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  1. Nothing will change with any revelations. We’ll forget this incident and a few days later we will be incensed again at another incident. Sad but true and I hope I’m wrong

  2. Andrew Jackson. He carried out ethnic cleansing against Native Americans. Jackson was a disaster of a human being on every possible level, and should not be commemorated positively by any branch of American government. And as he was a slave owner, putting him on the $20 bill is disgraceful.

  3. There putting Harriet Turman on it instead incase that makes you feel better

  4. I heard they’re going to keep his portrait on the other side though

  5. Just plain water hits the spot for me

  6. I hate it when rich people get free money

  7. Usually it’s called the “East” part of the city

  8. Children should be able to play outdoors without the fear of being abducted.

  9. Blue cheese. That was a very nasty taste

  10. Which one are you sad that you know you will never have again?

  11. Hitting your funny bone. That freaking hurts!

  12. Hopefully Putin is on his death bed either from a disease or an assassination or a coup. Then they’ll settle this war hopefully

  13. Yeah. But you’ll never see your friends and family again

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