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  1. One of the reasons is due to in the past men wore three piece suits in the office and were expected to always wear their coat. This still has not changed everywhere today as men are still expected to wear long sleeves at the very least and many times still wear a sport coat because it's "professional".

  2. If put a 20x20 filter on that box can to catch dust and then it'll be even better.

  3. They can k take every case that gets appealed to them and throw it out making the arrests and everything else associated with it meaningless and a waste of the states money.

  4. Ribs are OK to see. Hips and spine definitely are not fine. That dog is malnourished. It could be a health condition though that is unlikely to be. If it is they are most likely not equipped to take care of that dog with that condition.

  5. Sometimes a handful of food thrown on the floor for your pup to root around for can help mentally tire them out a bit more. At least I've heard that it has helped for some people and my dogs have enjoyed it.

  6. I always throw the first or second round depending on how many spies I get and what opponents open up with. I like to get them to burn cards for the attrition war that is round 3. Though sometimes i’ll be using dupe environment cards so they decide they’re done when they have like 11 points and i’ll steal the round.

  7. Haven’t lost a game of gwent in years using this strat, feels like cheesing sometimes cause i’m manipulating the AI.

  8. Same I want to use a different strategy but this one is just so effective.

  9. He looks like he had a bit of a mischievous streak in him from this picture. Though it could just be the goofing around you were doing here. I'm sort you lost him so soon.

  10. This is something I've never experienced as all my fuzzles have come to me when they have been well past their puppy stages. I think even though I knew about them losing the teeth if still freak out a little at first when it happened especially with the blood. I'd worry about them being hurt.

  11. If you have insurance generally going through them you can find one that accept your insurance and they will help you with a list of them in the city near you.

  12. Pm43 says:

    I recently had to have my power brick replaced because the brick itself, after an hour of gaming, the case of it was 189 degrees fahrenheit. Figured something was wrong and got a new one from Dell and same game same timeframe it doesnt really get hotter than 90f.

  13. They seem to be getting hot like this. Hopefully this next one from Dell is it.

  14. I mean the chance of you having so many go bad sounds like a electrical issue. I’ve literally never had a charger go bad unless a chair or animal cuts through the wire. I’d maybe buy an outlet tester

  15. Used the multi meter, it looks good at the wall. I use a surge protector as well. Maybe I should check it out I changed it out just about a year ago but maybe I got a bum one and little surges in power have taken their toll on the brick.

  16. Really it would be great if everyone did everything honestly and legally but if that happened it would defeat the purpose of needing a registry in the first place. That is of course unless people are lying about why they want it in the first place.

  17. Generally, of course not in all cases, if you can see the spine well defined, like a pair of yoga pants on a Halloween skeleton, then that is a good sign of a problem. This doesn't cover all dogs as they are all different and have different needs.

  18. For me it truly depends on the person and how they wear it. A lot of times it is the stuff they wear with it that makes it work for one person and not another or is a particular place that it works better. I would almost never be able to tell you what "it" is that makes something work or not, but some people just have a lack for finding those things out situations.

  19. If I were to just go for anything and dammed be the consequences, 10-30 minutes. Getting together would take a little bit of time, but finding the participant would be pretty quick. This is without paying for it. I'm not a gorgeous man or anything close to it and I don't have a pile of money either. I'm not all that confident but I found that you need just enough at the right time to get it if you really want it.

  20. "Glad you removed (wrong testicle)! As he was going to cause a lot of trouble! " Loudly and joyfully to give the staff a jump.

  21. The dilemma I see is that the ones coming off the highway all have to be first and don't slow down to let anyone in. You get three or four of those in a row and those trying to merge on are forced to slow down and that causes a chain reaction behind them.

  22. It's the responsibility of the person getting in to get to the correct speed as they are the incoming traffic. If they did this there would be so many less problems.

  23. Cleaner than clean burning propane.

  24. While this is very true, in many respects you are getting the same thing while visiting other countries. It's like visiting another US city or state. You generally see the good and cool things and don't experience, or at least truly experience, the bad things they have to offer so they look really great. They are also not going to let their skeletons out of the closet so you will think it's great and you will come visit there again and bring in money. Everywhere does it. Like I said your views are not unfounded, but everywhere has good and bad. There are things that would be wonderful to have that we don't have and things that we have that others only wish they could have. Where you are you're always going to see all the ugly parts because you're locked in you're married to that place already. The other place is the single person that wants you to visit and spend your money there without costing them the large base cost that being a citizen costs them. They just want to keep you interested, so showing the bad parts is not a good thing to do.

  25. I assumed it was an Express-News reporter looking to make a listicle...

  26. It's a [...]sticle thing, but not like how you thought.

  27. In the documentary about Tom Petty, he said that out of everything he did in his career, his kids were most proud of and interested in his role as Lucky in King of the Hill!

  28. That makes me happy but hurts me at the same time.

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