part. RAM, CPU, sure. Hard drives, fans, motherboards, no. Hard drives have limited lifetimes and buying used is asking to lose your data.

  12. Oh yeah, used fans fall apart, and purple don't take care of their motherboard ports.

  13. People are already complaining of spam, let's not push it

  14. As far a gaming goes, a 1080 is plenty powerful.

  15. Read the comments, someone posted the source.

  16. Oh it's pretty "saline" alright. Next maintainer's gonna be very saline.

  17. Yep, once you use it you wonder why you did it any other way.

  18. I always read that spreading leaves air bubbles.

  19. Guy is lucky he’s not dead. That was a live primary wire. Voltage was probably in excess of 4,000 volts

  20. Any linemen want to weigh in on this. Would you trust your PPE standing on wet pavement?

  21. All I said was the PPE is the reason he's alive, not that I'd recommend doing this.

  22. Honestly haskell is a really good language, but it doesn't really have many use cases. It is great for writing compilers (it was used for elm, purescript and some DSLs like wasp) but for most things, there's another functional language that can do it better

  23. Ideally you write the connote in the language being compiled, that way the compiler can sanity check itself.

  24. We need more bots, such as a King Davis bot replying to TempleOS or HolyC post with one of his awesome words

  25. I’ve never heard them called “lie bumps.” I’ve always heard them called by their actual scientific term (even when I was young).

  26. I know right? It‘a an honest mistake, someone just coded it as a $10 off discount off… would have thought that bringing it up to corporate in customer support emails would work but I never get a response

  27. Have you tried contacting the CEO? I've found some companies setup their customer support to be unable to provide customer support, and the CEO was the lowest level rep I could find contact information for who actually had access to anything.

  28. 3... 2... There are no people in this video.

  29. Would that be a "Meat in the middle" attack?

  30. Funniest cache related issue I witnessed happened in 1999. Senior PM said we have a caller who claims he’s seeing pornographic images on our website. He thought it was a joke and we couldn’t reproduce it. Then more callers. Same issue. I checked everything, nope, nobody hacked us, images are fine on the server.

  31. Dig straight down and leave a hole to jump into. Unstuck to get out.

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