1. The Moodies have been a guilty pleasure of mine all along. But I have to admit that they are the shallow end of the prog pool.

  2. To each their own. My favorite Moody Blues albums are Long Distance Voyager and Seventh Sojourn and Days of Future Passed. 🤷‍♂️ I don’t get the hate either.

  3. Yeah, LDV is often overlooked and a very good album.

  4. I've never heard of them before, which album would you recommend to begin with?

  5. Their first album called Mirror is pretty good. It's more modern rock than prog but there is one ten minute track on it. I don't know if the person who mentioned Blind Ego knows this but it's actually a side project of the guitarist from RPWL who are a very good Pink Floydish kind of prog band; in fact they startetd out as a Pink Floyd tribute band.

  6. I haven't seen that many movies that would fall into this category but one that stands out for me is The Day Trippers from 1996. Not all (or even most ) of the film features this kind of talk but some of it does, and for me at least it's what made the movie the most memorable.

  7. The most overrated band in history is The Beatles. The sheer insanity surrounding them is unprecedented.

  8. The Beatles aren't that bad either. In fact I feel they deserve most of the praise they get and it's amazing how they made so much music (most of it great) in only 7-8 years. So no, I don't think they are overrated.

  9. Good band but definitely way overrated. They also have too many "bandwagon" fans. What I mean by that is too many people who wear their shirts or maybe have been totheir concerts but they don't really own any albums that they actually paid for (live boots don't count). Aside from the Rolling Stones I've probably seen more young women wearing GD t shirts than any other band. Of course they are usually "hippie" chicks who think because they are vegan or whatever that the Grateful Dead should also be part of their lifestyle. So yes they are overrated in general and not just because of their fake "wannabe" fans.

  10. King crimson! Anything by them, but their 80’s output is my favorite. Discipline and beat are incredible.

  11. Larks Tongues In Aspic would be their most avant gardish imo. Followed by Islands and Lizard.

  12. But if King Crimson are recommended than Gentle Giant definitely needs to be recommended too. Octopus would be a good intro to the band. The Power And The Glory would be next and as far as being "out there" goes.

  13. It's not on the front page though. You have to go into the forums. The front page just has reviews but they aren't all new (some certainly are though).

  14. In Absentia and Deadwing by Porcupine Tree are two of the greatest albums of all time.

  15. Yes and neither are metal. They are a progressive rock band with some metal elements here and there but they aren't and never were pure metal or even true progressive metal. FOABP probably comes closest though.

  16. Led Zeppelin, the Who, The Police, REM, U2, Pearl Jam and the Beatles are just a few of my favorite all time non prog favorites. Then there's borderline bands I like such as Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult, Radiohead, etc. I also like indie stuff. Check out a band called Elbow. They are proggish but not really prog rock.

  17. I think the announcer went a bit overboard in trying to explain what progressive rock is. Just announce the music. Most people there don't care about prog or labels anyway they are just there to watch the game or the cheerleaders. Also, how could he mention Jethro Tull and Pink Floyd but not Genesis? That makes no sense to me.

  18. The main one that comes to mind for me is the live version of Starship Trooper from Yessongs. Nothing against the original but that live version just takes it to a whole other level (and the same for everytime I've seen them do it live).

  19. Great song and great album. Yes is kind of an underrated and underappreciated band these days so it's nice to see someone post this.

  20. Ah. Yes I'm much more keen to modern prog than the classic stuff. Plus thus post sure seemed like it was talking about a prog scene that CURRENTLY exists

  21. You might like some of the modern Italian prog but maybe not. I'd recommend listening to the earlier stuff first but also listen to the classic prog in general. Just out of curiosity what got you into prog? What bands specifically. Most people seem to get into it through the old bands but it seems like you didn't so I'm curious what your first exposure (or exposures) was.

