1. So one option would be to look for local primary care groups that do at night advice call for their docs and see if he can join in on their rotation. It might involve being credentialed with them and some other bureaucratic stuff, but it’s probably worth the one-time commitment of resources if the other practice will partner.

  2. I made homemade bread for my friends. Packed some meals in Tupperware. Brought their PAXLOVID.

  3. Not sure why anyone uses anything but lisinopril. I just want to slap prescribers sometimes.

  4. I'm in CA where I'm not sure if we'll ever get rid of masking in healthcare settings, but with all the non-COVID respiratory viruses, I've just taken to wearing an N95 for all patient encounter.

  5. If those chewables go generic i hope they smell just as good.

  6. Yeah I live in utter confusion that the FDA ever approved tasty, chewable amphetamines.

  7. I feel like my 3yo may be getting over the hump a bit. Yes, he tantrums but 1) diapers are no longer a thing (at least during the day) and 2) on at least one occasion, I was able to talk him out of a tantrum.

  8. Suddenly the OP was removed. Why is that? I really could have used this information.

  9. Look up the interaction profile on the PI for viloxazine. Two different Cytochrome P450 interactions.

  10. The discussion ends for me at the point where you want to do surgery on an infant without a clear medical indication. Not "reduces the risk," but an actual medical indication.

  11. I'm Peds so usually no. But sometimes a validating a teenager's story with "that's bullshit" or some such oath builds fantastic rapport. You have to read the room and the kid.

  12. Of course there is. If there’s anything I’ve taken away from the last three years, it’s that I’m in dire need of a new crystal ball because the one I’ve got doesn’t work so well.

  13. Ooh, this is a strong masculine name for a little linebacker! Lol

  14. HBV is remarkably easy to transmit. Of infants born to HBV negative mothers and HBV positive fathers, 60% will seroconvert by one year. It’s not an STI.

  15. When I was in residency, there was no Costco and there were no chickens (the egg came first, BTW), and we roasted pterodactyl over a pit.

  16. I thought about that. You think if I called 911 and told them which direction he was heading and when they could have caught him in the act by putting a cop a few miles up the road from where he was last seen? I mean the dude was crazy, he could have killed someone multiple times. Do the cops even react to a call like that?

  17. I’ve done it. Not often, but there’s a certain level of “WTF” where I’m calling the CHP on you. Please try to get make and model and if possible note the license plate.

  18. 18 years out of school, I still get this dream from time to time.

  19. This is usually taboo in the US, but I will tell you what I usually do, recommended by the Brazilian Pediatric Association. The cough is caused by post nasal drip, so that means mucous it's not coming out from the nose, but descending to throat, right? So the solution to prevent cough is to dilute the mucous behind the nose and throat. So we do nasal rinses with a small syringe. Now, there is a correct positioning of small babies to do this, and never with pressure. You also need to use a saline solution (neilmed sells packets for kids -salt, bicarbonate and purified warm water ----never tap water). You can search YouTube or instagram for videos of pediatricians doing this on babies ("lavagem nasal em bebês"). If not comfortable at all, you can buy a saline mist spray, irrigate the nose and use the nose frida suck up tool. Elevating baby helps. Edit: the taboo part is the nasal rinse, like netipot for babies. See it for yourself at minute 7:05 here: I am talking about nasal rinse, not saline drops.See it at minute 7:05 :

  20. I’m a U.S. pediatrician and I definitely recommend nasal saline irrigation with isotonic saline (0.6-0.9%). You need to be aware of a small risk of aspiration but neurologically-intact newborns will guard their airways.

  21. The worst complication I have seen in 18 years and thousands of doses was a bit of rash. Your doctor needs remedial training and perhaps a discussion with his medical board about spreading misinformation.

  22. One huge advantage of getting the vaccine is that you won't get shingles later, which I have heard is terrible.

  23. So the vaccine uses the Oka strain of VZV. It does lead to a persistent infection with the vaccine strain and so it can cause shingles, but for someone who had the vaccine, their lifetime shingles risk is about 50% of what it would be after wild-type infection. Vaccine-strain shingles is usually milder, too.

  24. Outside of an emergency, do not treat yourself. Do not treat your friends or family or anyone else about whom you care.

  25. ARE YOU SITTING ON THE LANE LINE??? GeT oFf ThE LaNe LiNe!!! WhAt Is ThE mAtTeR wItH yOu???”

  26. shhh babe don't cry now...it's all just a bad dream.

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