TIFU By cuddling my elderly dog.

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  1. There are a few many times you will be working for something like medical billing, invoice remittance, or something like that. There are places in many different industries where you can hit it right to get it just how you'd want. It will take a lot of looking though and being willing to ask for what you want and the being willing to walk away from an offer if they don't offer what you need.

  2. Look at that sweet fuzzle! I'm glad he found a good place to call home.

  3. Have been through some tough things but got some great news and saw some things pay off that I set in motion during the year at the very end of the year. This coming year should be a lot better because of the year I've had.

  4. I'm glad you could give that sweet fuzzle something nice even though it makes it a bit tough on you. Cute pupper there by the way.

  5. Lots depends on what the cost of storage will be down the line. Will we make advances that make it insanely cheaper soon or will it take a long time? Will you use close to that 10 tb soon? If so then not a terrible deal if not and they close down then a really bad deal. There are too many factors that we don't have to be able to tell you.

  6. Glad you're still with us kiddo. One truth in life that we are told the opposite of is that 40 is still young you can start an entire empire at 50 and do tons of things without knowing what you want from life when you're 20, 30, or even 40. Many times that can be an advantage for special people because that is a clean slate, they can go and say I guess I'll give it a go and try new things and see what they want and go for their life and situation.

  7. I can't lie I probably would have done this at first many years ago before u saw how it was done. Though I never dealt with bagged milk before so I had no clue either but seeing the picture and how it's done made a lot of sense.

  8. Excited for you internet friend. Post some updates of some games when you get a chance to use it. Use the heck out of it and have tons of fun!

  9. They legally cannot ask you due to hippa regulations, from my understanding. If you let slip the information on your own that is up to you. It's frankly none of their business.

  10. Those aren't caterpillars those are extra large ferrets at least.

  11. Absolutely! It's actually one of my favorite places to go in the winter. I think it's really pretty.

  12. I'm not doing it anymore but I was a power plant operator. It doesn't require a degree and generally they pay for you to get certifications and qualifications. You won't make 100,000 immediately but you can move up real quick in the right place especially with so many baby boomers retiring soon.

  13. Stay away from the smile center on walzem. They up all you in all sorts of stupid crap that you probably don't need and can get cheaper elsewhere. They sold me some toothpaste they said I really should be using for over $15. It was a small tube like well under what would be safe to take in a carry on on a plane. The active ingredient is also in pronamel, and pronamel has a higher amount in it. Pronamel you can buy at any store and can get with a coupon for like $2-3 dollars. I'm sure the procedure they did was not needed like they claimed it was too. Then they sent me bills afterwards too, when I had already paid them.

  14. If you can find old carpet you can put that up on walls to insulate some more and it can be free.

  15. They’re brainwashed by social media to believe vegan food is somehow worse than animal products. Which makes no sense cause all the flavor (seasoning), comes from plants

  16. That's not true, come on if we're going to argue it we have to make sure our arguments hold up. Worcester sauce, fish sauce and shrimp seasoning are just a quick few that I can think of if the top of my head that are meat based. Spices on the other hand are by pure definition plant based because spices come from plants but flavorings come from many sources. Oh and one more is vanilla flavoring that comes from the small glads of beavers that is certainly not vegan and has been used as a vanilla substitute for quite a long time.

  17. The sauces u mentioned have plants, they are mostly plants, and then some animal products. Those sauces wouldnt be anything w/o plants

  18. And animals wouldn't be alive without plants. So what's your point? There. Are. Flavorings. That. Are. Not. Plant. Based. Saying there's some plants in there doesn't change it. By all means keep being wrong and more easily dismissable by anyone you're trying to show the light to your just making everyone else's job harder.

  19. Sharpen one well and show him the true difference it makes. Thank him for the sentiment but, tell him please don't do that again without asking you like it done a particular way and you had done it and he actually messed that up for you.

  20. Check disk management and see if it shows 16TB there. If it does, you'll need to expand the partition that shows as 4TB in the screenshot you posted.

  21. If it doesn't, install CrystalDiskInfo and see as what it shows up there.

  22. It shows a little over 16TB on crystal disk thank you.

  23. I want to thank you for putting all of this together. It was truly helpful.

  24. The only aggressiveness I see is aggressively cute. Many times those people are just jerks.

  25. Putting hot food in the fridge will make it unsafe.

  26. It's all about experiences of the individual. They may have only had bad experiences with vegan food and are apprehensive about it. Would you rather they just flat refuse to even try it out tell you it tastes terrible just because it's vegan? You're looking for the bad here so that's what you're finding.

  27. Yes and now he’s ok with seizures and has a flea infestation. I noticed I walk him anywhere and he comes back with fleas. I think everyone’s yards are infested with fleas :”( they’re so hard to get rid of. I’ve tried so many things and cleaned and bathed him 3 days in a row

  28. We had a problem a while back I vacuumed really well for several days and washed the dogs with dawn to kill off the flea right away. Then I used a flea collar which really seemed to be the thing to help. They haven't come back in a year now. I hope you and you fuzzle get past this rough patch.

  29. What collar did you use? Did your dog get any side effects with the collar? How long did your dog wear the collar? Sorry for all the questions

  30. Not a problem. They didn't have any side effects from the use of these collars except not itching so much from those dang little bugs. After the collars were put on I washed their beds and blankets and vacuumed really well for a few days. My little guy is still wearing his, I should get him another one. My big guy lost his after a few months while trying to dig under a fence. I hope this helps.

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