  22. Well being born in 2001 and with older siblings, I was raised on 2000s alternative rock and metal. Bands like Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, etc. So that's probably why I lean towards the newer stuff. Themata by Karnivool was the first modern prog song I heard, besides Tool. Then I found Just A Ride by Rishloo and listened to all of their Living As Ghosts album, and Karnivool's Themata album as well which led me to listen to Sound Awake as well. Then through Rishloo I found Fair to Midland and listened to both of their albums. I also listened to the rest of Rishloo's discography. Then I found Dream The Dead by Caligula's Horse and listened to that In Contact album. Then I was shown Alleviate by Leprous and listened to their Pitfalls album. And then I heard Cockroach King by Haken and listened to The Mountain. At that point I think I could consider myself a full blown prog fan. I've been finding plenty of other modern stuff since then, but the classics are still on my to do list. So far I've only listened to the first half of In The Court of The Crimson King

  23. I don't know how common it is for someone your age ( I have a nephew who is your age but not a prog fan at all to the best of my knowledge since his dad-my brother- never warmed up to it much despite being three years older than me) to discover the newer prog (mostly prog metal imo) first but I suppose it's not unheard of. I'll try to refrain from saying I think it's weird that there are prog fans these days who haven't heard Yes, Rush, early Genesis, Pink Floyd, etc. I once talked to a guy at a prog festival (probably in his 20s- I'm in my early 50s) who first got into prog through Devin Townsend. That was new to me. Anyay, the classic prog is a different animal than much of the newer stuff. I personally don't care much for Coheed and Cambira or Thank You Scientist or anything with emo sounding vocals. I first got into prog in the 80s so while it was still the classic bands I heard their more commercial material first. It sounds like Tool was your first exposure to prog. I think you should ease your way into the classic stuff by next listening to Dream Theater, Spock's Beard, Transatlantic, Porcupine Tree and Marillion then the classic bands (Yes, ELP, King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Camel, Genesis, PF, Rush, JT, VDGG, etc). Discovering new prog (and music in general) will be one of the most fun things you can do. Btw, I picked up a used copy of a Karnivool cd (I'm old so I'm a cd guy) at a record store. It's good but I can't say that much more about it (I'll have to listen to it more I suppose). As for King Crimson, Larks tongues in aspic is my personal favorite and one the best and craziest (in a good way) albums you will probably ever hear. Ditto for relayer by Yes.

  24. Relayer will always be my favorite yes album

  25. Same here. I remember how blown away I was by it when I first heard it. That album (probably more than any other) made me a prog fan for life.

  26. Relayer by quite a bit. Going For The One was very good and maybe even great but it was not quite on the same level as the 71-74 albums (imo).

  27. I'm a huge fan of Genesis' "Invisible Touch." It was a HUGE album for them commercially, but I know many fellow Proggers dislike it very much. "In Too Deep" is a bit too sappy for my tastes, so I generally skip it, but the rest of the album is pure gold!

  28. Up to that point maybe. I can think of other albums less popular though such as Hold Your Fire, Presto, Roll The Bones and Test For Echo.

  29. Hey, I'm just getting busy with the facts.

  30. Interesting question. I think John‘s vocal stylings on Crimson are most similar to his earlier singing with yes (first two albums).

  31. That makes sense because Lizard was recorded before TYA and just after TAAW.

  32. You have the time available to listen to King Crimson but not Yes? Seriously? Anyway, no, I don't think Yes has any songs like that. In fact I would say they don't have anything even close to that. However, you can and should listen to Awaken (it has the awake part in it at least) and also the Gates of Delirium. You might like some Jon Anderson solo stuff like the Olias of Sunhillow album or the title track to Song of Seven. That's about it though and even none of those sound like KC but you might like them anyway. You should definitely listen to the Yes Album, Relayer, Fragile and Close to the Edge and maybe also Tales from topographic Oceans that is if you can somehow find the time. ;)

  33. this commercial is just wrong on so many levels.

  34. It is but apparently it never actually aired anyway.

  35. I've seen this posted before online. It's too bad it never actually aired though. I'm not sure why.

  36. I think I heard once (possibly from him) that his voice is above the alto range.

  37. Was it an old guy, and do you live near the MD/PA border?

  38. That doesn't narrow it down. Most Yes fans are old guys. ;)

  39. Probably on some classic rock station. The classic rock station in my area haven't played thatone in a long time though.

  40. Pretty cool. What's the one with the giant robot though?

  41. Giant in my drawing but not so giant in the episode. This is from the episode "The Invaders". A women is pretty much spooked then terrorized by small invaders

  42. That's kind of what I thought it was. Thanks. Great drawing by the way.

  43. just another fake reaction video... they are a cancer of yt

  44. Great band. I've seen them three times.

  45. I don't know but I sure as f**k have. It's something that's just not worth it for many men.

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