1. It also gets sick people to drink fluids, which is really hard to do with plain water. Hydrate or die-drate!

  2. This is probably the true reason or way that it helps most.

  3. My mom did this all the time too. I think it started more with ginger ale, as ginger has stomach settling properties and this was falsely attributed to all similar shade pop and then that's how it became s thing. Though I could be wrong, I'm not a proper food theorist.

  4. What you do is you "sell" the house and owner finance it seeing the payment to be what the rent should be for X account if time then a balloon payment kicks in when you want the sale to fall apart. This balloon has to be huge to prevent someone just going through with it and actually buying your house. Then they break the contract and leave and you don't report it to the credit bureaus so it doesn't impact them and sell it to your next "buyer". They can't do anything if a contract happens to fall through and ownership happens to revert back to you.

  5. Why wouldn't they? It works the same in the end as a lease and the balloon payment is not something new, it's been used by the mortgage industry forever to get people into terrible loans that they end up defaulting on.

  6. I just want to give her the biggest hug. She looks so sweet.

  7. Your employer has not made it a point to pay you anywhere close to what it should take to keep you. They have had ample opportunity to do so, it's not an oversight it's not a mistake, it's not innocent in any way shape or form. They are just hoping you're uninitiated enough to stay and work for peanuts. Offer two weeks if you feel like you want the reference in the future. Don't take a counter offer as you see how they took care of you previously.

  8. I think this is exactly the conclusion I have reached. They have had the opportunity and have not come through. Why would I give them another opportunity to match this offer? I want to offer two weeks because I'm staying in the same industry and both companies actually work together frequently.

  9. That sounds like a good plan. Best of luck to you, though by the sound of it I don't think you'll need it. You're going to be great.

  10. First time I haven't had to sort by controversial to do 49ers posts. Keep it up everyone.

  11. 49ers have got to go sort by controversial to see 49er comments to vote on them.

  12. 49ers have got to go sort by controversial to see 49er comments to vote on them.

  13. We don't know. We were going to do a doggy DNA but his ligament and hips had different plans for our money for a bit. Once we finish paying that off we're going to get it done. I'll be sure to post it when we do.

  14. I think in the US it has more to do with shot detection/triangulation tech that would be less effective if suppressors were widespread... best I've come up with. Could be your reason too or a combination.

  15. No the law was there way before any shot detection capability was available besides ears. 1934 was the year.

  16. While this is true for companies that are related under OSHA there are companies in the United States that are not related by OSHA. These include, any companies that are owned by federal and state agencies. Also municipalities. It also doesn't technically apply to contractor employees.

  17. Mainly it's pushed by religious leaders to exert guilt and thus moral superiority and control over others. It's really not a huge plot point to the religions but it's harpies on like it is.

  18. We need to get the 49ers out of here. They keep down voting the comments sort by controversial to s see and vote on their team.

  19. Sorry by controversial to see all the 49er posts since they keep Doreen voting instead of having fun.

  20. 49ers need to go. They're just down voting so hard that the comments get hidden.

  21. She could be trying to create some jealousy to get you riled up which isn't right. It's also not a good sign of things to come in the future if it continues down this path. Many times people who like to see this in their partners enjoy drama and conflict. The reason is something I will never understand and they don't understand it themselves. If it doesn't start changing then very seriously reconsider the relationship. This isn't a big ask of her, and it can lead to a very dark place in the future if left unchecked.

  22. You made a huge turn around that most people don't make at first. You know what? Fuck 'em. You still have a bit to work on but with how you're doing your going to get there. Don't live for the applause of others because when you're alone you'll never be able to be happy. Applaud yourself do it for you and keep being awesome! They should be supportive of you. Now some of those medications can help you double down on what you've already accomplished with the weight loss and a1c. Though they should have explained this while they were taking with you.

  23. Thank you, I do tend to need encouragement or I back slide or fail. Thats why I posted. I know in my heart it shouldn't bother me but it does.I tend to worry Im not doing well enough or when I get really sad, why bother if it makes no difference. All in my head, But sometimes I just want a star sticker. Doesnt have to be gold, Ill happily take a bronze one. I'm going to go buy myself some star stickers and just give one to myself, and wear one to the doctors next time to remind MYSELF that Im doing well :)

  24. Awesome attitude! I know that approval of others is such a huge booster it is for everyone. But once we do it for us and others giving us applause is just sugar free frosting on our low carb cake. Keep being awesome.

  25. I'll try to find part numbers on Monday so I can be specific and I'll shoot them an e-mail and see what happens.

  26. Please do, if it saves even one brother or sisters life or even injury it is well worth it. Again thanks for putting it out the for us.

  27. What’s the South Park reference? I’m missing it

  28. The Harry and Markle episode. Referring to the new identities thing

  29. How else you going to get people to look at you when you're being an a hole?

  30. Run the cones over a you leave at your contracted time otherwise they can pay you above and beyond your contract because they are being forced to be there past the time you are being compensated for.

  31. Yeah, that or once the nonconforming ones are dead or in the gulag.

  32. This doesn't make sense. It sounds like they are giving you a stipend for public transportation expenses and it costs them money above and beyond your normal salary. With this they want to stop paying this stipend and have you work from home instead to save some money. There are many companies that offer a stipend for public transport in lieu of a parking space. Do you get paid the same as your fellow employees now? Do you ask get paid the same? If so and they want to lower your pay for the transport thing than they are not a company you want to work for. If it's just an extra in your contract you may not want to work for them but it would be more fair than them just literally taking money away from you that wasn't specifically an add on for transportation.

  33. San Fran because the fans come in here and down vote every comment so hard right away that it falls out of view and doesn't get seen to be voted on.

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